2.7 Career Moves

Time and arthritis were starting to give Connor real trouble.

But he couldn’t let that keep him from his life’s passion.

(Some aftermath of installing awesomemod led something in Connor’s data to get screwed up. He walked around for about a day and a half with his arms twisted in an impossible position. I really should have made a video, b/c still shots just don’t give a feel for how weird it was.)

In fact, he pounded the keys so hard that he broke the computer, JUST as he hit enter to send the new manuscript to his publisher. The book was a raging success, so the computer had not died in vain.

Way to lift a finger, Lancelot.

Jared had always slacked off at his job, but after talking with Rachel, something new started burning in his brain. He might not be a real father, but maybe he’d be a top chef.

Layla’s new job wasn’t her best fashion statement

But she was promoted on her first full day.

Meanwhile, Susie had an autograph session at the stadium that was a total bomb. Only two people showed, one of whom was her old friend Aimee, Malika Williams’ mother. And Aimee didn’t even want an autograph. She just wanted to catch up.

Had Susie’s career peaked? She had to admit that the strain of putting on big concerts was less fun than it used to be. Her fanbase was growing older. It was starting to feel like she was just putting in her time.

After a lot of thought, she took the big step.

She called the theater and retired from her band.

And returned to what had made her love performing in the first place.

Make ’em dance, Susie.

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  1. Aww, Susie had a great career. I hope she enjoys her retirement. I think Layla even looks cute in her diner garb. And it is really interesting how Jared rolled a new wish like that after meeting his daughter.

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