Generation 6 Heir Poll!

Here we are at last!

I was going to try to put together a little testimonial for each character the way I did for the last poll, but I think all the characters have expressed themselves pretty well so far in the story, and I can’t come up with any pithy ones anyway.

Lifetime Wishes listed only apply if the sim is chosen as heir. Spares will get LTW suited to moving out mid-generation, which may or may not be the same.

By my house rules, I get to decide the final trait for each character, and I haven’t really decided on Abby and Sawyer’s. I have listed strong possibilities.

Without further ado….


Traits: Artistic, Neat, Proper, Brave, Photograher’s Eye
Favorite Color: Blue
Gender Preference: Straight
Lifetime Wish: World Class Gallery

Notes: Sky has maxed painting, and she should live long enough to do portraits for Gen 6. I’ve played enough painters; I’d like for Dylan to use his Artistic trait for Writing and focus on being a photojournalist. Sadly there’s no LTW for Writing and Photography, just Visionary for Painting and Photography. I was annoyed enough that I almost decided to create one as a house rule, but I think World Class Gallery will serve.

Genetically, he seems to have gotten a great mix of his anime-Asian genes on Leah’s side. His eyes are not Leah’s, and I think his jawline must also come from a grandparent.

Bonus pictures without his glasses.


Traits: Star Quality, Snob, Perfectionist, Brave, Charismatic (?)
Favorite Color: Brown
Gender Preference: Straight
LTW: Superstar Actor

Note: I haven’t seen many folks do the acting career in legacies, and reviews say it’s pretty fun. Also I’d get to play around with paparazzi again. I have a good sense of Abby’s strengths and weaknesses as a character and where she probably needs to go, but I have less idea how her story might go than the other two. This has never been a problem, though. I build my stories out of game events, and the game has never let me down.

I think that Abby’s genes are more nuanced than the other two characters. You can best see her Asian genes in profile. Also, remember she’s the genetic granddaughter of Zahn Wu! (Through his elf clone-nephew Zane Wu, that is.)


Traits: Loser, Diva, Socially Awkward, Genius, Workaholic?
Favorite Color: Orange (but he also loves electric purple)
Gender Preference: Unknown
LTW: Scientific Specialist

Note: Sawyer is high-functioning Autistic, and he would have his work as a legacy patron cut out for him. Rest assured, there would be heirs 🙂 He also can’t get the legacy trait of Brave because it conflicts with Loser. It turns out that Socially Awkward is also the aptitude trait for the Science skill, thus his passion for science experiments since childhood. He is probably going to go into the Medical career, mostly because I’ve already done Mad Science, and the Ambitions Medical career looks like a lot of fun. Story-wise, he wants to pursue biology and neuroscience to better understand (and justify) his own brain.

Genetically, I’m pretty sure he has Charles’s nose.

Poll is in the sidebar. If you’re only accessing via phone, you probably can’t see the sidebar. Feel free to vote in the comments: either here, Boolprop, or Google+.

I intend to leave the poll up for at least a week, and meanwhile catch up the half a generation I’ve already played on the Wonderlands! Poor neglected Wonderlands. I didn’t want to play any further without posting, and I’ve been so obsessed with getting to Gen 6 of the Samples that I given them all my posting energy too.

29 thoughts on “Generation 6 Heir Poll!

  1. Whee! You're the first vote! Sawyer has quite the fan club, but I'm really fond of Dylan. Plus he looks amazing.

    I'm such a dork about polls. I keep checking back to see if anyone new voted. For. The. Whole. Week.

  2. Ha, ha, I've left the page open so I can refresh it throughout theday. Imo, Dylan has the most interesting genetics, andlooks differeng than any previous heirs. Visually, at least, Abby looks very similar to Sky, and Sawyer looks very similar to Charles. Dylan is really the only potential heir to look unique to me. Plus, on a weird personal note, I hate divas and snobs irl (to the point where I won't watch reality tv, ugh), so that pretty much kills Sawyer and Abby as an heir for me 🙂

  3. Heh. I kind of figure that all the traits are an excuse to try out new types of characters and see if I can make them interesting. I figure if I can take on Evil, I can do anything! Mwahahaha!

  4. I might add that I think Dylan may be more of a challenge to make interesting, since his traits are so mundane. How do you make a quiet, ordinary person interesting and exciting? That would be a tough one for me, anyway.

  5. Well, Dylan holds himself to impossibly high standards, so if he becomes heir, he's going to have to face something that doesn't fit into his vision of a proper life. I have some ideas as to what that might be, but we'll see what the game gives me.

  6. Abby or Sawyer. It's impossible for me to decide, and I'm so glad I have another week to do so. Both are really special in their own way, but I think I'll end up with Sawyer. In the entire time that I've read legacies and played The Sims, I have never come across a character such as Sawyer. I can only imagine where you're going to take him.

  7. Also, I think it's fine that you focused on the Samples for a little while, since it really got interesting over here. The Wonderlands are patient people, or at least are busy enough not to realize that they haven't been the center of attention for some time. 😉

  8. I'm kind of distraught about the Samples. I just went back to the archives and discovered that I've been literally posting ONE GENERATION A YEAR. This has got to be the longest continuously-running Sims legacy EVAR.

    I really want to get through Gen 6 and 7 in 2014, and it's hard to dare even TALK about finishing the legacy, which is really about 8.5 Sims generations of gameplay. Doing that would require either a whole lot less meandering story or a whole lot more posting focus.

  9. I voted for Abby, but it did not register in the poll. I am come to terms with the fact regardless of the story- I am always going to vote for the blue girl.

  10. Why does WordPress keep failing me?! You'll have to start sending me FB messages to let me know when you've posted! Thank goodness I didn't miss the vote!

    A very hard decision, but in the end I voted for my two favourites, Dylan and Sawyer. Dylan is the perfect gentleman and is so adorable, but I'm also interested in how you'd portray Sawyer. Thanks to Sara for letting me know in her post that you've added the poll!

  11. I also agree that Dylan has the most interesting genetics, but I think Sawyer has the most interesting traits. I like Abby, and she grew on me in the last chapter, but not enough to vote for her I'm afraid 🙁

  12. Ha! I was going to check this weekend to see that you'd gotten the message, since I know you usually read on weekends.

    But, you know, Facebook DOES have security filters. Maybe I should just give up and create one for Simmers and post sims gabble there too. I admit that I just can't bring myself to spam my entire friend feed with news of my virtual dolls :).

  13. OK, here's another techno-dork idea — what if I created an invite-only Facebook group? I actually am kinda bummed that the EA's Facebook-clone attempt MyPage has basically failed because I want someplace to coo about miscellaneous Sims stuff. My knitting circle made a Facebook group that is high-traffic and a lot of fun.

  14. I wouldn't mind you posting even more than now, just saying 😛 One generation a year is a lot, in terms of chapters for each generation. I love that you're not rushing through this, but taking your time to let the characters develop.

    By the way, I just voted for Sawyer, he has captured my heart. 🙂

  15. Thanks for the support! Well, I'm going to keep chunking away at the pace I can go.

    And the vote is now tied between Dylan and Sawyer with poll half done! This is a nail-biter :).

  16. I would join the secret Sims group.

    I'm sorry for the delay. I'm doing the same thing I've been doing for the past several days. Sitting, staring at the perfectly matched poll, and going 'but what if Susan wants to play Dylan?'

  17. I totally already added you to the secret group without your consent. I think if you log in to Facebook and click "Groups" on the sidebar, you should see it.

    I kind of expected Sawyer to win hands down. I think the fact that it's almost a 3-way tie is pretty awesome.

    In the "secret" group, Jo is trying to persuade me to do dual heirs.

  18. See, facebook sends me unwelcome and unstoppable near daily notifications about people I might know, and stories I apparently missed, and it doesn't think this sort of thing is worth mentioning. Typical.

    I shall check when I get home. If I try to guess my password I'm just going to have to reset it again, and I can't be bothered making up yet another suitable password.

    I was tempted to just vote for Abby and make it a three way tie, but in the end, I sort of had to vote for Sawyer. He's such a sweetheart. Although it does make me a little sad that we're going to break the family trait streak… Potions accident? Or will he just have to marry a Brave spouse to make up for things?

    This is one of the closest polls I've seen in a very long time. You could definitely get away with dual heirs. If it hadn't been neck and neck I would have voted for Dylan as well.

  19. Pushing Sawyer into the lead for the final stretch! You guys are making it into such a nail-biter :).

    I'm not sweating Sawyers non-Braveness. Eventually I had to run into a trait compatibility problem with the legacy trait. Sawyer's perfect for it because he's already autism spectrum, so he marches to the beat of a different drummer.

    Hmm…. It appears he CAN have the Daredevil trait, which is the trait most similar to Brave. Perhaps that should be his final trait. I shall have to ponder what Sawyer would look like as a Daredevil and whether that works at all with his current concept. It's kind of an entertaining thought. I've gotten to really like Daredevil.

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