2.8 Till Death Do We Part

There was only one thing on everyone’s mind’s.

Tomorrow was the big day. Lance and Layla tried to calm their jitters with gardening and martial arts books, respectively.

Before going to sleep, Lance achieved his red belt in Sim Fu.

I’m sure that chair is terrified.

The next morning, Susie made breakfast for everyone.

Jared, of all people, desperately wanted to plan this event, so the family let him with some trepidation. (Huh? Jared suddenly has a wish to throw a formal wedding party?)

They piled into the car to head to the church.

Except, well, the father of the groom, who had an attack of brain fart.

Should have seen that coming. I’d way it was old age, but this is a man who was late to his OWN wedding.

The bride couldn’t hold in her enthusiasm.

The guests piled in.

Including a whole bunch of people who weren’t even invited. Some of them the Samples had never seen before. Think you’re going to get a free piece of cake, huh?

And since when does Jared moon over love?

And bringing up the rear is Connor, who finally remembered that something important was going on today.

Of course, the only vehicle left was Lance’s bike. How fast can he pedal? Will he make it?

Just in time. Whew.

With this ring…

I thee wed…

And all my worldly possessions I thee endow.

You may kiss the bride.

By the authority invested in us by the Grim Reaper, till death do us part.

The air is filled with the sobs and sniffles of the guests.

Though some let their minds wander.

And, well, it was a risk to invite Malika, but the offensive stink came from another direction this time.

Fortunately, she really cranked up the BO after all the important stuff was over. But it did lead to a mass exodus after the vows.

Congratulations from the father of the groom.

Lance: Are we good now?


But maybe we should just stay apart.

I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Lancelot and Layla Sample.

This is cause for celebration! Everyone dance!

Now for the best part.

(I had a dollhouse extravaganza with this. The church and Layla’s wedding gown are downloads from Mod the Sims and The Sims Resource. I’ve always been baffled as to why there’s no church or really any good wedding venue that comes with the game, and the idea of a Grim Reaper church was just awesome. I also got Layla’s veil from The Sims Resource, and it seems to be the only one in existence, which shocks me. Though it was rendered stiffly, and the game couldn’t handle collision detection for it, so I can see how it might be a pain.)

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  1. Hey there,
    I am just on my way reading through your legacy and I love it. I really LOVE it. The story is fun,the chapters aren't too long, so one can easily follow through and your comments in between are just hilarious! Until now I was able to stay focussed on the chapters and not write something in between, but when I just read "I'm sure that chair is terrified" it was over for me and I burst out in laughter. I will definitely enjoy reading the rest of your chapters as well, but had to tell you now.

  2. What a gorgeous venue for a wedding! It makes sense, the Grim Reaper is the closest thing to a deity in the game. Layla looked so beautiful; that dress and veil are just gorgeous on her. Lance looked very handsome.

    It was crazy funny that Jared wanted to plan the wedding, the night before! And was having mushy thought bubbles about it! And then, typical, for Connor to forget what was going on when it was time to leave.

  3. This chapter was really funny. First the terrified chair, then Jared's unusual plan, then Connor "who finally remembered that something important was going on" and then the Grim Reaper? Seriously?! You wed them below the Grim Reaper statue? Lol. Just LOL.

  4. I really need to go back and find that Grim Reaper church. I believe I downloaded it from ModtheSims, but it would be waay back in the archives now. I mean seriously, what supernatural figure is most iconic in Sims lore? Grim, of course! Plus, it was just a pretty church. This was before Generations, so you didn't have wedding arches. Now, with a bit of updating, you could actually sit in pews to watch the vows.

    Connor was late to his own wedding AND his son's wedding. At least he's consistent. I miss Connor.

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