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Simantics: Alien Chestburster Backwards

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Abby’s limousine literally runs over law enforcement.

Andria is delighted to burn a key lime pie.

Remember how the story said that Abby and Chaim went home after Gamora’s birthday party? Well, I lied. Andria got up in the morning, and they were still wandering around the house. She had to tell them to go home.

I can’t really convey how entertaining this was in still shots, but the Pierce-Ibari family car glitched out and froze in the middle of the road with the family in it.
So keep in mind that I’m panning the camera around a motionless car and sims who are frozen in time.

They’re all in formalwear. Must have been going someplace important.
I had to reset the car, which made it vanish, dumping everyone by the roadside.
Here’s William Pierce (in the back) with his longer-term girlfriend Aminali Ibari (far right), Aminali’s son Danial (far left), and William’s daughter Cortney Pierce-Hodgins (with late girlfriend Ariel Hodgins). William and Aminal’s toddler daughter Monique must be home with Uncle Anton.
Remember that inappropriate placemat? It turned out to be the transparent clothes glitch on a weird shirt from Into the Future. So it wasn’t bad CC after all.

Here’s a fellow in the park with a really unfortunate random accessory. Shouldn’t that thing be labeled swimwear only?

I fixed him. He was grateful.

Cross-pollination sighting! Here’s Joy (Simself) Reacher. I hope you like the elf makeover, Shannon :).

Joy’s mother, Shannon (Simsfan) Reacher, seems to appreciate a good brain.

And the feeling is mutual. Sawyer got this wish at the same time as the attraction popup.

I guess they know each other because they’re coworkers.

And here’s the crowning moment in today’s Simantics.

See if THAT doesn’t give you nightmares.

Avalon gossip column:

Sean Flynn mounted not one, but two coup attempts against Forest. Both failed. He’s stuck as a Super Villain.

Sean was apparently pretty pissed off because he turned around and fired his own husband, Lionel. Or maybe it was Forest who fired Lionel in retribution. Since they all three live together in a menage-a-trois that we probably don’t want to know about, that must have made for some tense dinner table conversation.

Fellow criminal vampire Matt Callender-Doctor got promoted to Getaway Driver. Again, I think. That vampire is two generations old and must be the most incompetent criminal ever.

Stanley Marmalade (Xia’s son with Plum) has found love with Jody Ursine-Sample! Jody is descended from Adjo Ursine-Sample (Sample spare Generation 3). I’m not sure what generation because the townies don’t have the same need to breed and tend to lag quite a lot behind my active family. He’s at least Generation 5.

Justin Mai was jailed for failing to pay child support to Dion Callender-Doctor for their three children together. After that, he sent his payments more promptly.

Raquel Mentary-Sword passed on. She left money to three people I didn’t even know she had relationships with (Abby, William Pierce, and Aminali Ibari) but not, interestingly enough, her husband. Not sure how we should take THAT.

Simantics: Too Many Hats

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

So. Much. Trash.

This would be such a touching scene if it made any sense whatsoever that a sim with no bladder need should have to learn to use the potty.

I almost never use hats, mostly because I’m not wild about the hairstyles underneath them. So I gave up and downloaded a whole bunch of hats converted as accessories. That produced some interesting results.

I’m so looking forward to Sims 4 hats.

Every time Victoria tried to talk to Cortney Pierce-Hodgins, they picked this non-spot, as if there weren’t space for two sims to stand together any place else on the beach….

Ack! Andria is being threatened by a madman! Who threatens children!

I fixed his clothes, then discovered that he was actually trick-or-treating. I’d have thought of that, except that it’s SUMMER.

Gina Sample-Baerwyn rocking out with Meteor the family unicorn. Or maybe just glitching out.

Two burglars have gotten stuck in this corner of the yard. Here, Abby goes out autonomously to chat with one.

I leveled out the terrain in the corner in order to help with the routing.

Here we have the Sample children dutifully loading themselves on the school bus.

Would you trust THIS GUY to drive your children?

And I include this shot with no remark other than, WTF?
(That’s supposed to be Cheshire Wonderland.)

Avalon Gossip Column:

Sigh. Asriel is now the last of the original Bookabet clan still standing.

He does have an adult son named Timothy, who is married to Sherman Ursine-Doctor, and they have a baby daughter Priscilla as of this writing. So Asriel’s genes do survive to the current generation. However, the Bookabets were not much of a breeding clan. Even Adam, who married Ari Mentary, never had any children.

The Bookabet children are:
 – Asriel’s son Timothy Ursine-Doctor, married to Sherman Ursine doctor with baby daughter Priscilla
 – Arya’s son Jasper Crumplebottom, whose girlfriend is Leah/Plum’s daughter Devon Marmalade

Anita and Alice never married or had kids. Adam married but had no kids.

Asriel’s family really should have been the Weaver-Bookabets. “Doctor” was really from Zuzu Weaver-Doctor’s first marriage (to the Tenth Doctor!!). I think I’m going to have to go back and tweak the names.

Alternately, the Marmalades have overrun my game. I’m going to have to start sterilizing some of them to preserve genetic diversity.

Here we have the example of Stephan Marmalade (see Leah’s hair??) and Alexandria Marmalade making out. They are not married, but they’re also not related to each other.

(Actually, they are both married. Just not to each other. Shhhhh.)

Forest decided to turn Flynn’s human daughter Marisela. The newly-vamped Marisela couldn’t stand him and moved out of the vampire lair to her own place. Her allegiance to the underworld is unknown.

Flynn has mounted two coup attempts against Forest. Both failed. Poor Flynn — inasmuch as you can say, “Poor ruthless gangster.”

We’ve added Shannon Simsfan’s simself family and her Sims 3 legacy founder Emily Reacher!

Since I’m avoiding game-referential surnames like “Simsfan,” I did the same thing I did with Jo’s simself and the Bookabets. I renamed the Simsfan family to the Reachers and made Shannon Reacher the sister of Emily Reacher.

So, we have:
 – Shannon Reacher, who joined the medicine profession as a Bed Pan Cleaner.
 – Her husband Jean Reacher, who joined culinary culinary career.
 – Their teenage daughter Joy Reacher, who is going to high school.

More updates on these new Sims of Interest when they do something interesting!

Simantics: Wet Dog

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes peek at the Sample Legacy.

We open with a random townie: Shannon Leonard, daughter of Spock Leonard, as an adult. She got a lot of her face from daddy.

I really hope she has kids. If not, I will help her.



Connery was wet for most of Springtime.

This one is my fault. I used NRaas Retuner to turn on beekeeping for children. It bugs me to no end how many interactions are set for teen and up. Kids can’t even get in the hot tub fer heaven’s sake. Usually the kids will be a bit stretched during some part of the animation, but otherwise it goes all right, and I just don’t screenshot the stretch.

Beekeeping, however, is pretty horrifying.

It appears the hat is part of the animation? Huh?

(BTW: If you want some awesome things to do with Retuner, turn on a bunch of actions between toddlers. They can talk to each other! They can hug each other! And all the animations appear to be there, so it looks fine.)

Here we have the paparazzi giving yet another hayride.

To Sky’s dear departed soul. At least she’s having fun :).

After that, I turned this interaction off for ungreeted sims. Enough paparazzi hayrides is enough.

Another night, Sky put the charm on a different paparazzi. They’ve had so much more to do since she died.

Here, Layla and Cycl0n3 play video games

To a blank screen. I guess it helps if you’re a ghost.

Andria eats leftover baby food.

Which afflicts her with the dreaded hand-through-plate disease.

Even putting it in the dishwasher didn’t help. I think I had to reset her.

Avalon Gossip Column:

The Bookabet clan is reaching the end of the line. We’ve lost Adam. His wife Ali Bookabet-Mentary also passed on. Arya Bookabet Crumplebottom spent a bunch of time hanging out with her sister Alice Bookabet before Arya, too, joined her dear departed husband Garry Crumplebottom.

We have also lost DragonWife Wu. She didn’t get to marry Tomas Sample-Royale, but they had a great time being engaged. I’m down to very few Sims of Interest.

Jasper Crumplebottom had a rough time with the loss of his parents, including, apparently, losing track of whether his horse was a horse or a child.

I want to point out that this is not Jasper’s horse either. I *think* he inherited it from Dragonwife Wu when she died. I’m not sure why, though, since I would have expected Dragonwife’s son Bryant to inherit the horse. It’s possible the horse was inherited from a different Wu. My town is filled with Wus and Marmalades.

Asriel Bookabet-Weaver, OTOH, is back in the dating game. He and Eliana Sample-Baerwyn were an item until Eliana passed on. I hope he gave her a good time after she lost Hunter.

Hector Sw0rd and Gina Sample-Baerwyn haven’t turned out to be a match made in heaven.

And here we have a whirlwind of the younger generation. This is Janice Bookabet, daughter of Joanne Bookabet and Tomas Sample-Royale, and Rosalie Weaver, my (Echo’s) daughter from her unfortunate late-in-life affair with Forest Sample.

At the time I recorded these messages, I thought this was adorable. Then, a few game-days after the last post, Rosalie Weaver came home from school to hang out with teen Edmund. These girls are BOTH TEENS.

I do NOT have teen pregnancy turned on. My sims live in a more idealized world. I prefer it that way.

I haven’t actually checked to see if there really was a baby. If so, I think it will move in with Rosalie to be raised by her adult cousins. And I will try to figure out how my settings go flubbed.

And the town playboy Mulberry Marmalade settled down! With Sasha Saunders, the only daughter of Beatrice Saunders (Buffy Summers) and William Pierce (Spike).

I changed their name to Saunders, though. The Marmalade surname is taking over my town.

I’m adding new Sims of Interest! I’ll post introductions in the next Simantics post.

If anyone wants to provide me a with a simself or a sim from your game to populate your town, please let me know where to download it!

Simantics: Inappropriate Placemats

After all that bleakness, we need some Simantics!

Here Andria is sabotaging the massage chair. I play her Technophobe trait as an extension of the old fae being vulnerable by cold iron myth. You’d think that she’d stay away from technology. But no. In reality, when left on autonomy, she goes around breaking things.

What is it about Plum??

At least Leah was happy with her.

Here I discover why you must raise the ceiling for a basketball hoop. This is a bad picture, the ceiling is exactly at the top of the shot.

At least Rosie landed with style.

The other sim playing basketball is Hunter’s daughter Gina.
Here is Abby. Where is Abby? Your guess is as good as mine. After she glitched this way twice, I did Reset Everything, and that stopped it.

Here the two resident paparazzi have a water balloon fight.

In the rain.

I can’t find this broken object to remove it. It looks like two placemats, one on front and one on back.

I was nearly through the wake before I realized that Abby’s dress was also broken. Transparent formalwear FTW. Ewww.

Goddamn dating system.


I once used NRaas MasterController to give a sim a job, level her up, and retire her, all while the game was on pause. (I was annoyed because NRaas had her quit her job rather than retiring.) Don’t do this. It resulted in a pension of several million simoleons. 
Turns out there’s even a totally logical reason — Pension is calculated by dividing your lifetime earnings by the amount of time you worked. The sim had gotten bonuses from promotions while only having worked a fraction of a second.
But a NEGATIVE pension? I can’t even. I. Can’t. Even.
Sky had a totally normal career as far as I know. I didn’t fiddle anything. She didn’t do a whole lot of Singer work in her final week because I was having so much fun with the Ghostwriter comeback. But still.
I used MC to cancel her pension.

And the Avalon Gossip Column:

Nemo took up inventing in his final weeks in addition to driving around on his monster motorcycle. Then he finally passed on, and he seemed to have an impressive opinion of his next of kin:

He’s actually related to Andria — she’s Sebastian Hodgins’ daughter and thus Nemo’s niece. You notice she didn’t get anything, but Sky, Hunter, and Abby did.

When Hunter passed on, he and Meteor were regularly winning horse races. His daughter Gina Gina Sample-Baerwyn took up the tradition after him, though she’s not quite first prize material yet.

In the long time tradition of tender young things pairing up with doddering Elders, Gina and Hector Sword (Andria’s uncle) are a serious couple. I doubt he’ll live long enough for them to get married.

I already mentioned that Dragonwife Bard Wu and Tomas Sample-Royale are happily engaged. I’m not sure either of them has enough lifespan left to consider marriage.

Manisha, who I moved into town, cannot manage her money.

Matt and January Callender-Doctor, our resident vampiric lovebirds, are still in love.

Asriel Bookabet, Forest’s apprentice of Evil, excels at being Evil. He was recently promoted to Con Artist.

Just included because I love the game’s book titles. Dragonwife, in addition to being Abby’s boss, is a successful science fiction author.

Simantics: University Life

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

Oh hey, it’s Steve Dallas’s sim brother. Or something!

I am a passionate forever fan of Bloom County.

(It’s a comic strip from the 80s featuring, among other colorful characters, an obnoxious lawyer named Steve Dallas. Sims 2 had an obnoxious maid named Steve Dallas.)

A zombie in the bathroom at the University bowling alley. Who knew zombies still had bodily functions?

Sawyer really is a terrible driver.

This dude was actually mad at Abby’s friend because she dropped him during a keg stand.

Acro yoga?

A sneak peek at a horse Dylan was going to adopt while Sawyer and Abby were at school. Deleted in a game crash. I decided horsemanship wasn’t really Dylan’s calling.

And the Avalon Gossip Column, lazy version:

Well, this is oversharing. Now I know why Darrin and his first wife didn’t have any kids.

I guess it wasn’t very good woohoo.

Congrats, Forest — Again?

Sawer’s sister and Dylan’s ex-girlfriend FTW!


Simantics: Playing Games with Death

Upon returning from France, Dylan had all the photographs he needed to finish his LTW. If I were interested in actually moving anyone out of the household, I’d’ve made someone else heir. But Dylan is so friggin cute.

First, I had the photos in digital picture frames, and the LTW didn’t complete. World Class Gallery doesn’t give you any progress stats, so I was kind of panicked that it had A) glitched out, or B) required something obscure I’d failed do.

I pulled out all the pictures from the digital frames and put them on every available wall space. THAT did it. Whew!

This is Andria failing to use a shower in a can, but it counted for the photo collection. How do you fail to use a spray can?

I had a ton of fun with photography. Too bad you can’t get any action screenshots of taking photographs so that I could make it a more active part of the story.
And here we have some very confused wild horses.

Standing in the only place on this 10×10 lot where they fit.

Lounge Lizard gnome impales himself on a cornstalk.

Andria returns home from her wedding in style.

After the obligatory zombie attack at the reception.

Guess we’re done with the first dance, eh? Anyone have a chainsaw?

Speaking of zombies, don’t zoom in too close on the people generated for the big show venue.

The big show venue effect is AWESOME, provided you keep your distance.
Nemo is feeling his masculinity. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read about his new wheels.
Plum has really gone senile. Now that she’s an Elder, she presents flowers to anyone she’s attracted to. Or, possibly just anyone. And my flirtatious women ALWAYS ACCEPT THEM. You notice that Xia accepted flowers from Plum at Dylan’s wedding, right in front of Leah. That produced this wish.


Moving on to the honeymoon, here is the creepy life of sim celebrities on vacation.

During some time relaxing in the hotel, Andia popped up this autonomous action.

Yes, that says:

I waited and waited, but the action never completed.


So, what HAS been going on in the Avalon gossip column?

Not that much, really. Most of my SOIs (Sims of Interest) have either died of old age or are about to. I think it’s about time to emigrate Adjo’s entire-too-numerous descendants and do some new cross-pollination. I think the Wonders and the Stars could totally move to Avalon.

Mulberry Marmalade, now an Elder, dates every single female he can find who is younger than adult. This includes Anita Bookabet and Kate Pistachio.

Kate moves on to become the girlfriend of the geriatric and newly-widowed Darrin Ursine-Wu (this is Adjo’s only son).

Kate buys Tintagel Keep, which means she now owns Avalon’s military AND police force. I sure hope she’s trustworthy.

Cliffton Hodgins (son of Sebastian Hodgins and Becky Mentary) hooks up with Cherimoya Marmalade.

Woo. Really. That’s it.

Simantics: Painful and Pervy

So Abby and Nemo finish making out on the couch.

And I back up the camera to find THIS. YEAUGH!

We all know William is a perv, but this is a bit too pervy even for me.

I found this randomly entertaining. Here Andria does her homework at the bistro. With Meteor the unicorn.

And on the other side, she’s stalked by Flynn.

No wonder she looks a little bit nervous.

Here are a few lovely champaign shots I decided not to include.

That looks really painful.

Dragonwife with her son, just randomly. Looks like he got Jin’s skin and DW’s hair.

Ariel Hodgins has a bad hair day.

Here’s what that hairstyle was supposed to look like, as we see in poor William’s grief when she died the next day. Apparently they were a couple.

In retrospect, I probably should have forced a baby. That would have been a good genetic combo.

Under the full moon in China, even the zombies feel a bit zen.

Simantics: Zombie vs Aliens

Been a while since we had one of these, eh? I lost track of my funny stuff in the move to Avalon 2.0. But these are too good not to share. The full moon is just golden.

First of all, Zombie Dragonwife decided to come in to Vetinari’s to taste the wine.

Then she sits down with the (beautiful) nectar merchant to sample the fare. The nectar merchant didn’t take it well.

Zombie attack on Clifton Hodgins, who was fishing in our pond for some reason.

Clifton thinks it’s hilarious.

The zombie didn’t expect that reaction.

Random shot of Abby using the Routine Machine toilet. The animations for that thing are hilarious.

Oh noes! It’s the aliens!

Coming for Andria.

Now, THIS alien has his punk on.

Avalon Gossip Column:

Oh so much to say. Where were we anyway?

Asriel Weaver-Bookabet and Anita Bookabet have declared themselves enemies. Asriel took his son Timothy, who he had with his dear departed wife Zuzu Weaver, and moved into Chateau Crumplebottom with his sister Arya.

February Callendar passed on, leaving the sum of her estate to her daughter with Spock, Sharon Leonard. This means she disinherited her daughter Rosie Winter. We can only guess what’s up with that.

Maybe February was doing Rosie a favor, since it turned out her household was deeply in debt. Maybe she didn’t like Sharon.

Alice Bookabet has become the town handywoman.

Jian and Dragonwife Wu had a late-in-life son named Bryant.

Sean Flynn was promoted to Con Artist. Huh? Apparently he really was kicked out of the criminal biz altogether and has started working his way up the ranks from the bottom.

Clifton Hodgins and Arma Mentary-Hodgins had a falling out. Clifton moved in Ali Bookabet-Mentary. That left Andria Sword alone in the household with Arma, as mentioned in the previous post. The chain of half-siblinghoods makes my head hurt, but Arma and Andria are not related by blood. They probably ARE legally related, though, since Arma’s mother was married to Andria’s father.

Forest shocked the heck out of me and married Echo Weaver, who was still not dead! They became the Sample-Weavers. Echo and baby Rosalie moved into the vampire manor with him. Then Sean Flynn married Lionel Ursine-Langerak, who took his name, and Lionel moved into the vampire manor.

When Echo finally died, I went to check on vampire manor. Sean and Lionel had managed to have FOUR CHILDREN while I wasn’t looking. I finally turned off fertility for Sean and Forest, changed Forest’s name back to Sample, changed Rosalie’s name to Weaver, and moved her in with her adult cousins. She’ll be safer there. Forest took the whole thing in stride and just refuses to pay his child support payments. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the Flynn family. Sean and Lionel’s little girl looks like she might make a good vampire heiress.

I close with Sky sharing some hot gossip with her fan Sam Pistachio:

A Playtest Tour of Avalon 2.0

Welcome to our second playtest tour of the same world!

Someplace I have a shot of the residents in front of these two lovely houses. They tell the story of two very messed up sims.

You see, Joanne Bookabet and Tomas Sample-Royale have been in love with each other since at least Tomas’s graduation from high school. Let’s just assume it didn’t start any earlier than that, since Joanne is a lot older than Tomas. The problem is that they can’t stand each other. They got together, made passionate woohoo, had huge fights, broke up, filled my queue with stalking notifications, got back together, became engaged, got pregnant, and broke up before the baby was born. (Tomas was carrying the baby because Jo is well into Elderhood at this point.)

Now they move in to the houses next to each other. They can’t live with each other, can’t live without.

So tragic. And messed up.

Also, they ended up with two kids. I checked and thought Tomas’s pregnancy had been wiped out by the move. So I used MasterController to create an insta-baby for them. The next day, I got a notification that Tomas’s had given birth.


Now let’s move on to our test household, shall we?

Meet the Weaver-somethingorothers.

Maxwell Weaver-Doctor, elder son of our dearly departed Zuzu Weaver and David Doctor. He’s a YA.

Dexter, their younger son. He’s a teen.

And here’s my simself! Echo Weaver is an elder who is a couple of days past the end of her lifespan but still going strong. Her career has gone well, but her love life is one big catastrophe. She’s dated and broken up with half the males in Avalon and has been engaged about three times.

Poor Echo.

And who is this?

OK, I have a confession to make. Remember when I said that I was getting Forest Sample and Sean Flynn together, but I was going to turn off their ability to make babies because neither of them should ever be near babies?

I deliberately left Forest and Sean as romantic interests because they don’t have the kind of relationship that calls for fidelity. I just set Story Progression to keep them living in the same house.

Sean, Forest, and Sean’s elderly wife Cynthia lived together happily until Cynthia died. Then Sean got together with Lionel Ursine-Langerak, one of two sons of Adjo’s daughter Charmaine and Maya Langerak. So Sean’s now dividing his woohoo time between a 5th generation Sample spare and the grandson of a 3rd generation Sample spare.

(Still with me? Don’t worry, that history lesson is totally irrelevant anyway.)

Forest? He spent a long time dating Jeannette Crumplebottom, his first cousin once removed. Yay for creepy. Then he, um, got together with Echo Weaver. And got pregnant with her baby.

Turns out I forgot to turn off their fertility after all.

So this is Rosalie Weaver, who I rescued from the house of vampires with commitment problems. I moved her in with her cousins and very elderly mother. Her cousins will take much better care of her than Forest would.

And for the purpose of testing, I’m going to age her up to child.

She’ll stay a baby in the actual save.
Here she is! Why did everyone inherit Charles’s hair after I gave up and assigned it to Sawyer’s broken genetics?? I should’ve given Sawyer Amy’s hair. Amy’s hair was awesome.

I can definitely see Forest in her. I think his genes will turn out better when she’s older.

OK, I have to confess that I hate Dexter’s hair with the flaming passion of a thousand burning sons.

Much better.

Echo and the Sims U mascot seem to have a thing for each other.

See? She even noticed him while playing video games.

Let’s have them interact.

“Hey honey… want to teach me to be an annoying university mascot?”

“Are you kidding? You have no idea how much hard work and training it takes to wear this suit! And I barely know you!”

I guess I underestimated mascot pride.

Hey, hey, calm down. She really didn’t care about your job that much.

(There’s some interaction with the mascot where you can ask them to teach you to be a mascot. Don’t do that with a low relationship. Now I’m really curious what it does.)

Rosalie makes friends with papergirl. There are no residents in the town at the moment, so her social opportunities are limited.

And off to test stuff! Maxwell checks out Monmouth Archives, the local library.

The books are just fine.

Dexter has a wish to plant an apple, so I send him to the grocery store to buy one. He goes via the LLAMA outside the new combined hospital/science rabbithole. I kept some of the steampunk charm with the little observation tower. 

I just needed a change, and a 40×40 lot for that awesome steampunk complex I was using for the science center got repurposed for the EA store Renaissance Fair.

The science center is still called the Sufficiently Advanced Technology Center for story purposes. That’s the best name EVAR for a science center in the Sims. It’s Einstein. Look it up.

If I ever land Midnight Hollow, the fabulous steampunk observatory science center goes into Avalon immediately.

After going through the LLAMA, Dexter takes a cab to where he’s going.

I’m in love with the LLAMAs, but I only put in two, and they’re causing me a lot of routing grief. People keep taking the LLAMAs and then route-failing when they come out. I should probably remove them. But they’re one of the cutest things ever.

Looks like the grocery store rabbithole rug is working fine. Also the bookstore.

Then, like a good boy, Dexter sits down to do his homework in the middle of the shopping square.

Echo gets is her fabulous old lady car to go to a gig audition.

The proprietress of Performance Park is impressed.

Or maybe she’s just hot for Echo.

Then Echo works her wiles on the proprietress of the Fiddler’s Green pub venue.

The two of them really hit it off.

While I was doing something else, somebody started a water balloon fight.

Left alone in the house, Rosalie occupies her time by watching credits scroll on TV.

Then she has a wish to learn to paint, so I let her.

Echo heads to the Lady of the Lake Park.

The previous version of this park boasted a little cottage with a spa rabbithole. Now the spa has an outdoor massage pavilion with the Aurora Skies massage table and the arboretum.

Echo goes look for fairies. She doesn’t find them, but she does find that the rabbithole works fine.

(I didn’t test the massage table, but routing to it turned out to be a bit tricksy in game. I need to tweak its location a bit.)

I reward her with a massage. The spa is now a rabbithole door, which prevents sims from ending up behind the building when they try to leave. It’s a really tiny spa OK?

Hey! Coffee under the sea now has a barista bar!

After a few tests, the all-in-one restroom is routable. I could probably get rid of this, since I mostly placed it there to give Sky interesting places for public woohoo.

I’m still getting this route fail, and I don’t know what it is. I love Coffee Under the Sea, but it’s possible this whatever-it-is is causing some game lag. When Sky’s career is over, I may have to wave goodbye to this lot.

Echo’s out for another audition, this one at Serenity private venue.

This is a download from the Exchange, and I think it’s really classy.

Yep. They want her to perform here too. Echo’s booking her schedule pretty far in advance now. Too bad this playtest game will be over before she shows up for this gig.

Dexter appears to have had a problem with the LLAMA. For this very reason it’s hard to give those things up.

He doesn’t let his personal tragedy keep him from planting that apple, though.

Maxwell is off on a different mission.

Yes, he adopted a horse!

Maxwell and his trusty steed whose name I already forgot.

Oh, no, to go into the barn, you’re supposed to take a right and go through the equestrian gate, not go through the human door.

There’s so much wrongness in this picture.

Horse is pretty upset with Maxwell about that door.

And Maxwell’s pretty upset about it too.

OK, I give up. Nobody is willing to route through the lot as intended. The only way to make the barn accessible to is tear out the door and a segment of wall.

Though it doesn’t really look bad that way.

Figuring how to get the horse into the stall took most of Maxwell’s day.

Meanwhile, Echo found a rocking chair.

Never figured out what this route fail is either.

She performs for tips. In an empty park in a neighborhood with no residents yet.

Dexter goes to school for something. Yep. Works fine.

Then the full moon rises over Avalon 2.0…

The proprietress of Performance Park tries to out-zombie a zombie.

Another devours poor Dexter’s garden. I really wish I had the pea shooter now. It was awesome. Advanced order rewards ought to SOMEDAY become purchasable.

Echo decides to make dinner. Again.

And again.

And again.

At this point I realize there’s actually NO COUNTER in this kitchen.


But Echo still can’t cook.

Turns out I have finally run afoul of the SocialJig2Person glitch. I’ve read a ton about these. If a sim resets in the middle of an interaction, it can leave behind an invisible object that prevents sims from routing through the middle of the conversation.

You can see the invisible object in Buy Mode. You can delete it with MoveObjects On. You can also delete them en masse using MasterController, but you’d have to look up the instructions how to do that.

Finally Echo can cook.

I should have known better.

Fortunately, Echo is Brave.

She also has bad eyesight. Poor Dexter and Rosalie.

The horse doesn’t like something about the back yard.

Or maybe it just likes to complain.

Echo heads to watch a game at the stadium, which is now a lovely tournament tent from Dragon Valley.

It is pretty entertaining to send the camera into the tent. That dark box in the middle is the actual rabbithole.

For some reason I didn’t get a shot of it, but I’m now using La Guardia police/military rabbithole from Dragon Valley. I renamed it Tintagel Keep. It is just perfect for this world. I also dropped the charming consignment store Pirate Pete’s Treasure Box in favor of putting a regular consignment register in the alchemy consignment store. Now the ground floor of that building is regular consignment, and the top floor is Alchemical consignment. You’ll see more of that lot coming up. I really like it.

And here we are at the Sample Memorial cemetery. I realized there was no real reason to have a separate cemetery for the Sample spares.

However, it seems to have a problem. The fish are swimming in midair in deep pit. I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be water….

I don’t have the picture, but I did test to see if you could fish for these guys. No, you can’t.

This turned out to be difficult to fix. This lovely cemetery lot is a download, and I modified it slightly to move the entrance from the long side to the short side. That involved adjusting the pond one square to the left. The lot is at a high elevation in Avalon, and it absolutely would not recognize the pond water level. I eventually saved the modified lot to the library, dropped it in Isla Paradiso near sea level, tweaked the pond, and resaved it. The water remained when I put it back, so long as I didn’t edit the pond again.

And I close with Echo performing to an empty park in a town with no residents.

Oh, actually, there is one lady. Perhaps she was generated so that Echo would have a volunteer for this trick.

Does this trick EVER WORK??

Fortunately, I’m about to shut down this game, so none of this EVER HAPPENED.

There are a few more things that I tested but didn’t include in this post that you’ll see when I play.

I am really in love with this second draft of Avalon. I’m glad I didn’t talk myself into moving to a different world. At the very least, I’m getting to pull in cool rabbitholes from those worlds.

Simantics: The Society for Things Stuck Through Other Things

Oh, hey, I forgot I had a Simantics post queued up. So, for your reading pleasure while I try to turn the 900 (!) pictures from Gen 6 into some posts….

Now that the pond on the Sample estate has frozen over, everyone’s favorite way to get to the arboretum is to slither on the ice.

Dylan stumbles with style.

Ghost Connor has an even better approach.

Go swimming.

I guess when you’re dead, you can’t freeze to death.

Here’s a random winter shot of Hunter and Eliana’s little cottage. Note the large garden and barn in the back.

Reminder that Sky is a ghost.

Wait, a gravestone with arms!

Oh, hi Veronica. What are you doing out during the day?

More inappropriate heart-farts, this time between a paparazzi and Xia as she and Sky are IN THE PROCESS of initiating sarcophagus woohoo.

Said woohoo was extra-intimate.

Fortunately, it doesn’t look painful for Sky.

Perhaps this was also because she’s a ghost? Or it could just be game routing.

And now for the Avalon gossip column:

We have a new simself! Welcome Sam Pistachio of the Dysfunkshinul Legacy! Sam immediately became a professional author. That’s all of our dreams isn’t it? She has gone into non-fiction, and her first book is the critically-acclaimed Baguette: Food or Weapon.

Charles’s immaculately conceived Chinese love child, Charlotte Stemple, married Miyuki Mai-Yo (widow of Jeanna Crumplebottom-Yo, widow of Shanni Sample Crumplebottom; the chain of sugar mommas and girl toys continues…) Miyuki and Jeanna had no kids, but she and Charlotte have been at it like rabbits. Two kids as fast as they can be conceived: girl Monica and a baby boy whose name I didn’t record. That’s a nice pair of gene-sets, so have at it girls.

Blackberry Marmalade and Alexandria Berg Marmalade got married! For the third time, I think. They don’t get divorced, mind you. Just married. Maybe they love weddings so much they can’t stand to get married just once.

Partying aristocracy Garry and Arya Bookabet Crumplebottom finally bowed to pressure and had a son Jasper. (This has nothing to do with me wanting the Crumplebottoms to be hereditary nobility, but neither Jeanette nor Garry bred on their own.) This fellow is the sole heir of the Crumplebottom fortune.

Tomas Sample-Royale and the now-very-elderly Joanne Bookabet have a creepy mutual-stalking relationship that consumes a disturbing percentage of my StoryProgression notifications.

Alice Bookabet and Ignacio Butterfield-Callender (adopted son of Tam and Martin Luther Butterfield-Callender) got married! They are rooming with Emma and Farin Voss-Lorien and are Avalon’s crazy cat people. Get a load of that household shot:

Horsewoman Dragonwife Bard Wu has taken up racing on her noble steed Buffy.

It hasn’t gone well. I get a lot of these: