1.13 Indiana Jones Lives

Lance has been working out, and you can tell.


His high school gave him a surprise project: interview someone from France. In France. Seriously? Well, hey, why not? Two celebrity parents left him with a bit of disposable cash. So he booked a three-day trip to Champs les Sims.

The food was pretty damn good, even for a Vegetarian.

(Lance can pick up the contents of an entire cheese plate and eat it like a sandwich. My physics-stomping boy.)

Someone here has great taste in cargo shorts.

Then someone hired him on a mission to find her missing lucky baseball. Yes, that’s baseball. And he was launched into the secret world of underground catacombs.

Lance excavated.

He hauled around ancient statues to open secret passageways.

He found ancient artifacts hidden in strange places.

He mourned the hundred-years-dead.

He found the baseball and returned it to the weird lady who lost it. In addition to her gratitude and her endorsement for him to get a longer visa for visiting France, he had a pile of antiquities to sell. To museums, right? These things should go to museums. More than that, he’d found his calling in life — to loot ancient tombs for priceless antiquities that he could sell for a ton of cash.

Lancelot, only heir of a rock star and a celebrity author, had a bit of a trust fund set up. He could afford the travel, and he didn’t need to get a day job. Eventually these trips would start paying for themselves. Who wouldn’t want to be Indiana Jones?

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  1. Ooooh! Lance is really turning into a hottie *swoons*. 🙂

    I can't wait to read about his travels. 🙂 Which is good… cos I don't have to.

  2. Lance on the weight machine is pretty hot, eh? Sadly, Sim genetics are Lamarkian, and the fact that he worked out so much seems to have made his children thin. I like having some overweight sims in my genetic line, but most of them are skinny.

    I *love* World Adventures! So many players don't like it.

  3. Sure! I'd love to have the link! Thank you so much for coming over to read.

    I warn you, this legacy has been going a long time, and there's a *lot* of it. You're welcome to skip to the end. I have an heir poll coming up very soon!

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