Is anyone out there?

Hello. This blog has languished for a year, and I’ve been absent from the Sims blogging community. I came back to discover that an auto-update of WordPress by my ISP broke the site. A support-ticket later, it’s back, though I don’t have any analytics running yet.

I wonder if there are any subscriptions to this blog by people who are still reading. It probably won’t have a huge effect on whether I finish the story — I’m pretty determined to get to the 10th generation. Still, it would be exciting find out.

I kind of thought I’d eventually move to Sims 4, but it looks like if I move off Sims 3 at all, it’ll be to skip a version to 5. Now I better appreciate all those Sims 2 players who never made the leap. Ha.

ETA: Removed dead blogs from blogroll! That’s a sign of being alive!

I have one post laid out in drafts with a few paragraphs written and, I’m pretty sure, screenshots for several more. I know I can still run the game because my kid forked my Wonderland save and has suddenly started wanting to play it — she just got one of Franklin’s paramours pregnant in her alternate universe, which is probably not too different from what I’ll do when get to that game. In this legacy, Vicky hasn’t produced any babies yet in gameplay, but I’m starting to get impatient with her.

7 thoughts on “Is anyone out there?

  1. Still here too! I have always enjoyed reading this blog and even though you were away, I kept checking back each month. I always keep the stories I enjoy the most bookmarked for at least a year, because they are worth ti! 🙂 I also enjoy your style of builds and your creative touches. I am only up when Victoria became TH I think. They moved into the new house by the seashore. Did you by chance build that yourself, if so it is really beautiful and laid out quite nicely for the sims. If you did build it I would be honored to download it for use in one of my families. If not, perhaps a link to the builder. Again, welcome back and I look forward to more of whatever and whenever you decide to write. Cheers!

    • Wow! Thank you!

      This is the longest hiatus I’ve taken since the year when we my kid was born. I’m kind of surprised. But I am close to the end, and I love my family.

      I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying it.

      I didn’t create the house. I like downloading the work of master builders and playing in it. I have been trying to remember to include attribution and links. If that house is still up for download, I’ll link to it.

      • Hi Echo! I actually found the lot on ModtheSims3, I searched for tropical and it was a few pages in. It is really nice. I however saw another almost same type of house but on a 40 x 40 lot and the layout is a big bigger with four bedrooms. It too is nicely laid out and fits Isla Paradisa perfectly. I have used several of this creator’s lots and they work great for gameplay. Here is the link if you want to have a look at it. “”

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