2.10 Celebrations and Surprises

Lancelot had his heart set on taking Layla to China for a honeymoon. But shortly after moving in, she became terribly homesick and convinced him to go back to Egypt so she could introduce him to her sisters.

(In the form of a pair of wishes to visit Egypt and visit with her sister, for a whopping total of 1800 happiness points.)

That turned out to be a surprise in itself.

“You meant that bitch, er, woman is your sister? Meena…. Right, Meena Lufti.”

After visiting for a while, Layla let Lance off to adventure while she got personal time with family.

She played tag with one sister (whose name I need to look up again),

Danced with the other,

And slept in her old bed for perhaps the last time.

Meanwhile, Lance went on a quest for flame fruit. Which turned out to be more than he expected.

A fight with a mummy! Good thing he has a whole red belt in Sim Fu.

(No, he did not pee himself. I have no idea where that water came from.)

And more fire than expected too.

Good thing there was a pool of scummy water to extinguish himself in. Yum.

Layla joined him when he’d scouted the place out and did the actual fruit harvesting herself, being that she’s the aspiring master gardener.

And they enjoyed the fruits of their labors.

Get a look at Lance’s face. Evil Sim is evil.

When they returned home, Susie realized it had been ages since she threw a party. And here she was with new retirement and new daughter-in-law to celebrate.

Kill ’em, Susie. Some things you don’t grow out of.

It was, I think, her best party ever. (It was certainly the most fun for me to play. No Sim traffic jams, and everyone fell into logical forms of having fun.)

And of course, on the guest list was Connor’s best friend and Susie’s ex, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.

Who had the most surprising day of all.

Looks like he had no regrets, though.

The Grim Reaper wasn’t too thrilled to be back in this house too soon. He didn’t think much Susie and her hostessing.

(Julian Ursine has this thought bubble too. Could it be from a Can’t Stand Art trait?)

Nevertheless, he grooved for a bit, ate the last plate of fish and chips,

and had a nice chat before heading out.

Connor took this pretty hard, but Susie was there for him.

And, spontaneously, so was Julian Ursine.

One final surprise.

Somebody has morning sickness.

Ah, the things we do for love.

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