Generation 1 Legacy Accounting

So, I backpatched my story into the Sims 3 Legacy Challege just b/c that made it more fun. I’m probably going to be rejected by any purists b/c I don’t want to keep 10 generations on one lot and build a big house. I want to use precreated houses (by people with far more aesthetic skill than I have) and move my Sims family around as it gains power. I still plan to score family net worth when I get to the end. And, honestly, with the inherent money loss that goes with selling a place and buying a new one, it seems like though I didn’t spend my first generation camping on a huge lot, I’ll be taking a bit of a hit to net worth over time.

At any rate, now that Generation 1 is dead, I can account points for their lives.

Generation: 1, a point for the first generation

Lifetime wants: 2, both members of the bloodline (Susie and Connor) fulfilled their lifetime wants

Portraits: 2, Lance painted portraits of both of his parents, getting them in just under the wire

Legacy House/Net worth: 1, net worth is over $100k at the time of Connor’s death

Aspiration Rewards: 2, both Connor and Susie reached 100k lifetime happiness points. Neither reached 200k. Geeze, I can’t imagine how I’d get them to do that.

Total for generation 1: 8 points

One more bit going forward. I decided that I wanted a family trait, but Lance didn’t actually share any traits with his mother. I really wanted the trait to be Brave, which neither of his parents had (Lance did inherit Good from his father, and aside from the fact that he’s not the Sample founder, I so do not want that to be the family trait).

BUT, remember that I only gave Susie four traits because I thought she could fill in the blanks as an adult based on her experiences? Well… serendipity! With a bit of Midlife Crisis, I gave her the Brave trait for her final trait after she retired. It didn’t disrupt anything she’d been playing with all her life, and thus I declare that it is not Against the Rules. Thus, the whole bloodline is backpatched into a Legacy.

7 thoughts on “Generation 1 Legacy Accounting

  1. Lol, I guess that's proof that I did actually read this one… Anyways, it seems like 8 points is actually quite a bit for the first generation, I mean less LTW and portraits that you can do and all that.
    Do you have a point goal for each gen?

  2. Hee!

    I don't have a point goal, but so far I've been able to get everyone to their LTW. I knew I needed to get Adjo out of the house fast to make room for the next generation, so I gave him one of the easiest LTWs (plus it fit his personality, which was lovely). I have things like Lap of Luxury, which would be instantly achieved, in my back pocket for future generations. Charles is also hoarding perfect fish in a bin in their back yard that can be put into an aquarium for some future spare.

    I try to give heirs harder LTWs like getting to the top of a career and give spares the master-two-skill LTWs, especially skills they can start as children.

    That sounds like I have a system, but of I only did it that way for Ada so far. None of the Gen 5 Samples have their LTWs selected. I have plans, but I'm willing to rearrange them depending on who ends up heir.

  3. Haha! No fair! I am JUST posting a nomination for you! I just needed to get the image together :).

    I'm going to leave your nomination up anyway. It's always good to refer people to good Sims blogs.

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