2.29 Susie’s Still Around

Zahra always wanted to get to spend time with the ghost of the grandmother she never knew in life. Connor and Jared’s ghosts come out to play a lot. Jared either plays table hockey all night or else steals a few winks in someone else’s bed, causing either a shock when the living Sample wakes up or trouble when he goes to bed. Connor, on the other hand, almost always settles in the study sofa with a good book. But the patroness of the Sample line almost never comes out to play.

On the rare times she does, Zahra rushes out to talk to her.

But the conversations seldom last long.

Susie seems to have more to talk about with Zahra’s little brother who doesn’t much care whether he talks to a ghost or not.

The truth is that that Susie and Zahra have very little in common. Susie was a rock star, a socialite, and a party girl. Zahra is socially awkward and more interested in science and logic than people.

Zahra has idolized her grandmother from all the stories she heard growing up, but sometimes the stories are the best part.

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