2.12 End of the Era

Connor woke up the next morning and doted his on his granddaughter while his exhausted son and wife slept.

And his timing was good.

Less than 18 hours after his beloved Susie bought it, Connor headed off as well.

Cycl0n3 was a bit enthusiastic to see his best friend off.

Yes, Grim Reaper, the baby is crying.

Do you know WHY the baby is crying? Because death sequence takes about two Sim hours, during which time NOBODY CAN CHANGE THE POOR KID’S DIAPER.

Connor had no hard feelings. He got to meet Zahra, and that was a lot to be grateful for.

Afterward, the Reaper stuck around to chat with Lancelot, which he wasn’t sure how to take.

Uncle Jared’s death lit a fire under Lancelot’s butt. He wanted to paint the portraits of both of his parents. Connor had just posed for his portrait before he died.

So Susie and Connor hang together in a new attic gallery.

Sleep well, Connor and Susie.

0 thoughts on “2.12 End of the Era

  1. Again, you really got me. The scene with the poor baby crying while the Grim Reaper – absolutely amazing how you described. Almost choked on my cup of tea. Pleeease, keep that style of writing, it is awesome!!

  2. Poor Zahra is going to grow up w/o grandparents. 🙁

    I'm really enjoying this! Though I have a feeling that when I eventually catch up to the most recent post, I'll be a little sad that there isn't more. Oh well!

  3. Susan, you really capture all the joys and surprises, irritations and hilarity of playing sims.

    I'm glad Connor got to hold Zahra and that Lance got to paint portraits of his parents before they died.

  4. Thanks! I was so bummed that Susie didn't get to see her granddaughter. Connor was the more sensitive of the pair, though, and at least he got to see Zahra.

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