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And the Heir to Generation 7 Is…

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For the first 4 hours of the poll, Winston had the lead. After that, Victoria sailed past him (see what I did there) and held the lead for the whole rest of the poll.

In fact, there were like five votes in a row that were for both Vickie AND Winston, so the two of them kept advancing past Edmund and Gamora while staying the same three votes apart. In the last day or so, Vickie got some votes that were all her own and finished with a solid 5 vote lead.

Edmund: 4
Victoria: 13
Winston: 8
Gamora: 6
I got a humbling 22 votes. Thanks guys.

I usually give myself a vote, but I didn’t bother this time because it wouldn’t have mattered.

Sooo…. This came out quite different than I expected, which is funny because I didn’t know what to expect. Edmund got stomped, and I thought he’d be more of a contender. I thought maybe I’d decide who to move out first based on who came in last at the poll, but I can’t face kicking someone off the island like that. I’m going to see who presents me with something interesting that can be done in a small amount of game time.

Vickie has a few more days as a teen, and then we pass the torch! Wow!

Oh, and I have some Simantics stuff I held back in order to get to this poll, so I’ll do that.

AND I switch to playing the Wonderland ISBI while waiting to learn the heir. Oh. My. God. It’s so much fun. They’re close to heir-decision over there too, so I’m going to play to the poll and then come back here :).

Generation 7 HEIR POLL!

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

Squee! Here they are!

Poll is in the sidebar.

Make sure you didn’t miss the extended spotlight on Gamora in the last post.

I would like to provide a thumbnail biography for each sim, but honestly I just don’t have it in me to be very descriptive. So here are their pictures, traits, and a one-line description of the corner of the game they’re likely to explore. I also included the Lifetime Wishes they will have IF they become heir.

I was really bothered that I didn’t know Victoria’s last trait, so I went ahead and rolled it early. She will be a Gatherer when she ages up. That cleared up what Island Paradise LTW she should get :).

I’ll do the best I can to give a story to the spares, but I’m going to have to clear out some household spaces in order to bring in the next generation.

Sims with glasses also have pictures without glasses so that you may better see the genetics.

Without further ado….


Artistic, Proper, Brooding, Frugal, Brave
Occult State(s): Imaginary Friend, Witch
Favorite Color: Gray (I swear he was born with it)
Lifetime Wish: Mystic Healer, Cure 12 Transformed Sims

Edmund is an agent of all things Supernatural. Expect to explore more magic. He also has a bit of a noir streak. What fictional character is a Brooding, Proper, Frugal, Brave witch? Harry Dresden!


Irresistible, Perfectionist, Sailor, Brave, Gatherer
Occult State(s): Imaginary Friend, Witch
Favorite Color: Pink
Lifetime Wish: Deep Sea Diver, Master the Diving Skill and Earn 40,000 Simoleons in Diving Collectibles

Victoria is going to be our window into all things Island Paradise! Beaches, houseboats, and vacations to tropical destinations courtesy of NRaas Traveler.


Hates the Outdoors, Athletic, Natural Cook, Natural Born Performer, Brave
Occult State(s): Imaginary Friend, Witch
Favorite Color: Red
Lifetime Wish: Master Acrobat, Reach Level 10 in the Acrobat Profession

In addition to being a Showtime Acrobact, Winston takes his Natural Cook side seriously. He may still open a restaurant.


Traits: Evil, Dislikes Children, Hot-Headed, Night Owl, Brave
Occult State(s): Plantsim
Favorite Color: Purple
Lifetime Wish: Made the Most of My Time, Experience both Alternate Timelines (Dystopia and Utopia) while also being honored with a Legacy Statue

Gamora will be our agent of mischief and our window to the Into the Future expansion.

Way to NOT HELP, Guys!

Guys, that was a THREE-WAY-TIE.

I’m kind of wondering if I can extend the poll or something, or create a new one where you can’t vote for multiple sims. And hey, I encouraged voting for multiple. Moreover, there were 18 votes cast by 16 people, so only two people did vote for multiples.

I just never thought I’d get a THREE-WAY-TIE.

I think I am just going to choose. I’m currently thinking Dylan will be heir, but I will keep Sawyer in the house extra-long and see how his story develops. If he has kids, they can been included in the heir poll. If he doesn’t, he can just stay in the house for a good long time.

I’ll do my best with Abby, but *somebody* is going to have to move out of the house. I think Dylan is going to feel pressed to move away from the exorbitant celebrity lifestyle Sky has been living, and that’s exactly the kind of life Abby wants. So she may well want to move out.

Generation 6 Heir Poll!

Here we are at last!

I was going to try to put together a little testimonial for each character the way I did for the last poll, but I think all the characters have expressed themselves pretty well so far in the story, and I can’t come up with any pithy ones anyway.

Lifetime Wishes listed only apply if the sim is chosen as heir. Spares will get LTW suited to moving out mid-generation, which may or may not be the same.

By my house rules, I get to decide the final trait for each character, and I haven’t really decided on Abby and Sawyer’s. I have listed strong possibilities.

Without further ado….


Traits: Artistic, Neat, Proper, Brave, Photograher’s Eye
Favorite Color: Blue
Gender Preference: Straight
Lifetime Wish: World Class Gallery

Notes: Sky has maxed painting, and she should live long enough to do portraits for Gen 6. I’ve played enough painters; I’d like for Dylan to use his Artistic trait for Writing and focus on being a photojournalist. Sadly there’s no LTW for Writing and Photography, just Visionary for Painting and Photography. I was annoyed enough that I almost decided to create one as a house rule, but I think World Class Gallery will serve.

Genetically, he seems to have gotten a great mix of his anime-Asian genes on Leah’s side. His eyes are not Leah’s, and I think his jawline must also come from a grandparent.

Bonus pictures without his glasses.


Traits: Star Quality, Snob, Perfectionist, Brave, Charismatic (?)
Favorite Color: Brown
Gender Preference: Straight
LTW: Superstar Actor

Note: I haven’t seen many folks do the acting career in legacies, and reviews say it’s pretty fun. Also I’d get to play around with paparazzi again. I have a good sense of Abby’s strengths and weaknesses as a character and where she probably needs to go, but I have less idea how her story might go than the other two. This has never been a problem, though. I build my stories out of game events, and the game has never let me down.

I think that Abby’s genes are more nuanced than the other two characters. You can best see her Asian genes in profile. Also, remember she’s the genetic granddaughter of Zahn Wu! (Through his elf clone-nephew Zane Wu, that is.)


Traits: Loser, Diva, Socially Awkward, Genius, Workaholic?
Favorite Color: Orange (but he also loves electric purple)
Gender Preference: Unknown
LTW: Scientific Specialist

Note: Sawyer is high-functioning Autistic, and he would have his work as a legacy patron cut out for him. Rest assured, there would be heirs 🙂 He also can’t get the legacy trait of Brave because it conflicts with Loser. It turns out that Socially Awkward is also the aptitude trait for the Science skill, thus his passion for science experiments since childhood. He is probably going to go into the Medical career, mostly because I’ve already done Mad Science, and the Ambitions Medical career looks like a lot of fun. Story-wise, he wants to pursue biology and neuroscience to better understand (and justify) his own brain.

Genetically, I’m pretty sure he has Charles’s nose.

Poll is in the sidebar. If you’re only accessing via phone, you probably can’t see the sidebar. Feel free to vote in the comments: either here, Boolprop, or Google+.

I intend to leave the poll up for at least a week, and meanwhile catch up the half a generation I’ve already played on the Wonderlands! Poor neglected Wonderlands. I didn’t want to play any further without posting, and I’ve been so obsessed with getting to Gen 6 of the Samples that I given them all my posting energy too.

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And the Winner Is…


Wow, color me astonished.

Somebody who reads this blog likes to play with me. I checked about an hour before the poll closed, and we had a three-way tie with a gratifying 16 votes cast, which is the same state it had been for over 24 hours. I come back at the end of the poll and, yep, one more vote, this time pushing Forest over the edge.

From my informal statistical survey of simblog heir polls, Forest was the least likely to win. Most likely to win are attractive females. After that, sims whose physical appearance is distinctive from the rest of the heirs. Traits and the personality written in the blog seem least relevant. Oh, and Evil sims in particular almost never win.

All of this shows me that not only did I get 16 votes (removing mine, since I did vote), but pretty much everyone actually reads this blog. That’s just so awesome.

The inconvenient thing is that Sky is my choice for heir.

I honestly don’t think I can write Forest as the legacy patron. I’ve spent ages griping about how we never see Evil sims heading up legacies, particularly Wishacies where I think they’d be really interesting and different. But now that I have one, he’s developing as a character in ways that will make this legacy a bit too much for me if he’s he primary focus.

Additionally, I have some plans for Sky’s Commitment Issues.

But hmmm. I guess I will think about this. At the very least, Forest will get extra focus as his story unfolds.

Gen 5 Advisory Heir Poll

So, I have a character-building event involving Forest that I wanted to post, but I thought that I’d post the poll and go forward. Forest’s nature isn’t THAT mysterious.

Now, at this point, I think that this poll gets more and and more advisory as time goes on. I think I’ve probably decided who the heir is going to be. I really love all three of the triplets, and I’m going to keep both spares around as long as possible.

Still, I’d like to see what you guys think and see if you can change my mind.

So…. Our options are:

“If you’re going to simplify life down to its most important points, you get the game of chess. Someone is always out to destroy you. Your choice is to either be a king or to be a pawn. I intend to be a king.”

Traits: Evil, Absent-Minded, Ambitious, Genius, Brave
Lifetime Wish: Emperor of Evil

“All living things have a way of communicating. If you’re quiet and pay attention, you can learn how to talk to them. One thing that’s really nice about animals is that they can communicate clearly. Humans often don’t even know that they’re saying different things with words than they are with their body language.”

Traits: Clumsy, Heavy Sleeper, Shy, Animal Lover, Brave
Lifetime Wish: Not chosen, but may be Adopt a Unicorn. Will not be anything involving adopting strays.

“Music is the window into people’s souls. It reaches into your heart and binds you to everyone who is listening or making music with you. Once you’ve felt that kind of connection, it’s hard to go back to just talking to people. I think I want to make music as much as I can for the rest of my life.”

Traits: Virtuoso, Slob, Lucky, Brave, Commitment Issues
Lifetime Wish: Not chosen, but will probably be either 5-Star Celebrity or Master Romancer. I think it will not be One Sim Band.

I’m going to keep this poll up for the full week, I think, since the decision doesn’t affect me for a little while. I’m going to leave the poll on the sidebar for now, but I’m experimenting with embedding it in the post itself. If you don’t have access to the sidebar, feel free to drop me a comment. 🙂

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Heir Hair!

So, this is the first generation transition where I have actually had READERS, or at least readers I was aware of. I have been DYING to put up an heir poll, but I think you’ve probably figured out that’s just foolishness. Charles is my ghost baby. I’m terribly attached to him, and while Ada is developing into an interesting character of her own, there’s just no way she can win out.

So. I have an even more important poll instead!

Charles started life as a proto-hippie and has aged into a full-grown hippie. He was born with Disciplined and Loves the Outdoors, became Brave as a child (legacy trait), and then Angler as a teen. For his final trait, which I let myself choose, I gave him Eco-Friendly just to round out the package. I figured that he’d probably grow his hair out as an adult to look the part a bit more, but that means giving up the hair style he’s had since he was a toddler (NewSea’s Battler, if your curious).

So, my faithful readers, how should our Generation 4 Patron, Charles Babbage Sample, WEAR HIS HAIR?

Shall he stay with his old standby, NewsSea’s Battler?

What about The Duuuuuude?

Jordan’s Strands?

Fliggs Fluff?

Or this style that came with one of the expansions, which we’ll call Backswept.

Don’t leave me to make this decision alone, readers. Vote!

BTW: I don’t know if you noticed his totally awesome John Lennon glasses, but I think they are, in fact, totally awesome. They say that if you were born before a certain date they are John Lennon glasses, and if you were born after that date, they are Harry Potter glasses. So this is just another way I am OLD, because Harry Potter totally wears John Lennon glasses.

This is, of course, also a test of Blogger’s polling widget, so it’s possible this will be totally screwed up. Just a warning.

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