And the Heir to Generation 7 Is…

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For the first 4 hours of the poll, Winston had the lead. After that, Victoria sailed past him (see what I did there) and held the lead for the whole rest of the poll.

In fact, there were like five votes in a row that were for both Vickie AND Winston, so the two of them kept advancing past Edmund and Gamora while staying the same three votes apart. In the last day or so, Vickie got some votes that were all her own and finished with a solid 5 vote lead.

Edmund: 4
Victoria: 13
Winston: 8
Gamora: 6
I got a humbling 22 votes. Thanks guys.

I usually give myself a vote, but I didn’t bother this time because it wouldn’t have mattered.

Sooo…. This came out quite different than I expected, which is funny because I didn’t know what to expect. Edmund got stomped, and I thought he’d be more of a contender. I thought maybe I’d decide who to move out first based on who came in last at the poll, but I can’t face kicking someone off the island like that. I’m going to see who presents me with something interesting that can be done in a small amount of game time.

Vickie has a few more days as a teen, and then we pass the torch! Wow!

Oh, and I have some Simantics stuff I held back in order to get to this poll, so I’ll do that.

AND I switch to playing the Wonderland ISBI while waiting to learn the heir. Oh. My. God. It’s so much fun. They’re close to heir-decision over there too, so I’m going to play to the poll and then come back here :).

9 thoughts on “And the Heir to Generation 7 Is…

  1. Sailed, ha. Victoria will be a splendid heir… even if I do have a soft spot for Edmund. I haven't played any of the ocean-related aspirations, traits, interactions, or locations so that is going to be really interesting. Plus, she's just amazing anyway!

  2. Huh. Congratulations to Victoria, I'm looking forward to her generation 🙂 Although I chose different sims in the end, I'm sure she will do amazing. Let Gen 7 begin!

  3. Sara here! As usual, I'm having the hardest time commenting, so you may have a ton of responses from me…or none at all! Anyway, I'm experimenting to see what works best; sorry for any repeats you might get.

    I can live with these results. It was seriously SO DANG HARD! I was so interested to see what Gamora would do, plus she's Sawyer's, but for some reason…also, you've never had an evil heir, so I nearly went with her. Victoria is soooo pretty, and I'm looking forward to mermaids (I think? I'm hoping that's not too far fetched of an assumption!), but in the end, I voted for Winston bc I just liked him the best. I'm glad Victoria won, though.

    Aughh, now I have to catch up on the Wonderlands!!!

  4. I'm so glad you found something that worked! I am happy with any number of repeats. What exactly is your WordPress ID doing? It makes me cranky that this is not working seamlessly.

    I'm seriously going to weep when I have to send one of these guys out of the household prematurely. I'll definitely take at least one of them to their LTW. Since Gamora's is travel-heavy, and I think she can start as a teen. I ought to be able to do hers. Winston will get to at least some of the Acrobatic career because I want to see how that goes. And there is no reason to move anyone out until Vickie is actually an adult, so Edmund has a bit of time…. Argh.

  5. I did some scuba in a different game, but there's still plenty of Island Paradise I haven't touched — houseboats, the lifeguard career, the Kracken, mermaids. Exciting stuff!

    Actually, I can wait a little tiny bit. I'm close to playing to heir poll in the Wonderlands ISBI. I don't know how long I'll keep this obsessive play-and-post streak going, but I'm milking it for all its worth.

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  7. Congratulations to the lovely young lady! Victoria is really gorgeous Sim, I’m happy she won 🙂

    I’m also very glad to hear that you’re going to keep Gamora around. I believe I voted for her without really knowing who she was, and now that I finally know her I’m happy it is Vicky to continue the legacy. Let the 7th generation begin!

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