2.30 Haven’t Lost It Yet

It’s Lancelot’s big day. He’s going to qualify for senior citizen discounts, and people will offer him their seat on the bus. If he ever took the bus.

Not to be outdone by his mom, Lance throws himself a party in the park.

That wasn’t so bad, really, especially after he got home and restored his beard. (Why is it that the Sims age-up routine will keep your old hairstyle if it applies to your new age range, but it always drops the beard? Argh.)

People came from all over town to wish him well.

He was certainly the man of the hour, except for poor Fabian Branch, who only had eyes for one person.

So what did this mean for a guy who prided himself on his physical prowess?

Lancelot felt his time running out. He had personal goals to reach, and while his joints weren’t creaking much YET, he knew he wasn’t going to have those firm abs forever.

He bade temporary farewell to his family and jumped a plane to China.

Though, this time he traveled in more style, since he managed to bring his car along with him in his luggage

At last, he was able to locate the fabled magic axe.

He meditated.

With some surprising results.

He put out an invitation to all challengers in all places at all times. That led him to find himself in combat in the strangest of places.

(This is the men’s public toilet at Lance’s hotel, splashing about in the water leaked from a broken faucet, while some poor guy is doing the pee-pee dance.)

And man, he hadn’t lost it. He could kick the snot out of people half his age.

Before he left, he had his mastery of Sim-Fu. His greatest life goal was complete.

When he finally returned home, he and his beautiful wife had only one thing on their minds.


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  1. Wow! The Pangu's axe! I remember getting it only once – long time ago, when the WA expansion came out 🙂 I'm happy Lance fulfilled his LTW. He's got the physique of a young man! Jumping that high and defeating everyone at his age is quite incredible 😉

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