1.14 Time Stops for No Man Either

Connor actually completed his lifetime wish of $4000 in book royalties before Susie did. He was a couple of days younger than she, but his birthday popped up as soon as Lance returned from France.

He was too shy to throw a party himself, but Susie threw it for him.

Connor immediately retired from his journalism career, where he’d reached Level 8. He’d only kept it this long so that he didn’t lose his vested pension.

(It took me a couple of Sim days to figure out why Connor looked weird. In the magic of Sims aging, his beard was shaved off. I gave it back to him, and he looked much better.)

Though he continued to church out best-selling mysteries (now the Simlish series of supernatural mysteries: Simmetry, Simplicity, Simmer…), he turned his fresh time to gardening, something he’d always enjoyed but never had time for.

And fishing.

Susie did not retire. She kept on performing in concerts several times a week, plus autograph sessions for her dedicated fans.

Some of them showing their age as well.

5 thoughts on “1.14 Time Stops for No Man Either

  1. I don't know why, but it always made me sad seeing my Sims turn into elders. Although, they still have time to do many things before they die (things they never had time for before as you say), but to me it seems like they would be almost gone… with one foot in their grave 🙁 Probably it's the way they move…

  2. Yeah, I know when they become Elders that their days are numbered, and the story is going to move away from them.

    Then again, I don't hold with this crap about how all the exciting stuff happens to young folks. I still play my Elders.

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