Child and Toddler Hair

Child and Toddler Hair Conversions

Updated 12/28/2015

I don’t know if this is the right place for this, but after six years of playing this game, I’ve gotten pretty frustrated by the hair options for children and ESPECIALLY toddlers. Toddlers don’t get a lot of love from EA. I think, including the store, there are 7 or 8 total toddler hairs. The child hair collection doesn’t seem so bad, they’ve still gotten awfully repetitive.

Now, I like EA’s art style, and the low poly count is good for performance. The stuff I want in my game is either EA age conversions with their original textures or, at the very least, textured to fit in. There are so MANY different custom hair textures out there. I’ve tried out a lot of them, and as time goes on, having stuff of wildly different art styles  has started really bugging me.

The funny thing about toddler hair is that there’s a ton of it out there. Newsea, for example, provides toddler versions of most of her hair. I appreciate that a lot. But her style leans heavily toward very styled celebrity hair, and most of it looks pretty insane on toddlers. Also, she uses an adjust shine texture, which is essentially the opposite of EA’s textures. Finding CC hair that you could actually believe a toddler would wear using a texture that matches the rest of the game? I’ve found that to be pretty difficult.

Here’s the product of a few years of messing around on the internet. I’ve loaded all these into my game and tested them to verify that they work.

This page is a work in progress. Presentation leaves a lot to be desired. But I’m including pictures of all the hairs, so you know what you’re linking to, so there is that.

Without further ado, child and toddler EA conversion hairs, with a few CC hairs that are pretty EA-like:

EA Conversions

Box braids for all:


University Life Beanie for all

Perfect pigtails toddler:

A Little Layered


Close Curls



CC that Fits the Theme

These aren’t conversions, but they’re fun hairs that blend in just fine.