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While I was away….

I still don’t have a post ready, but I’m trying to get there!

In the meantime, I’d like to share a big piece of what I was doing while I wasn’t simming. I learned how to fanedit movies and made one that I’m really proud of.

Like most folks who got into fanediting in the last decade, I made The Hobbit. Obviously, I think it’s the best Hobbit, or I wouldn’t have made another one ;-). It’s about the length of a Middle Earth theater movie, and it’s intended to stick to the book mood of an action-adventure youth story rather than being a thematic prequel to The Lord of the Rings. Most other edits I found wanted to go dark. I want to go light.

Here’s a link that tells more about it and has a download if that’s your thing:

The Hobbit: Back Once Again

Is anyone out there?

Hello. This blog has languished for a year, and I’ve been absent from the Sims blogging community. I came back to discover that an auto-update of WordPress by my ISP broke the site. A support-ticket later, it’s back, though I don’t have any analytics running yet.

I wonder if there are any subscriptions to this blog by people who are still reading. It probably won’t have a huge effect on whether I finish the story — I’m pretty determined to get to the 10th generation. Still, it would be exciting find out.

I kind of thought I’d eventually move to Sims 4, but it looks like if I move off Sims 3 at all, it’ll be to skip a version to 5. Now I better appreciate all those Sims 2 players who never made the leap. Ha.

ETA: Removed dead blogs from blogroll! That’s a sign of being alive!

I have one post laid out in drafts with a few paragraphs written and, I’m pretty sure, screenshots for several more. I know I can still run the game because my kid forked my Wonderland save and has suddenly started wanting to play it — she just got one of Franklin’s paramours pregnant in her alternate universe, which is probably not too different from what I’ll do when get to that game. In this legacy, Vicky hasn’t produced any babies yet in gameplay, but I’m starting to get impatient with her.

Spirit Animal Award

I’ve been nominated for a Spirit Animal Award! This is an awesome idea!

The rules for the Spirit Animal Award:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their page.
  • Post the award picture on your blog.
  • Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.
  • If you could be any animal, what would it be?
  • Pick and notify 10 nominees.

Woo. 10 is a lot. I read a decent number of stories, but a lot of them have already been nominated. I’ll see what I can do.

Thank You

Thanks so much to Shannon Simsfan of Simdale Valley Post and Kate of the Loewe Legacy!

Shannon’s work includes a legacy called Take Me to the Moon about the Tesla family and a round-robin neighborhood story of Simdale Valley. Shannon captures the personalities of the Teslas beautifully, and I find Simdale Valley kind of awe-inspiring. I don’t think I could track all the lives of an entire town the way she does. But I really relate to the fact that she converted the entire neighborhood from Sims 2 so that she could continue the story. This is exactly what I would do 🙂 :).

Kate has built an intricate story about the Loewe family, filled with adventure, intrigue, adventure, and mystery. The spares get almost as much attention as the heir. I never know what direction her story will take, and I’m eager to find out.

About Me

Hmmm. About me.

I played The Sims and The Sims 2 obsessively, round the clock, foregoing sleep, for about a month each. In both cases, I somehow wanted the game to be something that it wasn’t, but I couldn’t have told you exactly what it was.

In The Sims 3, I found that game. I have been playing since January 2009 with a year-long break to have a baby.

That’s 6.5 years and counting, which doesn’t stand out much as members of the Sims community go. I think what makes me distinctive as a Sims player is that I’m still playing — and blogging — the SAME LEGACY. My foundress, who I named Susie Sample as a gag, was the first sim I created just to see how the game worked. I became so attached to her that she started a legacy, and that’s why my legacy has the bizarre family name of “Sample.”

In real life, I am a 40-year-old unemployed (hopefully for not much longer) software engineer. I am happily married to another software engineer, and we have an awesome 5-year-old daughter. When I’m not playing the game or blogging, you can usually find me wandering aimlessly across the blogosphere, offering unsolicited tech support. This is such an awesome but miserably finicky game, and I want to do my part to save people from banging their head against it.

Spirit Animal

Here, I’m picking a spirit animal for my Sims life, not necessarily the rest of my life :).

Echo Weaver the simmer is an Elephant.

I’m an elephant because an elephant never forgets. I don’t give up on my sims ever. I have dozens of backups of my game files on an external server so that, knock on wood, I will never be faced with a loss of my families. I have backups going back to the very beginning, when Susie was still alive, in case I want any sims or objects from them.

If, heaven forbid, I ever lost all my backups, I’d recreate my family and neighborhood as close I could, and keep going. I just don’t give up.

I’m stubborn. Rather than give them up, I have made the Samples into whatever I want to be playing. They started out in Sunset Valley and now live on a supernatural island where everyone has pointed ears and metallic skin. The story justifications may be thin, but they’ve been fun. I love my characters, but I also REFUSE to give up on a 10-generation legacy once I have started it.

I’m also slow, very slow, but sometimes very fast when inspired :).



  1. Carewren, Author of Wren’s Nest Apocalypse. This is a truly gripping and tender Sims 4 apocalypse challenge.
  2. Liezemies, Author of Crowned to be Sim, story of the Oranges, the royal family of Bridgeport. We’ve both been blogging our legacies a long time, so I feel we are comrades. Her legacy is very entertaining, and its concept is unique amongst Sims legacy.
  3. The Paradis Legacy. Adorable, hilarious, and with pink hair!
  4. The Kay Legacy. A touching narrative story with vivid characters.
  5. Berries of Insanity. An adorable, colorful ISBI with ghosts!
  6. Sam (Somebody’s Angel), of the Rourke EPIC and Young Backward ISBI. I’ve learned so many ISBI tricks from reading the Youngs!
  7. Heather of the Zale ISBI Alphabetacy. A zany and zippy ISBI that is on generation O. I can’t even fathom that.

I think 7 is the best I can do for folks who I don’t know have already participated.

Have fun!

I will pick a Spirit Animal!


It’s been a stressful month, so I stopped writing AND reading. I’m in a long, ugly job hunt, I’ve had some health issues, and I have learned definitively that our family stops at one child. It’s been hard to stay positive.

I’m catching up on my reading list a little bit at a time. You guys are all awesome.

Recently, I have been catching up on my ISBI, We’re All Mad Here, which I neglected for too long. It’s starting a new torch holder, picking a new mate, and about to choose a new world to move to. Feel free to check it out if you’re into ISBIs.

The Wonderlands are also a more gentle return to simblogging because everyone is Insane! Nothing actually has to make sense.

The Samples are back in focus now. My first post will be for a spirit animal!

The obligatory “I’m not dead!” post

In the month of February, I:

  1. Got a respiratory virus that took me out for nearly a week. I could barely get out of bed for three days. I can’t remember when I was last that sick. Doc says it might’ve been the flu, despite my flu shot, though it wasn’t as bad as the 7-day flu that I got in my 20s. That stuff killed the soldiers in WWI, oh yeah. Anyways, I couldn’t play or post.
  2. Then we went on a week’s vacation. I was barely recovered and had a residual cough the whole time, but otherwise had a great vacation!
  3. Came home and got another respiratory virus. Not as bad as the first, but I’ve done a lot of sleeping.

I’m mostly healthy now and hoping to post Real Soon Now.

Where has Echo been, anyway?

Heh. I recently came upon a lot of extra time. I COULD have used that for simming, but instead I fell into a very big pit — modding and custom content.

After a week of reading tutorials and learning two 3D modeling programs, I have a submission on ModTheSims!

Here it is! Big Kid Style: 5 EA Child Hairs Converted to Toddler.

It’s a small step for CC creators, but I’ve been lurking on MtS for six years. It’s really excited to see my name up there.

I’m also keeping a Simblr. It probably won’t see a whole lot of actions, but I’ll post completed stuff there. Here’s the creatively named Echoweaver’s Simlr.

As far as gameplay goes, I’m still playing Victora’s generation is underway, but not for all that long. I don’t really know where it’s going yet. I do have 2-3 posts of material to complete Dylan’s generation. I just need to sort my pictures. Hopefully that will be soon!

Apologies for the Whiplash

If you tried to load my venerable Blogspot blog and found yourself here, apologies for the confusion.

Over the last…. year? Maybe? It might not be that long… my Sims blogging friends have been referencing comments they left on my blog that I’d never seen. Then I started getting a handful of test comments of the flavor, “Hey, is it working this time?”

The straw on the camel’s back was chat on Gryffindork’s blog, where she mentioned that she’d tried to leave several comments that didn’t seem to have appeared. She did some testing at my request and it looks like there was a MAJOR problem with comments being dropped. I don’t know how many comments failed to make it to my blog(s), but the implications are staggering (where “staggering” must be relative to the number of comments you’d expect on a fiction blog about a video game).

I spent this week converting all three of my Sims blogs to self-hosted WordPress. This has been a surprisingly emotional transition. I started Sims blogging on Blogspot at the beginning of 2010. I like Blogger. Plus, I was really afraid of losing my absurdly long archive or even one precious comment. I was super cautious, but it turns out there are very good plugins for this.

So, if you’ve tried to comment in the past and couldn’t figure out what happened to your comment, please try again.

Thanks, folks.

More Liebster!

Note: You might be nominated for a Liebster Award! Check my other post to see!

Griffindork of the Dysfunkshinul Legacy and I both procrastinated ourselves out of nominating each other, so we’re fixing that now!

My nominations were heavy on serious narratives. The Langurds, OTOH, make me laugh so hard I’m in danger of peeing my pants on a regular basis.

Here are Griffindork’s questions:

1. Black pen or blue pen?

People use pens? With ink? The last time I used a pen was to write a check to the babysitter, and it was purple. So there.

2. Is a hamburger a sandwich? Discuss.

A hamburger is the transcendent ideal that a sandwich longs to be. Especially if it has swiss cheese and mushrooms on it.

3. If you went to Hogwarts, what house would you want to be in? And let’s be honest, what house would you actually be in?

In all fairness, I would totally be Slytherin. It’s all about being clever, dammit. Brainy is what I do.

Maybe I could make a club for Slytherin geeks who are clever, but who have social skills too poor to connive.

4. If you could manipulate one of the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air) which would you pick and why?

Earth, but only if I can be a Metalbender. Metalbending is the power of the modern world.

Would the modern world of the Avatar have Plastic Bending? What do you think? Would petroleum products fall under Earth?

5. What accomplishment, besides being nominated for this award, are you most proud of?

I actually had to skip this one and come back to it. Accomplishment? Duh? Does not killing my kid yesterday count?

I wrote a novel and tried to get it published. It didn’t sell. I learned a lot, and I’m going to try it again someday.

I also recorded music with my band (see below), and people paid money for it.

6. How long have you been simming for?

I played both Sims 1 and Sims 2 obsessively, but not for all that long. I really became a simmer in 2009 when I started THIS LEGACY FAMILY. Because I don’t give up anything.

7. What kind of rig are you running the game on?

(Takes a deep breath.)

I have a 2014 Macbook Pro running Windows 7 under Boot Camp. I used to play the Mac version until I installed Supernatural and Seasons (got both at the same time at a half-price sale), at which point the horrendous lag turned into chronic Error 12s starting at the first save attempt after loadup.

Lots of geek digging produced the revelation that Sims 3 for Mac runs inside an interpreter for, I kid you not, WINDOWS XP. Which is 32-bit and incapable for accessing more than 2G of memory.

XP? Really? WTF EA? That question is like a broken record, I know.

So I just gave up and bought a copy of Windows 7. I reboot my computer a lot.

But that’s also why I can’t play Sims 4. I gave the Windows partition on my harddrive 150GB, and that turns out to be EXACTLY enough to hold the operating system and Sims 3. Sims 3 takes up ONE HUNDRED GIG, and like 1.5 of that is mods. The rest is !@#$ game, expansions, and store content. Dang.

I’ve considered picking up the Mac version of Sims 4, since I have enough space on the OSX side. But I’m burned enough by Mac Sims 3 that I’ll only do that if a Sims license applies to either operating system (this is true for Sims 3, which is why I could switch without spending more money). I haven’t been motivated to find out yet because I want to finish my !@#$ legacy.

(Exhales. It was your fault for asking.)

8. Do you play any musical instruments?

I play the viola! It is a wonderful instrument! It is possibly the instrument with the least prestige in existence! And it can’t even do band!

I love my viola. I used to play in the medieval dance recording band Musica Subterranea for like 7 years. We published two albums during that time. Then I moved to Albuquerque, NM and spent 8 years playing in the Albuquerque Philharmonic, which is an amazingly high quality volunteer orchestra; it had so many semipros that I was proud to call myself mediocre by their standards.

Then I had a kid. Then I moved to the Boston area. I’m still trying to scrape something together here. The cool thing about playing a viola is that nobody plays them, so any pick-up group is exited to have one. The suck thing is that it plays the alto clef, and after all these years my sight transposing is still kind of lousy.

9. Who is your favourite sim you’ve ever made/played/written/micromanaged?

CHARLES. It is all about Charles. I don’t know why my heart sings for an eco-hippie ghost who wears John Lennon glasses, but there you go.

10. What is your opinion of TS4?


By all accounts, the performance and reliability are amazing compared to Sims 3 (which is a low bar anyway). I’m all squee about emotions. Every time the AI improves, I get happier. I really like the open world, but I’m willing to give this world style a try.

Sims 4 seems to really push for rotational play, and I don’t WANT to play rotationally. The most important part is that I want a Story Progression that pairs sims off and makes babies without my intervention. I am really all about the gene mixing. Sims 3 didn’t do this very well without NRaas either, granted. But nobody’s written a marriage-and-babies SP mod for Sims 4 yet. I’ve even considered trying to write one MYSELF once I get the game.

I’m also hung up on toddlers, and I don’t like color presets.

11. And finally, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I guess, evolutionarily speaking, it would have to be the egg, wouldn’t it? Some dinosaur-descendent laid an egg with a genetic mutation that contained the first thing we would call a chicken.

Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Liebster Award!

Wow! I was delighted to see that Shannon Simsfan at Simdale Valley Post nominated me for a Liebster Award. Thanks, Shannon. Everyone should be reading her Sims 4 legacy, Take Me to the Moon. It features well-drawn characters and a lovely balance between rotational play and focus on a single legacy family. I’ve learned a lot from Shannon’s style.

But, wait! As I was writing my Liebster post, Kate of The Loewe Legacy let me know that she nominated me. So I am moving her from MY nomination list (blast) to a second thank-you. The Loewes are a legacy of horsemen and women in gorgeous Monte Vista. The characters are adorable and well-drawn. The narrative is witty and draws in game elements like Imaginary Friend in creative ways. The blog features original storytelling aids like the family photo album and ID cards for each character.

What is Liebster? Well, it’s is a sort of half-award, half-chain letter that’s sweeping the Simblog community. This is the best kind of chain letter. It helps us share recommendations for great Sims blogs.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about who I should nominate. Meanwhile, several of the blogs I wanted to nominate have been nominated. If I don’t get in on this action, I’m going to be left behind :).

Like any pyramid scheme, though, SOMEBODY is going to find themselves unable to pass it on. If you accept the nomination, you are called to nominate 5-11 of your favorite blogs. I’m already struggling to come up with five blogs that I read that aren’t already nominated. If anyone I nominate can’t produce five blogs they want to recommend, I say no shame. Nominate however many blogs you can get behind!

Now, without further ado… and before anyone ELSE I intended to nominate gets a nomination….

Responsibilities of a Liebster Nominee:

1. Put the award on your blog
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you
3. Nominate 5 to 11 other blogs
4. Answer the 11 questions that were asked
5. Then ask the people you nominate, 11 questions.

You know, I’ve been doing this so long that my first thought was of all the dormant blogs I wish were still active. Some really great stories have been written using Sims. I raise a glass to all my active fellow simbloggers. Let’s keep the stories rollin’.

My nominees:

1. Grata Musica (Sims 3):  A haunting, music-themed DITFT Challenge. Amhranai uses wishes and personality traits to build multi-faceted characters whose strengths are balanced by their flaws. Sometimes you want to hug them, and sometimes you really wish you could shake some sense into them. Grata Musica features a lingering mystery about the origin of the founder.

2. Wren’s Nest (Sims 4): I’m pretty shocked that Wren’s Nest hasn’t been nominated yet. Carewren hasn’t acknowledged a nomination, and one hasn’t been posted in this comments of her blog as of this writing, so I’m going with it. This is an intense and beautiful Apocalypse Challenge that builds the rules into the narrative in innovative and heartwrenching ways.

3. Not So Ordinary Life (Sims 3): A dramatic multigenerational Sims story featuring the fame, fortune, and tragedy of the Bennett family. Beautiful character designs, good photography, and well-crafted prose. Plenty of side stories to keep you interested.

4. Crowned to be Sim (Sims 3): This is an old soul legacy like mine, dating from June 2011, and there’s never been a legacy premise like this one. Follow the royal line of Willem II of the Netherlands after his is transported to the present and given a fresh life. He and his descendants are out to take over all the Sims worlds. Touching and hilarious by turns, this is not a legacy to be missed.

5. The Alien Legacy (Sims 4): A legacy founded by an alien before there even were aliens in the Sims 4. Delightful quirky story told in the first person that changes to a fresh voice every generation to match the personality of the heir.

6. The Granite Legacy (Sims 4): This is a fresh legacy with a fresh style. It tells the story of a young woman who washes up in Granite Falls with no name, no money, and no memory. Anne tells me that we’re going to get more information on the poor founder’s origins soon.

7. Secrets of Waikiki (Sims 3): This story is just beginning, but the use of CC to create a unique sense of place really grabs the eye. There’s a lot of story to tell on the primitive island of Waikiki. I hope it returns from hiatus soon.

Answer’s to Shannon’s Questions:

1. What’s you all-time favorite place in the world? (If you don’t feel comfortable giving the location, just a description).

Wow. This is a hard question. It might sound corny, but I think it’s my house right here in Somerville, Massachusetts. I’ve moved around a bit. I grew up in Carmel, Indiana (old suburb of Indianapolis), and have lived in Ohio, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Madrid Spain, and London England. Of all those places, the one we most wanted to return to was the Boston area. We built a secret dream of owning an old Victorian house with access to good public transit, and to our surprise, we were able to make that dream a reality three years ago. We love to travel, but this the home we want to return to.

2. Who is your favorite, non-sims author?

Lois McMaster Bujold! I started as a fantasy and light science fiction reader as preteen. I’ve branched out a lot these days, and I like to read anything that’s good. But I think I still come home to SFF. I also recommend  Megan Whalen Turner and Ben Aaronovich.

3. When did you start playing Sims?

I first picked up a combo pack of Sims and Sim Livin’ Large back in the day. It was well past the halfway point of the original Sims game. Judging from where I was living, I’m going to guess 2003. I lived and breathed Sims for a few weeks. Considering that it could take you half an hour to walk from one side of an original Sims house to the other, I got obsessed with designing efficient houses to save time with the morning routine :). But after a while I realized that the Sims lives were more boring than my actual life, and I stopped playing.

I went through a similar cycle with Sims 2. I never even got any expansions. I hadn’t discovered the online community, and I don’t think I really got the potential of what you could do with this game.

I picked up Sims 3 in 2009 and really fell in love. It and World Adventures really touched the wish fulfillment I think I wanted out of the franchise. I’ve stuck with this game and its awful instability through thick and thin, and I love it passionately in spite of itself.

4. What is your favorite part of playing or blogging sims?

When I play, I love looking for the game to reveal a unique personality for each sim. I like to play first and then stitch a story together from the gameplay. It’s a great sort of semi-directed fiction writing prompt.

I also love modifying my town and maintaining a breeding population with interesting genetics. It takes a bit of work to keep your town generating fresh faces, even using NRaas StoryProgression to be sure the town keeps reproducing.

5. What is your least favorite part of playing or blogging sims?

Troubleshooting. It’s taken me a truly stupid amount of effort (and mods) to construct a stable game. I’m delighted to help anyone else troubleshoot, because Sims 3 is an awesome game underneath a veneer of instability.

6. Where do you find/get inspiration for your blog’s characters?

I randomize the toddler and child traits and then spend a lot of time pondering what kind of person would grow up with those traits.

7. What about the setting, how did you come up with the imaginary aspects of your sims’ world?

Honestly? I fell in love with the metallic skin tones I found on ModtheSims, then saw Bakafox’s lovely empty world Avalon, and I just had to come up with something to justify them.

8. How did you decide to start blogging about your game?

About halfway through the life of my test sim, Susie Sample, I realized that I was telling a story. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing that story, so I put it on a blog. I didn’t even really know there was a Sims blogging community back then. I just wanted the story to be recorded someplace so I wouldn’t forget it.

9. Do you know any simmers in your everyday life, or just online?

Yes! I know some in my everyday life. Others have entered the halfway land of Facebook friends.

I keep a closed Sims community on Facebook. Let me know if you want an invitation ;-).

10. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being completely), how freaked out are you when the power/internet go out and you can’t play or read or write about sims? (I’m about a six, this happened last week!)

Woo. I’m a telecommuting software engineer. Losing power and internet really messes me up for all sorts of reasons. If it were for an evening, it would be entertaining. Longer than that and I would be an unhappy puppy. Dur. Maybe a 7? I don’t want to imply my brain would explode if I couldn’t get online.

11. All time favorite sims moment?

It’s hard to settle on just one, but it’s been hard to top one from my first generation — Connor Frio being late to his own wedding. That one was so funny because I was new to the game. I’d never thrown a wedding before, and I had no idea why he might be late. I was really freaked out that Susie might be stood up on her wedding day, and I was so relieved when he finally arrived.

Answers to Kate’s Questions:

1. If you could start your story over, would you change something?

If I started my story over, I would have thought of it as a work of fiction from the very beginning. I guess everyone who has been blogging for a while cringes when they go back to see their first posts.

I still have a copy of Susie Sample, and sometime I’d like to go back and give her more of a life.

2. Do you get inspired by real-life situations or is your story a pure creation of your imagination?

It’s mostly a creation from my imagination. I really enjoy taking prompts from wishes, personality traits, and random game events and turning them into a story.

3. Did you already have some experience in writing before starting blogging about The Sims?

My husband and I used to keep a travel blog — back before we had our daughter and did a lot more traveling.

4. Do you write other stories/poems/lyrics/etc.?

I’m an aspiring novelist, emphasis on the aspiring. When my daughter was born, I was about 2/3 done with the first draft of my second novel. I put a lot of effort into trying to publish my first one, but now I’m ready to put it in a drawer for a good long time. My second novel has been on hiatus for a few years due to parenthood, but I’m very excited about the story.

Sims blogging is actually a way for me to play with writing without all the pressure of trying to produce something professional.

I intend to return to writing seriously in the new year or two.

5. Does your family/friends know that you’re blogging about The Sims? If yes, what do they say/think about your story?

Ha! My friends come in two types: Those who read and blog Sims, and those who think it’s a bizarre hobby. I tell my non-sims friends about my blogs, but I don’t think a single one has every tried to read them.

6. If you’ve ever created yourself in the Sims, how far did you get with your ‘legacy’?

My simself stars in my Nothing Is Free variant challenge, Waypoint. It’s currently dormant but in no way abandoned.

Waypoint has never made it to Generation 2, though. It proceeds verrrry slooowly.

7. What Sims 3 traits would you use to describe yourself? (If you graduated from a college/university you’re allowed to use up to 7 traits).

Haha! I have ’em in the sidebar! Absent-Minded, Adventurous, Artistic, Friendly, Computer Whiz, Loves the Outdoors

I have a Master’s degree. I should probably come up with a 7th trait. I guess it would probably be either Slob or Tinker, depending on how kind I felt about myself that day.

8. What was your favorite loading screen that came with the Expansion/Stuff packs?

This is a great question!

Generations, bar none. I wish they’d put that much thought into more loading screens. The Generations screen was really touching.

I don’t really for the interactive game loading screens they came up with later. I have turned them off. I read a book while my game loads, no kidding. You gotta do something.

9. Do you think The Sims 3 (expanded with all Expansion and Stuff packs) is actually worth the money you spent on it?

Haha. I love this question :). This is the elephant in the room for everyone, isn’t it?

I have worked really hard on economizing my Sims 3 purchases. I didn’t buy expansion packs until they came down to half price. I built a whole strategy around getting cheap premium downloadable content from the store. Even so, a back-of-the envelope calculation estimates that I’ve put well over $300 into this game.

Then again, I’ve been playing for six years. $300 is $50/year. Even if it’s $60 or $70/year, I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

10. What Sims 3 music is your favorite? (If any.)

I actually play with the sound off a lot. It lets me play with my husband and kid around without being self-conscious about the noise. I like the intro theme, though :).

Oh, and I have “sulsul” as a notification tone on my phone. That didn’t answer your question. I just wanted to share my geek cred.

11. If you could change anything about The Sims genre, what would it be?

There are dozens of changes I wish I could make to the Sims 3 engine to make the game stable enough to reach its full potential.

That’s not really what you’re asking, though.

I guess I really want to use Sims 3 to live interesting alternate lives. I know that going to the toilet is the canonical Sims experience (the toilet was the first object designed for the first game!) but it’s not a big part of the experience I want to play.

I want immersive opportunities to try out new walks of life, and I want really strong AI to make my interactions with other sims as real as possible.

I think the game gets closer to what I want with every iteration.

My Questions:

*Drumroll* At long last…. (Good grief, now what do I ask??)

1. Tell me something that you do with your real life. Career, hobby, life’s ambition, anything.

2. What’s your favorite Sims game in the franchise? Why?

3. How do you tell your Sims story? Do game first, then build a story out of it? Do you build the story, then play it out in the game? Are you an observational blogger? Some other way?

4. Do you mod? If not, do you have a reason? If you do, what’s your favorite mod?

5. What is your most favorite sim you ever played? Why?

6. What is your favorite part of playing Sims?

7. What’s your favorite part of the Sims community? Do you have forums where you like to hang out?

8. Do you blog for laughs or dramatic moments? Both? Neither?

9. Have you ever given up on a challenge without finishing it? Have you ever actually finished one? Inquiring minds want to know.

10. (Stolen from Shannon) Who is your favorite author?

11. (Stolen from Kate) Do you write other stories/poems/lyrics/etc.?

Did that just happen?

About an hour ago, I posted a chapter I’ve been working on on and off for a week.

I just checked the blog, and it’s not displayed. I checked both my drafts and my published filters on blog posts, and it’s not displayed. The posts go 6.31, which is published, to 6.33, which is draft.

I just double-checked, and there is no way to delete a post from the edit page, so I didn’t randomly click the wrong button. (Whew — if it were possible, I’d have done it.)

I’m going to go to bed now and just hope that this is a Blogger hiccup and the post will appear by morning.

ETA: Whew. Somehow the post got back-dated to March 11. I suppose that’s when I laid out the pictures for the post (I do basic picture organizing in clumps of several posts, then actually lay them out and add text later). Still, that’s never happened before. So weird. But I’ll take it. I really didn’t want to have recreate that post.