2.13 Best Birthday Party Ever

Poor Lancelot and Layla spent more than a Sim week in solid mourning, poor guys. And without the expected help from the grandparents, raising a baby was quite a bit of work.

Thought they did have a lot of… unexpected help.

Sometimes, a bit too enthusiastic help.

(This is Cycl0n3 trying to change Zahra’s diaper after Lance already did it.)

It looked like Lance and Zahra were going to share a birthday, so they threw a joint birthday party with their newly-discovered cousin Rachel Ursine, Lance’s best friend Julian Ursine (now a cop), Malika Williams, and a coworker of Layla’s.

Not if you know what’s good for you, Lance dear.

Layla brought the baby out to blow out her candles and age up.

At which point, all hell broke loose.

Yes, the burning candle on the cake SET THE CAKE ON FIRE, and proceeded to set the counter and washing machine on fire too. Meanwhile, the Sims did what they always do in the presence of fire — freak out and run into the flames.

Fortunately, our local white knight was there to save the day.

In the resulting confusion, Layla put the baby in a safe place

and then peed herself.

For all of that, the party was a modest success. Apparently the lack of edible cake was surpassed by the entertainment of nearly being incinerated.

OK, no more birthday parties shared with Lancelot. He may not be allowed to have birthdays at all.

At least Zahra got to age up.

Oh. My. God. My eyes are bleeding. Makeover, please!

0 thoughts on “2.13 Best Birthday Party Ever

  1. Ha fire! I've had so many cake fires- that's part of the reason I stopped caking anyone. Kinda sad, though, cos then they have to wait to age up on their own.

    That makes in nice to have the fam trait of Brave. 😀

  2. I have to say that I haven't had any cake fires in about a generation, and I kind of miss the drama. A lot of this is because my sims CAN put the fire out without waiting for half the house to burn down before the firefighters get there. But it puts a little game-generated hardship in their lives :).

  3. Aww. My first birthday cake fire. Such, ah, warm memories :).

    Everyone says I should've kept Zahra's hair color the way it was. I like the way she turned out, but I don't know if I would have changed it if I played it now. I just wasn't ready yet for the consequences of Sims 3 genetics — Egyptian skintone with carrot top hair :).

  4. The cake fire is the worst. Always happens when you don't expect it 🙂 It happened to me as well, at my twin boys party. I was lucky nobody died that time, because everyone was standing in their way of escape – how typical for the sims. Anyway, I am happy to see Zahra better (babies really look the same to me). I like her green eyes a lot! I'm curious to see how you changed her looks 😉

  5. Haha. I have Fireproof Homestead now, so I don't get cake fires. I kind of miss the chaos.

    I changed her hair color because the bright red on the Egyptian skintone looked so weird to me. These days, I probably wouldn't have changed it.

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