My Word Is Mud

OK, I’m still not dead. No drama here, not even baby illness. The holiday season just turned out to be way busier than I expected.

This week, I finally got some Sims time again, and I wasted every moment actually playing the game. I don’t know where my priorities are.

I highly recommend Eco Friendly as a personality trait just for grins. I am definitely in love with Charles. I couldn’t stand to be married to him, but that’s OK. I’m already happily married. I’ll just love him from afar.

Hey, I haven’t been able to access for most of the last few days. I was able to upgrade to the latest patch just fine, though. Anyone else having that problem?

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  1. Don't worry, we still love you! And Charles!

    I haven't been able to convince my game to take the update. It goes all the way through it, but then says it can't finish or something. It lets me play, at least, but it wants to update every time I start the game.

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