2.11 Life, Death, and Life After Death

Presented here in reverse order.

Susie had an invitation to bring the remains of the recently deceased to the science center for some “testing.” After Cycl0n3’s untimely death at the party the night before, she decided to take the urn of his ashes, instead of Jared’s, to the center to see what mysteries could be answered.

(OK, really, I thought Cycl0n3 would be more fun.)

After a couple of hours, nothing in particular happened, and she left, disappointed.

Missing what DID actually happen. At least Cycl0n3 was grateful.

After being given a new lease on the afterlife, Cycl0n3 decided to go celebrate by a trip to the spa for a pedicure.

He didn’t return to the Sample house until the afternoon. Where he settled down for some good haunting fun.

Susie, without knowing what she’d unleashed, came home and played with some toddler toys on the floor of her bedroom. Let your inner child roam, Susie.

Then she took a nap, only to be awakened abruptly.

Wow, can’t we get a break? Susie was 94 days old, so she can’t claim she didn’t have a good run. But she was two days younger than Jared, and that just doesn’t seem fair.

The whole family assembled to see her off, including Cycl0n3, who grieved just as much as everyone else. I hope that doesn’t say bad things for the afterlife.

Susie, however, wasn’t particularly worried. She seemed to be ready to continue her nap on the other side.

She was buried beside Jared on what is now becoming the little family graveyard.

Goodbye, Susie, I will really miss you.

The younger Samples didn’t have much time to greive. Six hours later, Layla’s water broke. Not fair that Susie missed meeting her grandchild.

A panicked Lancelot chauffeured her off to the hospital.

Connor, suddenly left all alone, autonomously crawled into his brother’s bed to sleep.

Connor, you’re breaking my heart.

The evening finished out with joy and sorrow. Zahra Sample was born at 3am at the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital. Mother and baby are doing fine.

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