Generation 7 HEIR POLL!

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Squee! Here they are!

Poll is in the sidebar.

Make sure you didn’t miss the extended spotlight on Gamora in the last post.

I would like to provide a thumbnail biography for each sim, but honestly I just don’t have it in me to be very descriptive. So here are their pictures, traits, and a one-line description of the corner of the game they’re likely to explore. I also included the Lifetime Wishes they will have IF they become heir.

I was really bothered that I didn’t know Victoria’s last trait, so I went ahead and rolled it early. She will be a Gatherer when she ages up. That cleared up what Island Paradise LTW she should get :).

I’ll do the best I can to give a story to the spares, but I’m going to have to clear out some household spaces in order to bring in the next generation.

Sims with glasses also have pictures without glasses so that you may better see the genetics.

Without further ado….


Artistic, Proper, Brooding, Frugal, Brave
Occult State(s): Imaginary Friend, Witch
Favorite Color: Gray (I swear he was born with it)
Lifetime Wish: Mystic Healer, Cure 12 Transformed Sims

Edmund is an agent of all things Supernatural. Expect to explore more magic. He also has a bit of a noir streak. What fictional character is a Brooding, Proper, Frugal, Brave witch? Harry Dresden!


Irresistible, Perfectionist, Sailor, Brave, Gatherer
Occult State(s): Imaginary Friend, Witch
Favorite Color: Pink
Lifetime Wish: Deep Sea Diver, Master the Diving Skill and Earn 40,000 Simoleons in Diving Collectibles

Victoria is going to be our window into all things Island Paradise! Beaches, houseboats, and vacations to tropical destinations courtesy of NRaas Traveler.


Hates the Outdoors, Athletic, Natural Cook, Natural Born Performer, Brave
Occult State(s): Imaginary Friend, Witch
Favorite Color: Red
Lifetime Wish: Master Acrobat, Reach Level 10 in the Acrobat Profession

In addition to being a Showtime Acrobact, Winston takes his Natural Cook side seriously. He may still open a restaurant.


Traits: Evil, Dislikes Children, Hot-Headed, Night Owl, Brave
Occult State(s): Plantsim
Favorite Color: Purple
Lifetime Wish: Made the Most of My Time, Experience both Alternate Timelines (Dystopia and Utopia) while also being honored with a Legacy Statue

Gamora will be our agent of mischief and our window to the Into the Future expansion.

15 thoughts on “Generation 7 HEIR POLL!

  1. I wasn't sure what Gamora's LTW was all about, because I didn't buy Into the Future yet, so I googled it. And I have to say, it sounds intriguing! Just like the other LTWs that are presented to us here. What I like most about your upcoming generation is that they all have something in them I haven't seen in gameplay so far. I haven't seen an acrobat, or a diver, or a time-traveler, or a healer. That's why I am having trouble deciding. We do have a few days to choose, right?

  2. I have no idea who I'd choose. I'm sad that I won't be able to play all of them for very long.

    You have a week. And I promise I won't end the poll early the way I did that one time with the Wonderlands πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh, I was so excited to see this post in my inbox!! This is a really hard choice. Edmund takes so much after both his dad (in looks, and properness), and his mom, with his strength in magic, but he is also such a unique and great character. Victoria is gorgeous, and getting to see Island Paradise and travel to tropical worlds is right up my alley. And then, Gamora is gorgeous on a mythic level, and it would be fun to see some of Into the Future. I really like Winston's character, but of all of them, I just don't have an interest in the acrobatic career. But I'll be happy with any of them! *goes to vote*

  4. I agree! It's a hard choice. I'll keep as many of them around to reach LTW, but it can't be all of them. I'm really struggling with who will have to move out early.

    Thanks so much for reading and participating. This is so much fun.

  5. Okay, Susan. Here I am as I promised πŸ˜‰
    Sooo… Yep. I have no idea who these gorgeous Sims are. However, if I am to vote for one of them, I need to adopt a simple selective rule – I checked the story summary and noticed the alteration of males and females, starting with your founder, Susie. So, that leaves me with Victoria and Gamora.

    Victoria – she's so adorable. I love heR skin tone! She has great genes so I can only imagine how cute her babies would be!

    Gamora – she's a plant Sim! I have never played with plant sims before! Anyway, her LTW appeals to me more that the one of Victoria (I've spent too much time playing Island Paradise), so that's already one plus. AND – look at her traits! She dislikes children! I think that seeing her bring up the next generation could be really interesting! Evil mother. LOL

    So, yeah. I think I'll go with Gamora. Her travels to the Utopian future could be really awesome! Let me think about the possibilities… UTOPIA+EVIL+DISLIKES CHILDREN. Hmm… she could bring her baby with her and come back home without it! πŸ˜€ Now I'm really looking forward to that! (Kidding, NO MOTHER wouldn't do such an EVIL thing, right?)

  6. Haha! That seems like perfect reasons to me. I like that you think Gamora's problematic traits would be fun. I think they would be fun. But woo — I thought Sawyer rolled difficult traits as a kid. Gamora is officially my most troublesome sim :).

    I haven't called attention to the female-male alternating trend for heirs because it's totally by accident. A lot of folks have specific requirements for heirs, like matriarchy or patriarchy, and I find it frustrating because I always want to vote for someone who isn't eligible. I like Edmund and Winston too much to rule them out of the running. But if a female won, it WOULD be pretty cool to continue that trend.

    (And heh — I didn't even notice your typo until you corrected it. I just read it the way you intended πŸ˜‰ )

  7. Argh. Too hard, Susan!

    In the end, I had to vote for Edmund and Gamora. I'd be happy with any of them really, but figured they needed the boost more (Victoria would have been my other top contender and she certainly doesn't need my help, lol!).

  8. Thanks for voting for the underdogs :).

    All my votes seem to have a surprise twist at the end, but this one does seem to have a clear front-runner.

    I guess I'll save more commentary for when the vote closes. πŸ˜‰

  9. I vote for Victoria, based on…. the colour of her hair. I have had very little time lately reading so I had to go on just intuition. But it looks like many others did the same πŸ™‚

  10. Had a look at your Family Tree and got some major spoilers now when I am reading through it all. But have to ask: Why are some names withou pictures? Is it done on purpose or just that you did not get a hold on a picture?

  11. Not all of Generation 6 has pictures. That's just laziness on my part in cropping a couple of headshots. Otherwise, the main bloodline should have pictures, but I usually don't put pictures up for the spares' kids.

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