2.14 Zahra Sample

So, here’s a revised Zahra.

She has a change of clothes and new hair. For the Sims-uninitiated, I have control over a character’s hair color and clothing, but not skin or eye. Since hair can be dyed, it’s something that the player can always change, but whatever you change it TO becomes inheritable to the next generation. I guess Sims 3 genetics is Lamarkian :).

I’m perfectly fine with the genetics model producing combinations not found in nature, but carrot top on Middle Eastern skin tone just clashes. It’s not very visible here, but I did give her red streaks in her black hair.

Her name means “flower,” from her garden-crazy Egyptian mother. Layla bargained with Lance that if she took his name, she would name their children, so all kids will have Egyptian names.

Zahra inherited Lance’s trait of Good, which Lance inherited from Connor. That’s friggin’ enough Good characters! She’s also Brave, the family trait. Her favorite music is Chinese (? where’d she get that?), and her favorite color is turquoise. I initially thought that her eyes were Connor and Lancelot’s amber hazel, but it turns out they’re Susie’s green. That’s nice. Unfortunately, the best pic to see that is the birthday picture :-p

Also note that our older, more mature Lance is sporting a goatee. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good face shot and will provide them later. Comments on whether he should keep it are welcome.

Don’t eat the spoiled, burned birthday cake, Cycl0ne3! Don’t eat it! (He was totally thinking about it.)

“I’m begging you not to scream at night and wake mommy and daddy…”

Zahra’s actual first word is mouse, of the computer variety. I wonder what this says about her future.

Considering the negative effect the lack of it had on Lance’s development, the eager parents got her potty trained first off.

Lancelot’s wish list went bonkers with wishes to spend time with Zahra. He is totally doting on her. Daddy’s little girl.

He also sprouted a fairly high-powered wish to have another child. Layla, OTOH, got a high-powered wish to be promoted at work. I sense some long conversations in their future.

After everyone has gone to bed, Zahra’s special friend reads to her.

0 thoughts on “2.14 Zahra Sample

  1. I kinda liked the red hair on Zahra- but I'm weird.

    I like the black, too. 🙂

    I can't wait to see if they have more kids.

    Plus I totally vote for keeping the goatee- though I know it doesn't matter now because he's probably already dead.

  2. The red hair really bothered me at the time, but I would probably have left it if I played now. It's the only time I changed a hair color in the game, and it's been fun to have the black-and-red version floating around in the gene pool.

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