2.31 Chess God

Cycl0n3 was hard at work on his own (un)life’s ambition.

Game by game, he had fought his way to the top of the town’s chess club, and now he was ready for the final battle.

His opponent, whose name I have forgotten, turned out to be a creepy prick. First he helped himself to the Sample family bar without asking.

Then he stomped poor Cycl0n3 at their chess match.

Afterward, he said goodbye. Cycl0n3, never the most observant guy, went off to bed. Instead of leaving, however, this guy sneaked down into the twin’s bedroom.

He played with their toys on the floor beside Shanni’s sleeping form, and he stayed there until Adjo got up in the wee hours of the morning and kicked him out.

When Adjo told Cycl0n3, Cycl0n3 was mortified. He’d put the kids in danger. And, honestly, who would expect dedicated chess players to be creepy stalkers? Oh, wait, that’s happened a few times before.

Cycl0n3 wasted no time inviting this guy back for a rematch, this time in the middle of the day rather than the evening. This time, Cycl0n3 was victorious, and with that victory he took the Chess Legend title for the whole town.

While Cycl0n3 was celebrating, the creepy pedo made his way back down to the twins’ room, though they mercifully were at school this time. Cycl0n3 found him down there and ripped him a new one.

That was enough. No more chess opponents would be welcome in this house.

(Cycl0n3 really did rip this guy a new one spontaneously. It was pretty cool.)

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