2.28 The Land of Their Ancestors

The new place was looking pretty nice, and there was plenty of space for everyone.

Lance took advantage of the amazing view to inspire his art.

Cycl0n3 made another pass at a chess opponent, this time at Margarita Landgraab, a woman he’d known while he was alive.

Poor Cycl0n3.

The family ghosts made themselves at home.

(Ghost Connor is missing his beard, damnit.)

Now that Shanni and Adjo were older, Layla started to feel homesick. She wanted her children to see their homeland and meet their aunts. Lance, always eager for another vacation, packed with her for a trip to Egypt.

Their first destination was the Lufti sisters’ house.

Layla’s sister Meena was home. She and Shanni and Adjo bonded pretty quickly.

Aisha was manning her shop as always.

She and Zahra seemed to get along well.

Meanwhile, Lancelot the eternal adventurer found an, um, secret stair in the master bedroom…

…that led to a master spy center?

What? Was Layla some kind of a spy?

A few minutes reading in the empty control center reassured Lance that they didn’t have much interesting information to show for all the flash and dash.

0 thoughts on “2.28 The Land of Their Ancestors

  1. I forgot that was in the Lufti's house!

    I'm really glad that Layla keeps getting to go back and see her family. 🙂 I'm a terrible simmer- once they've moved in they almost never see their families again. lol.

  2. It is so awesome that Shanni and Adjo got to meet their relatives and see Egypt!! I am glad they were still there, does Story Progression (either EA or Nraas) affect the vacation destinations?

  3. Heh. I totally meant to do something with the Layla's family spy thing and forgot.

    You can turn on NRaas StoryProgression in vacation worlds, but it will only run while you're playing there. When you arrive someplace a second time, EA runs a routine that fast-progresses the town for the amount of time you were gone.

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