1.15 Still Crazy

Susie and Connor have been a really cute relationship to watch. They are just crazy about each other, and a good 1/3 to 1/2 of their wishes always involve each other. Sometimes, it’s just to talk. Or play a together.

Sometimes it’s a bit more.

But mostly, it’s Woohoo. Connor is a quiet little horndog. Once he and Susie have done the nasty, he immediately generates a wish to do it again. Sometimes during the afterglow of the time before.

Ah, Sim love. It warms the heart.

0 thoughts on “1.15 Still Crazy

  1. I love sims that roll wishes for each other all the time! And I've had several sims like Connor! Is there a particular trait you think makes him that way (rolling woohoo wishes so much) or is it just the high relationship?

  2. Susie and Connor were happy together their whole lives. It was fun to watch. I'm glad EVERY sim relationship I've played hasn't been that blissful, but I'm glad my founder was happy.

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