This is basically Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge with the legacy trait of Brave.

With every generation, this blog gets more and more detailed. I guess that means I’m having more fun over time, but it’s hard to believe I’ll ever make it to 10 generations. I’ll just keep plugging along…


Character actions are heavily wish-driven, augmented by behavior that I think matches the character’s traits. I generally backpatch a plot onto the events of the game rather than planning one out ahead of time, and I try to report events fairly close to the way they happened in the game.

I also don’t use poses. Everything you see is a game animation, and all actions you see actually happened. I try to remember to turn off thought bubbles for important scenes, but if I forget, I run with it. This means you’ll see a lot more polished screenshots in other blogs.

Rule Tweaks

I couldn’t really leave the rules alone. It’s my game, and I’ll have fun the way I want to!

First of all, and most obviously, the family moves around to custom content houses that I have downloaded rather than staying on an enormous lot for the entire ten generations and forcing me to design their house. There are a lot of truly lovely custom houses, and playing with other people’s beautiful creations is part of why I love this game. You could call me a CC leech, but then, if you went to the trouble to create this great stuff, you want someone to use it, right? Thought so.

Secondly, and more subtly, It didn’t take me long to get annoyed with randomly rolling all traits. Randomly rolling SOME traits creates characters I would never think to construct myself, and I love that. But randomly rolling ALL traits (or even all four traits that are not Brave) still creates pretty haphazard stuff. I like seeing characters build into something cohesive by the end. So, the Sample Legacy trait rules are:

1. The first three non-Brave traits must be rolled if they are not selected by the game.
2. I’m not required to accept a trait I have already played.
3. I may choose whatever fifth trait I like to match how the character feels to me when he/she becomes an adult.

So, I thought to myself, “But I didn’t do this with Lancelot!” I didn’t even decide to turn this game into a legacy until Lance was a teen. But then I thought through Lance’s traits:
– Athletic and Good were both chosen by the game at birth. I guess Susie’s mood was good enough to get nice traits, but not so wonderful that they game let me pick them. Good was inherited from his father.
– Vegetarian was picked by the game because I couldn’t figure out how to potty train him *blush*.
– Brave was the Legacy trait.
– Adventurous was picked by me because I’d just bought World Adventures.

That actually matches these rules, mostly because I screwed up choosing most of Lance’s traits. Ha!


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  1. Hi. πŸ™‚ I have just started seriously playing the challenge, the same as you, but with different tweaks. I see your dedication and it is kind of amazing how it became just a little thing that became part of your life.
    P.S. My blog is still under construction, at the moment.

    • Hello! Thank you so much for coming over to read! I’ve loaded up your your blog but I haven’t had a chance to read much. I really like that you’re telling a story. I love Sims blogs that that use the game to tell a story.

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