Heir Hair!

So, this is the first generation transition where I have actually had READERS, or at least readers I was aware of. I have been DYING to put up an heir poll, but I think you’ve probably figured out that’s just foolishness. Charles is my ghost baby. I’m terribly attached to him, and while Ada is developing into an interesting character of her own, there’s just no way she can win out.

So. I have an even more important poll instead!

Charles started life as a proto-hippie and has aged into a full-grown hippie. He was born with Disciplined and Loves the Outdoors, became Brave as a child (legacy trait), and then Angler as a teen. For his final trait, which I let myself choose, I gave him Eco-Friendly just to round out the package. I figured that he’d probably grow his hair out as an adult to look the part a bit more, but that means giving up the hair style he’s had since he was a toddler (NewSea’s Battler, if your curious).

So, my faithful readers, how should our Generation 4 Patron, Charles Babbage Sample, WEAR HIS HAIR?

Shall he stay with his old standby, NewsSea’s Battler?

What about The Duuuuuude?

Jordan’s Strands?

Fliggs Fluff?

Or this style that came with one of the expansions, which we’ll call Backswept.

Don’t leave me to make this decision alone, readers. Vote!

BTW: I don’t know if you noticed his totally awesome John Lennon glasses, but I think they are, in fact, totally awesome. They say that if you were born before a certain date they are John Lennon glasses, and if you were born after that date, they are Harry Potter glasses. So this is just another way I am OLD, because Harry Potter totally wears John Lennon glasses.

This is, of course, also a test of Blogger’s polling widget, so it’s possible this will be totally screwed up. Just a warning.

8 thoughts on “Heir Hair!

  1. Did you all vote in the poll in the upper left-hand corner of the page? There are three votes for Battler in the comments and only two on the poll.

    Note that I also set it up so that you could vote for more than one. That's in the instructions, that are helpfully GRAY and almost unreadable, and I can't figure out how to change the font color.

    Awwww. Battler is cute, but I do think he looks pretty good with longer hair!

  2. I used to have John Lennon glasses,and then I picked up a pair of Harry Potter ones later! =)

    I voted for original and backswept, because original is cool (John Lennon) but backswept is a great updated version of it (Harry Potter). Like what I did there? Har har!!

  3. I'm of the "Harry Potter" generation, but I would argue that these are John Lennon glasses either way — Harry's lenses are bigger. 😉

    Would totally have voted to keep the original hairstyle! It suits him perfectly!

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