Simantics: Sweet Garbage

Jonah thinks this birthday cake is garbage.

Ah, Trick-or-Treating, a Sims winter tradition.

[Randomly, I actually managed to do some trick-or-treating with the Riffins, and the stupid code sends your actives to houses with nobody home. And then they just wait there forever for someone to answer the door. I mean seriously? I wonder how hard that would be to fix.]a

Jonah ponders the inevitable passage of time and wonders why he feels so cold. And what is this grungy half-rendered powder on the ground anyway?

No no NO. Absolutely NOT. Get away from each other.

Subterranean pedestrian is hungry.

The magic disappearing stroller dumped Fenton into the snow. He didn’t like it.

Oh and here’s a non-funny. When Vickie’s dog Connery (originally Abby’s — I think pet lifespans are a bit too long by default) was at the end of his lifespan, I decided I couldn’t bear to give up his genes. So I pollinated a female dog in an inactive household.

This cutie is the result.

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