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2.29 Susie’s Still Around

Zahra always wanted to get to spend time with the ghost of the grandmother she never knew in life. Connor and Jared’s ghosts come out to play a lot. Jared either plays table hockey all night or else steals a few winks in someone else’s bed, causing either a shock when the living Sample wakes up or trouble when he goes to bed. Connor, on the other hand, almost always settles in the study sofa with a good book. But the patroness of the Sample line almost never comes out to play.

On the rare times she does, Zahra rushes out to talk to her.

But the conversations seldom last long.

Susie seems to have more to talk about with Zahra’s little brother who doesn’t much care whether he talks to a ghost or not.

The truth is that that Susie and Zahra have very little in common. Susie was a rock star, a socialite, and a party girl. Zahra is socially awkward and more interested in science and logic than people.

Zahra has idolized her grandmother from all the stories she heard growing up, but sometimes the stories are the best part.

2.11 Life, Death, and Life After Death

Presented here in reverse order.

Susie had an invitation to bring the remains of the recently deceased to the science center for some “testing.” After Cycl0n3’s untimely death at the party the night before, she decided to take the urn of his ashes, instead of Jared’s, to the center to see what mysteries could be answered.

(OK, really, I thought Cycl0n3 would be more fun.)

After a couple of hours, nothing in particular happened, and she left, disappointed.

Missing what DID actually happen. At least Cycl0n3 was grateful.

After being given a new lease on the afterlife, Cycl0n3 decided to go celebrate by a trip to the spa for a pedicure.

He didn’t return to the Sample house until the afternoon. Where he settled down for some good haunting fun.

Susie, without knowing what she’d unleashed, came home and played with some toddler toys on the floor of her bedroom. Let your inner child roam, Susie.

Then she took a nap, only to be awakened abruptly.

Wow, can’t we get a break? Susie was 94 days old, so she can’t claim she didn’t have a good run. But she was two days younger than Jared, and that just doesn’t seem fair.

The whole family assembled to see her off, including Cycl0n3, who grieved just as much as everyone else. I hope that doesn’t say bad things for the afterlife.

Susie, however, wasn’t particularly worried. She seemed to be ready to continue her nap on the other side.

She was buried beside Jared on what is now becoming the little family graveyard.

Goodbye, Susie, I will really miss you.

The younger Samples didn’t have much time to greive. Six hours later, Layla’s water broke. Not fair that Susie missed meeting her grandchild.

A panicked Lancelot chauffeured her off to the hospital.

Connor, suddenly left all alone, autonomously crawled into his brother’s bed to sleep.

Connor, you’re breaking my heart.

The evening finished out with joy and sorrow. Zahra Sample was born at 3am at the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital. Mother and baby are doing fine.

2.10 Celebrations and Surprises

Lancelot had his heart set on taking Layla to China for a honeymoon. But shortly after moving in, she became terribly homesick and convinced him to go back to Egypt so she could introduce him to her sisters.

(In the form of a pair of wishes to visit Egypt and visit with her sister, for a whopping total of 1800 happiness points.)

That turned out to be a surprise in itself.

“You meant that bitch, er, woman is your sister? Meena…. Right, Meena Lufti.”

After visiting for a while, Layla let Lance off to adventure while she got personal time with family.

She played tag with one sister (whose name I need to look up again),

Danced with the other,

And slept in her old bed for perhaps the last time.

Meanwhile, Lance went on a quest for flame fruit. Which turned out to be more than he expected.

A fight with a mummy! Good thing he has a whole red belt in Sim Fu.

(No, he did not pee himself. I have no idea where that water came from.)

And more fire than expected too.

Good thing there was a pool of scummy water to extinguish himself in. Yum.

Layla joined him when he’d scouted the place out and did the actual fruit harvesting herself, being that she’s the aspiring master gardener.

And they enjoyed the fruits of their labors.

Get a look at Lance’s face. Evil Sim is evil.

When they returned home, Susie realized it had been ages since she threw a party. And here she was with new retirement and new daughter-in-law to celebrate.

Kill ’em, Susie. Some things you don’t grow out of.

It was, I think, her best party ever. (It was certainly the most fun for me to play. No Sim traffic jams, and everyone fell into logical forms of having fun.)

And of course, on the guest list was Connor’s best friend and Susie’s ex, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.

Who had the most surprising day of all.

Looks like he had no regrets, though.

The Grim Reaper wasn’t too thrilled to be back in this house too soon. He didn’t think much Susie and her hostessing.

(Julian Ursine has this thought bubble too. Could it be from a Can’t Stand Art trait?)

Nevertheless, he grooved for a bit, ate the last plate of fish and chips,

and had a nice chat before heading out.

Connor took this pretty hard, but Susie was there for him.

And, spontaneously, so was Julian Ursine.

One final surprise.

Somebody has morning sickness.

Ah, the things we do for love.

2.9 Wherein Death Comes Sooner than Expected

The Samples, with the new addition, sat down to a family meal, not realizing that this was the last meal they would have together with this roster.

At the ripe old (and undeserving age) of 96 days, it’s time for Jared to go.

And the Grim Reaper’s time to come for his due.

Farewell, Jared. You were an amazing pain in the ass. You couldn’t even pick a helpful time to bite it.

You pretty much deserve whatever the afterlife has to offer you.

Though, for some reason, your family will miss you, especially now that they won’t have to deal with you.

I can totally understand why this would be hard on Connor. Despite Jared’s assholitude to everyone else, he and Connor were always close.

And even Susie. After a while, you even get used to sources of deep irritation.

But didn’t Lance hate this guy?

And Layla, did you even exchange two sentences with him?

Really, though, I’ll probably miss him the most. The random conflict and rudeness made the whole family a whole lot more fun. He leaves a hole that will probably be filled with more saccharine and sweetness.

Or maybe he’ll come back as a ghost.

2.8 Till Death Do We Part

There was only one thing on everyone’s mind’s.

Tomorrow was the big day. Lance and Layla tried to calm their jitters with gardening and martial arts books, respectively.

Before going to sleep, Lance achieved his red belt in Sim Fu.

I’m sure that chair is terrified.

The next morning, Susie made breakfast for everyone.

Jared, of all people, desperately wanted to plan this event, so the family let him with some trepidation. (Huh? Jared suddenly has a wish to throw a formal wedding party?)

They piled into the car to head to the church.

Except, well, the father of the groom, who had an attack of brain fart.

Should have seen that coming. I’d way it was old age, but this is a man who was late to his OWN wedding.

The bride couldn’t hold in her enthusiasm.

The guests piled in.

Including a whole bunch of people who weren’t even invited. Some of them the Samples had never seen before. Think you’re going to get a free piece of cake, huh?

And since when does Jared moon over love?

And bringing up the rear is Connor, who finally remembered that something important was going on today.

Of course, the only vehicle left was Lance’s bike. How fast can he pedal? Will he make it?

Just in time. Whew.

With this ring…

I thee wed…

And all my worldly possessions I thee endow.

You may kiss the bride.

By the authority invested in us by the Grim Reaper, till death do us part.

The air is filled with the sobs and sniffles of the guests.

Though some let their minds wander.

And, well, it was a risk to invite Malika, but the offensive stink came from another direction this time.

Fortunately, she really cranked up the BO after all the important stuff was over. But it did lead to a mass exodus after the vows.

Congratulations from the father of the groom.

Lance: Are we good now?


But maybe we should just stay apart.

I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Lancelot and Layla Sample.

This is cause for celebration! Everyone dance!

Now for the best part.

(I had a dollhouse extravaganza with this. The church and Layla’s wedding gown are downloads from Mod the Sims and The Sims Resource. I’ve always been baffled as to why there’s no church or really any good wedding venue that comes with the game, and the idea of a Grim Reaper church was just awesome. I also got Layla’s veil from The Sims Resource, and it seems to be the only one in existence, which shocks me. Though it was rendered stiffly, and the game couldn’t handle collision detection for it, so I can see how it might be a pain.)

2.7 Career Moves

Time and arthritis were starting to give Connor real trouble.

But he couldn’t let that keep him from his life’s passion.

(Some aftermath of installing awesomemod led something in Connor’s data to get screwed up. He walked around for about a day and a half with his arms twisted in an impossible position. I really should have made a video, b/c still shots just don’t give a feel for how weird it was.)

In fact, he pounded the keys so hard that he broke the computer, JUST as he hit enter to send the new manuscript to his publisher. The book was a raging success, so the computer had not died in vain.

Way to lift a finger, Lancelot.

Jared had always slacked off at his job, but after talking with Rachel, something new started burning in his brain. He might not be a real father, but maybe he’d be a top chef.

Layla’s new job wasn’t her best fashion statement

But she was promoted on her first full day.

Meanwhile, Susie had an autograph session at the stadium that was a total bomb. Only two people showed, one of whom was her old friend Aimee, Malika Williams’ mother. And Aimee didn’t even want an autograph. She just wanted to catch up.

Had Susie’s career peaked? She had to admit that the strain of putting on big concerts was less fun than it used to be. Her fanbase was growing older. It was starting to feel like she was just putting in her time.

After a lot of thought, she took the big step.

She called the theater and retired from her band.

And returned to what had made her love performing in the first place.

Make ’em dance, Susie.

2.0 Passing the Torch to Lancelot

Connor helped Lance finish the last homework he would ever hand in. Isn’t that a great feeling?

Because it was time for his birthday too.

I give you Lancelot, now adult, on his day inheriting the Sample empire.

Um, wow, Lance. Let’s get you to the wardrobe before you’re arrested by the fashion police. And maybe a bit of time lifting weights too.

1.15 Still Crazy

Susie and Connor have been a really cute relationship to watch. They are just crazy about each other, and a good 1/3 to 1/2 of their wishes always involve each other. Sometimes, it’s just to talk. Or play a together.

Sometimes it’s a bit more.

But mostly, it’s Woohoo. Connor is a quiet little horndog. Once he and Susie have done the nasty, he immediately generates a wish to do it again. Sometimes during the afterglow of the time before.

Ah, Sim love. It warms the heart.

1.14 Time Stops for No Man Either

Connor actually completed his lifetime wish of $4000 in book royalties before Susie did. He was a couple of days younger than she, but his birthday popped up as soon as Lance returned from France.

He was too shy to throw a party himself, but Susie threw it for him.

Connor immediately retired from his journalism career, where he’d reached Level 8. He’d only kept it this long so that he didn’t lose his vested pension.

(It took me a couple of Sim days to figure out why Connor looked weird. In the magic of Sims aging, his beard was shaved off. I gave it back to him, and he looked much better.)

Though he continued to church out best-selling mysteries (now the Simlish series of supernatural mysteries: Simmetry, Simplicity, Simmer…), he turned his fresh time to gardening, something he’d always enjoyed but never had time for.

And fishing.

Susie did not retire. She kept on performing in concerts several times a week, plus autograph sessions for her dedicated fans.

Some of them showing their age as well.

1.12 Time Stops for No Woman

Susie threw a housewarming party in her new digs.

Here she accomplished what she couldn’t do before: charm enough people to max out here Charisma skill. She completed her life’s ambition!

Celebrating all around.

Or harrassment in Jared’s case.

(Love the wicked look on his face as he scares Susie.)

The victory came none too soon. Susie’s birthday was upon her. She threw a nice party in the back yard. (The back yard is a much better place for parties. It helps with the inevitable Sim party traffic jams.)

And aged into an elder.

Was Connor bothered by Susie being older than he was? Absolutely not.

We’ll close the curtains on the festivities here.