Post any day…. I swear!

Woo. So, I have pics for Shanni’s wedding and a Simantics post, and I haven’t been able to actually stitch the words together. However, my reasons for being quiet are in general better this time.

First of all, Amazon Download had both Late Night and Generations on sale for half price! So I had to get them. But then I really wanted to continue in Sunset Valley, but it’s essentially impossible to get the stock clubs into the town, and the skyscrapers look out of place anyway. (But seriously, some of those high-rise clubs that come with the expansion are like 61×48 and crap. I can’t even make a lot that shape in the world editor. Why????)

So, I downloaded the Sunset Valley Late Night Revamp from ModtheSims ( And then I wanted to tweak it to add a few more of bars/clubs and some of the residential lots I’d already dropped into my existing game. And THEN I had to port my entire town because I was SO not going to start over with the Sunset Vally starting characters for another generation, plus my family’s had a lot of contact with the town at this point, and I wanted to preserve everyone at their current generation. Twallan to the rescue, but it still took a couple of afternoons fiddling with the Porter and MasterController’s Total Annihilation before I got everything over. Oh, and I resurrected a couple of attempts at making celebrity faces now that there are actual celebrities and an acting career. Bill Cos-b and Michelle Yo are now in town. Actually, a previous version of Michelle Yo is an elder with a husband and three children. So I renamed the elder Sim Mikki Yo and added a Late Night rework of YA Michelle Yo into the household as her daughter. So now Willem Yo (Shanni’s ex) has a younger sister who is an actress and looks uncannily like her mom.

As a bonus, I was able to put an old copy of Cycl0n3’s playable ghost back on the lot, link him back in as Charles’ father, and kill him! Meaning that the urn I mentioned Zahra keeping in her room that never actually existed (because it had to be annihilated to fix a glitch, if you’re not tracking my game drama in excruciating detail) now does exist and IS in her room! And someday there may be a CyclOn3 ordinary ghost haunting around the house. This makes my world feel right again. An unfortunate side-effect appears to be that Zahra picked up a level-one bad romantic reputation for cheating. Or that may be because the porting process temporarily gave the impression of multiple Fabians existing at the same time. She doesn’t have any extra romantic interests that I can see, so I assume there will be No More Cheating.

I hope the new setup doesn’t have too many bars and clubs. I wanted one of each of the lot types, but it seems like the biggest complaint with Late Night is that the clubs are usually empty. Still, I had a great time downloading fabulous lots.

And THEN my darling daughter got an ear infection. This was her first, and I hadn’t realized how scary they would be. She started developing symptoms early Saturday (of course), and by the time the pediatrician’s office opened on Monday, she was running a frighteningly high temperature, was either crying or sleeping in someone’s arms all the time, could ONLY sleep in someone’s arms (cosleeping anyone?), AND couldn’t hold down food. Our info sheet from the pediatrician told us not to panic at stuff like this, so we didn’t take her to urgent care. But I admit I was surprised when it turned out to be as straightforward as an ear infection. Later I did more internet research and discovered that those symptoms are textbook for a nasty ear infection.

She’s fine and happy now. Her acid reflux meds have been tweaked, and so far the results look good. The fight with the insurance company has been addressed by moving her to a different insurance. With the ear infection, tweaked meds, and some extra teething behind her, she has slept fabulously for THREE WHOLE NIGHTS. But I am not going to draw any conclusions from this because I get superstitious about things I have no control over. But lemme tellya, getting enough sleep that many nights in a row after prolonged sleep deprivation is better than drugs.

I still have about three posts before Charles takes over and the movie industry movies into Sunset Valley, but I’ve been using my precious Sims time recently just to play in the new town. Now that things are more settled (I hope), I expect to crank out another post or two.

But THEN, of course, there will be the holidays, and I will be making a pilgrimage to a week-long extended nuclear family gathering, and I expect to be silent then too. So let’s raise a toast to more posting after the New Year.

8 thoughts on “Post any day…. I swear!

  1. Oh wow,so a lot has happened to you, your game and life as well. I'm glad that your daughter seems to be better. It doesn't seem fair that people/especially kids always get sick on Saturdays when there is no doctor around, but I swear it happens just like this all over the world 😉
    I am looking forward to your next chapter,no matter when it comes out. And I raise my glass for (for?to?help!) more posting next year,too.

  2. It appears that you're the only one reading this close to the holidays too! Ha! Well, let's just hope everyone comes back in January.

    Ha! Prepositions are such a pain! I think you always raise a glass TO something, but nobody would blink if you used for.

  3. Wow… I'm glad your daughter's fine now! You seem really busy right now. Hopefully, you'll have a very merry Christmas and a joyful new year. ^^

    I'll be waiting for your next chapter, btw. 😀
    Take care!

  4. Soo…my Mil just had surgery last weekend (nothing too serious, and she's fine), and when we went to visit her, I noticed that there was a Sample two doors down from her and el oh eled thinking of you. :-p I hope you and your family had an awesome Christmas and New Year's!!

  5. Ha! I didn't know there were any real people with the last name Sample. That's just fabulous.

    We had an exhausting but great holiday season. I hope you had a great one too.

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