2.9 Wherein Death Comes Sooner than Expected

The Samples, with the new addition, sat down to a family meal, not realizing that this was the last meal they would have together with this roster.

At the ripe old (and undeserving age) of 96 days, it’s time for Jared to go.

And the Grim Reaper’s time to come for his due.

Farewell, Jared. You were an amazing pain in the ass. You couldn’t even pick a helpful time to bite it.

You pretty much deserve whatever the afterlife has to offer you.

Though, for some reason, your family will miss you, especially now that they won’t have to deal with you.

I can totally understand why this would be hard on Connor. Despite Jared’s assholitude to everyone else, he and Connor were always close.

And even Susie. After a while, you even get used to sources of deep irritation.

But didn’t Lance hate this guy?

And Layla, did you even exchange two sentences with him?

Really, though, I’ll probably miss him the most. The random conflict and rudeness made the whole family a whole lot more fun. He leaves a hole that will probably be filled with more saccharine and sweetness.

Or maybe he’ll come back as a ghost.

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