Simantics: Advanced lessons in burglar fail

Another reason you didn’t see much of Edmund and Joy’s fancy dinner.

Here’s a waitress we’re totally comfortable with handling our food.

This is quite seriously the nicest I have been able to make that blow-kiss animation. I hate it. All of the Irresistible animations are pretty awful.

I wonder, now that I think about it, if one could replace this animation with the flower kiss one, which I could swear was better.

Jonah is also horrified by the skeezy faces his lover makes.

(Actually, him too. He’s also Irresistible, as it turns out. That’s one of the reasons I decided there were such fireworks between them.)

You flee under the ocean to get away from technology, and then…

And here we have a different burglar for once! Maybe the werewolf chick was at her day job.

Randal here sneaked through the dining room while the family was standing around. I should’ve gotten a better picture of it. But, you know, he was just passing through, not stealing anything.

As he left the dining room and stepped on to the porch, he suddenly realized he was supposed to steal stuff.

At this point, Jonah dashed out to panic.

And Vickie took him down.

Take that! All those finely honed scuba diving muscles must be good for something.

Vampire policeman: Never fear! I’m here to save you from this miscreant.

Vickie: You’re seriously not going to fight him now. I already handled this.

Vampire policeman: Halt, foul thief!

Jonah: I guess we’re really doing this.

Andria: Fantastic! I hate to miss a good fight.

Andria: Except one of you stinks.

Vampire policeman: Here, let me cuff you nice and tight.

And now be a good boy and walk by yourself to my patrol car while I hang out with these nice folks.

Edmund: You’re exhausted. I can handle this!

Edmund: Hmm. Let me check my notes.


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