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Simantics: Bridezilla

Irresistible trait animations are never not horrible.

Yeah, this possible romance with the man you’re marrying at your own wedding might have promise…

I think this is because they went as a group to the wedding and then tried to get married.

Joy decides to sunbathe at the wedding. I suppose that’s no worse than playing in the water, considering. Maybe it should’ve been a swimwear wedding.

I just have no idea.

Well, that’s awkward.

This appears to be the pregnancy daily wear Vickie rolled.

And a few ghostly visitations.

Legacy co-founder Connor Frio Sample drops by for dinner.

Andria has a lovely chat with her dead husband.

Simantics: Falling in the deep end of the time pool

Sigh. The Samples have really been living in this town for too long.

I looked at their family tree, and Aunt is a bit of a stretch, but they do have a connection a couple of generations back. We’re going to forget we ever saw this.

I will say that the game DOES have incest checking, and it didn’t think they were closely enough related to avoid heart-farts.

This is definitely the best way to hate each other. I’m pretty sure there’s porn for the way Gamora and Jonah feel about each other. Lots of it.

Jonah went off to look at horses and came back by way of a LLAMA. The results were tragic.

Fortunately, Edmund was around to fix things up. I just now noticed Gamora playing on the computer behind them. Ha.

Also Vickie far behind, cooking. She took that up as a passionate new hobby when Jonah moved in, but you better look at it now because I later discovered that her ability to cook was borked. I I thought this might have been related to my Kelp Recipes, which I loaded into my game somwhere around then, and I was terrified that there was something weird about them that borked people’s sims. But, no, I have multiple reports that the recipes work fine for other people. Vickie just now takes about 4x times the time to cook a recipe as she’s supposed to. Like, literally most of a day to cook one dish. Each animation repeats over and over again. I have no idea.

I tried removing the Cooking skill using MasterController, but that doesn’t seem to reset a sim to the state of not having learned a skill. It just removes a pointer to something. When she learned to cook again, the problem resumed.

So she’s going to take up painting, I think, and Jonah can cook his own damn kelp.

At any rate, Jonah is ready for anything this weird landwalker magician might throw at him.

But it turned out all right.

Gamora discovers that she can’t avoid her high school graduation, even by jumping into a time machine and zapping herself hundreds of years into the future.

Graduation will always come for you.

Emit had to take a break from his important moment with Gamora.

OK, the special philanthropist’s money-donating animation is just completely bonkers. Can we just look at this again?

Oh, and after she gives the check, they both are showered in glitter.

Since I wanted to tie up this little loose end of Gamora’s life, I saved JC Sample’s family to the bin and placed him back in Utopia Oasis Landing. After all, nothing Gamora did should have affected the romantic choices of her immediate family, right? Right?

What I didn’t realize is that Dystopian and Utopian sims keep their timeline-related behaviors in a hidden trait. JC’s family immediately turned their lovely utopian home into a trash pile.

Emmett hugs himself. A lot of the Wonderland/Utopian sim idles are adorable, but the walk style is AWFUL. It’s the same as the Imaginary Friend walk, and it must DIE BY FIRE. I had to take the Wonderland trait off Emmett so that he could walk across the room in less than four hours. If there’s a way to just destroy the walk style and keep the rest of the cute stuff from that moodlet, please let me know.

Ah, the romances of our time are just part of a loop that repeats itself over and over through time.

Or maybe ITF doesn’t try very hard when it generates descendants….

Simantics: Advanced lessons in burglar fail

Another reason you didn’t see much of Edmund and Joy’s fancy dinner.

Here’s a waitress we’re totally comfortable with handling our food.

This is quite seriously the nicest I have been able to make that blow-kiss animation. I hate it. All of the Irresistible animations are pretty awful.

I wonder, now that I think about it, if one could replace this animation with the flower kiss one, which I could swear was better.

Jonah is also horrified by the skeezy faces his lover makes.

(Actually, him too. He’s also Irresistible, as it turns out. That’s one of the reasons I decided there were such fireworks between them.)

You flee under the ocean to get away from technology, and then…

And here we have a different burglar for once! Maybe the werewolf chick was at her day job.

Randal here sneaked through the dining room while the family was standing around. I should’ve gotten a better picture of it. But, you know, he was just passing through, not stealing anything.

As he left the dining room and stepped on to the porch, he suddenly realized he was supposed to steal stuff.

At this point, Jonah dashed out to panic.

And Vickie took him down.

Take that! All those finely honed scuba diving muscles must be good for something.

Vampire policeman: Never fear! I’m here to save you from this miscreant.

Vickie: You’re seriously not going to fight him now. I already handled this.

Vampire policeman: Halt, foul thief!

Jonah: I guess we’re really doing this.

Andria: Fantastic! I hate to miss a good fight.

Andria: Except one of you stinks.

Vampire policeman: Here, let me cuff you nice and tight.

And now be a good boy and walk by yourself to my patrol car while I hang out with these nice folks.

Edmund: You’re exhausted. I can handle this!

Edmund: Hmm. Let me check my notes.


Simantics: The tale of the stupid burglar

So, there once was a time when a wizard visited an old friend. It was a small house, lit up, with people clearly having fun inside….

Which was the perfect time for a burglar!

Burglar: I think I’ll just walk in through the front door while they’re partying.

Hey! That wizard is really hot.

Marisela: Wow, that’s rather a loud noise.

Edmund: I think you have a visiting burglar.

Edmund and Burglar: Hello there! Have a nice evening!

Marisela: Oh dear! A burglar! Don’t let her hurt us!

Burglar: Oh no! Is there a burglar! Save us!

Edmund: Hello, police! I need to report that I am surrounded by idiots.

Cop: I’ll need you to cuff yourself and exit the building.

Burglar: Take me away! There’s a dangerous burglar in there!

Simantics: Invisible Pancakes

Rosie Winter’s house has a bit of a laundry problem.

(I edited the lot to force delete all the clothing piles and track down the laundry basket. The laundry system is just dangerous as heck for inactive households.)

This stuff pack bathtub shows off its magical anti-water effects.

Charles! He spent about an entire generation with a corrupted headstone, so I’m excited to have him haunting us again.

Susie bonds with Victoria over video games. “No! Don’t go there! Don’t you see the monsters??”

Here are a bunch of adorable shots of Andria arguing with Charles the Evil Chicken that I lost in my screenshot folder until it was too late to use them.


Beware the trampoline. It will cut you off at the knees.

One of the biggest townie hangouts is the science observatory lot, which is just marked Visitors Allowed. I periodically set the camera over there to see the antics. It’s good to know that Sawyer and Abby still keep in touch.

“Hey, whatcha cookin?” asks Lancelot.

“Invisible pancakes. Can’t you tell?”

Here I discover that the steep roof of this lot is going to cause me screenshot troubles….


Avalon Gossip Column:

It turns out Sawyer knows how to have more fun than I gave him credit for.


Sean Flynn has found a new plaything. We don’t want to look too deeply into his and Forest’s personal life. Sadly, StoryProgression seems to have forgotten that Timothy is happily married to Sherman Mentary with two kids. Perhaps Timothy wasn’t quite so happily married, or perhaps Sean’s really horribly with his vampire mojo. Which one shall we guess?

Judith’s father, who has always been single and adopted Judith from foster care (read: adopted her as a newspaper girl who grew to teenagerhood and became too important to the active family to allow to fall into homeless obscurity), has found a sweetheart!


Emily’s Sample-Doctor’s ex-husband Greggory continues to fail at romance.

Java Weaver is a crummy educator. Since he’s a Coward, I assume he’s afraid of the children.

Chaim Sample-Erikson, OTOH, is a model police officer.

Simantics: Sassy tirade

Here I discover that my NRaas Dresser mod resets the outfits of all the residents as soon as the actives arrive. My Dresser settings exclude clothes from the future expansion, so the first time I arrived, Emit looked like this.

Afterward, I tried changing the Dresser settings, and it STILL screwed up all the clothes on the future residents. I finally had to take the mod out. Hmmm… wonder if I put it back yet.

And here is why there was no exterior shot of the Bot Emporium. It’s never a bad time for the ice cream truck.

Sawyer got on a sassy autonomous tirade. I tried, but I just couldn’t come up with anything to use this for in the story. I think it was adorable.

When we returned, I reset Gamora’s flower walk style by removing her Plantsim occult and replacing it. This is how she turned out.

I really hate the female plantsim outfit. But apparently there are also 2-3 different plantsim hair colors, and she got a different one this time. I restored her old appearance in CAS.

Sawyer is shocked by the floating birthday party horn after he becomes an Elder.

When Greggory pulls Sawyer aside for a heart-to-heart about Emily, Sawyer got fresh insight into why they divorced in the first place.

Greggory is an incredible bore.

The kind who bores you to death.

Avalon Gossip Column

Jean Reacher, husband of Shannon Simsfan Reacher, is doing well in his new career in education.


Java Weaver, my simself’s bastard, may be a coward, but the school kids haven’t driven him away yet.


Sam Pistachio is nearing the end of her life, and she doesn’t seem to have done much with HER career.


Ah! Here’s someone who is doing well. Chaim is a lovely randomly generated police officer.


Looks like Greggory has a life after Emily after all!


Or maybe not. Greggory doesn’t seem to be much of a catch for anyone.


And then there’s this. Kari is the late-in-life daughter or Joanne Bookabet (Jo’s simself) and Ada Sample’s daughter Tomas. I believe she and Greggory may still be dating, but they hate each other.


This is just included for the awesome book title. I doubt anyone cares, but Dennis is descended from Charlotte Stemple, Charles’s immaculately conceived Chinese love child.


Here, Sean and Forest show that they have the same taste in many things, including other men…



The disturbing thing is that Timothy Weaver has been happily married with two kids to Sherman Mentary for a whole generation.

And there we have the state of the town.

Simantics: In the Depths

Paulette Callender protests with her vampire grandmother January in the kind of outfit that only a sim could love.

I fixed her. As a romantic prospect of Winston’s, it seemed like she deserved that much.

Xia dances the Smustle. She’s a party animal, even in death.

This chick got STYLE.

And Victoria, being the water lover that she is, goes swimming in the Art Gallery.

Yes, you heard me right.

That is the most awesome glitch I have seen in a while. It turns out that the art gallery, which I downloaded a long time ago and love, has a faux basement — the kind made by lowering the landscape, building the first floor, and then raising the land up around it. This was done to get a cool open air atrium in the basement lit by sun falling through the skylights.

Apparently, the post-Island Paradise game cannot handle this. Despite there being no actual water animated, anyone who walks down the stairs stars swimming.

I’ve screwed around with this quite a bit. I really like this lot, but I am starting to doubt that the bottom level can be preserved. Without the basement, though, it’s hard to figure out where one would put restrooms. So sad.

Avalon Gossip Column

Not a whole lot going on in town, or maybe I just am not recording much?

Sam Pistachio keeps the very best company.


I finally went digging in family trees to figure out who Gina Sample-Baerwyn’s baby daddy is. The father of Gina’s daughter appears to be none other than Ignacio Bookabet, who was the widower of Alice Bookabet. He apparently fathered Gina’s daughter at a quite advanced age. Now I’m sorry I didn’t look up who his parents were. I care about this crap way too much.

ETA: Ignacio the adopted son of February Callender’s brother Martin Luther and husband Tam.



Simantics: Sun and Shamble

Skipping stones in Sims is a little bit magic. Here, the stone appears behind the hand that throws it.

This is why you don’t swim around windsurfers.

The game had a lot of trouble tracking Vickie’s snorkeling outfit.

And the mermaid outfit.

Some fellows never give up scuba diving, no matter what happens. (Note he died by drowning.)

Winston never quite got the point of sunbathing.

Housekeeping really hated these two.

Oh no! It’s attack of the living surfers!

Fortunately, surfer zombies aren’t terribly dangerous to anyone.


And speaking of harmless zombies,

All this fellow needed was a chance to drink and party, and he was just fine.

You might have seen him dancing in one of the nightclub pics. He definitely missed the point of being a zombie.

Avalon Gossip Column

Sam Pistachio finally moved on after her last two beaus died. Fortunately, old guys are now age-appropriate for her.


Emily was promoted back to resident for the fourth time. This seems to be her level of incompetence.


Manisha Kapoor-Baerwyn finally decided she should learn how to get along with people.


Jasper Crumplebottom gave birth to his girlfriend Fawn Rockwell’s daughter. Her name is Caroline, and she is adorable.



Doesn’t seem to be a lot of news at the moment, so there you are ;).


Simantics: Lost Cake

While Edmund is out getting his wrist knawed on, the camera rushes back to the home lot.

Somebody is dying! What the heck??

Actually, it turns out to be a stray dog who wandered in the front door. Fabulous.

So how come this dog has a blue ghost, and I didn’t even manage to get Sky’s dog Riddle enough happiness points to get past the red ghost? What was this dog doing in life?


Dylan treated Grim with the utmost courtesy during his visit.

In fact, they really hit it off. They have a lot in common.



And here we have some kind of obscure failure of Icarus Allsorts’ Call to Meal mod, which I usually swear by for fixing the traffic jam that accompanies large meals.

Most of the party-goers route failed on the way to the cake, so I had Dylan serve them with this mod. After he set all the available table seats, he carried the cake into the ocean.

And swam. And swam.

His destination seemed to be this uninhabited island, which isn’t even on the lot.

I had to reset him. The poor cake was lost.

Avalon Gossip Column

Local C-list celebrity dirt bag Justin Mai has spent a generation filling up my notification queue with stories of refusing to pay his boyfriend, Abby’s high school flame Dion Callender, child support for their three children. Dion’s no pushover, either. Dion keeps reporting him to law enforcement. Justin has gone to jail twice for nonpayment.

And, at last, I got THIS notification


And after that he paid every time.

Way to keep up the fight, Dion.

Sawyer and Emily. Again.


New Sim-of-Interest Jake Paradis is now a professional athlete.


And Java Weaver is a… teacher? You know he’s a Coward, right? This will not go well.


Forest’s current boyfriend may be in for some serious trouble. “At his throat” may not be a euphemism….


Abby’s brother Stanley is a father for the third time! His partner is Jody Ursine-Sample, many-generation descendant of Adjo and Toya. Woo. They are living together but show no sign of tying the knot. Jody is a Showtime Magician. Maybe he prefers to stay unmarried for the sake of his performance career.


Sean Flynn stages his fourth or fifth coup attempt against Forest. It fails. Again. Maybe he should just give it up.


And this included just because it gave me the giggles. I think Java should probably not take off hi shirt.


Simantics: Compulsive Air Guitar

Everyone’s favorite pastime at the moment. Why does the neighborhood go through these periods of compulsive air guitar?

Victoria tries a new way to get her broomstick to stop.

It’s no wonder that Andria was heckling the Simfest. It mostly consisted of the same magician being announced (Jody, Stanley Marmalade’s fiancé, with the fabulous stage name Tony Levitate Things). He’d then step up on an empty stage and route fail.

I think I finally reset something before Jody’s performance began. Well, I suppose it’s better than the traditional problem of completely empty Simfests. So many folks on the modding forum are looking for ways to get rid of all the Showtime performers in their towns. I *like* them.

I could list the problems with this picture all day.

What Dylan and Andria actually did in the Vault of Antiquity. Are you surprised?

Victoria gets abducted

By this really stylin’ alien.

Martial Arts for the toilet, a Sims classic.

I can never get over these great post-travel mashups.

I have never seen this snowman before, but it’s epic.

Avalon Gossip Column

I’ll start with Jasper Crumplebottom’s new love affair.

He has taken up with Dylan’s old friend, the former proprietress of the Nectary, Fawn Rockwell. She had to resign from the nectary when I decided she was awesome enough to move into town. Aging up to Elder seems to have deflated her great features somewhat.

There will be a child, as per Jasper’s visit to Sawyer. House Crumplebottom needs an heir.

New townies Jake Paradis, spare of the Paradis Legacy, and my lovechild with Tewl Langurd have both found jobs in town.


Java Weaver is a teacher. This is terrifying.


Newsflash! Justin Mai finally paid his child support! I guess being jailed twice taught him a lesson at last. That’s a lot of simoleons.


I’m not even sure which time this was, but I’m quite sure Sawyer earned it.


Inspired by her mother Shannon’s sudden career switch to Acrobatics, Joy takes up a new physical sport.


Which inspires her to write a new guidebook. It doesn’t appear to have sold very well.


Sean Flynn attempts coup number 4 or 5 against Forest. He fails.