Simantics: Where’s Agnes?

OK, I revamped my post tags again. “Simfail” is now reserved for the technical rants about crashes and fixing borked cc and other such nonsense. I have a new tag for Bloopers and the silly, quirky, charming nonsense that the game produces. The tag is “Simantics.”

That’s “Sim” + “Antics.” Get it? Ha! I crack myself up!


Immediately after Shanni and Agnes became engaged, Agnes announced that the had something important to do elsewhere and left. That got my curiosity up. Agnes is a professional author. She shouldn’t need to leave the house at all if she doesn’t want to. If it had been relevant to the story, I’d’ve said she needed to meet with her publisher or something. But it wasn’t. But I had to know what was so important she had to walk out on her new fiancee right after receiving a ring. So I followed her.

I’d never tried to follow an NPC sim before. It turned out that I could just keep my camera on her car, and she never vanished or anything. It was pretty cool.

She drove all the way to the edge of town to Goth Manor. So I figured she was going to visit her sister Cornelia’s family.

But no. She got out of her can and ran around the house to the wilderness behind it.

She ran up a hill.

Past a set of standing stones I didn’t even know where there. Awesome.

Then she stopped.

And picked up a rock. And put it back down again.

And ran all the way back to town.

So if an NPC sim has to leave a meeting for some kind of emergency commitment, now you know what they do in their off time.

And here’s a standing stone with etchings in ancient simlish that I just thought was cool. Some of them have pics of UFOs :). EA really ought to get around to introducing some aliens to this version of the The Sims.

8 thoughts on “Simantics: Where’s Agnes?

  1. That just really made me laugh 😀
    Sure, running all the way to pick up a stone and then put it back is very important! Maybe…um… maybe this is her family's lucky stone and she had to touch it because their marriage would be doomed if she didn't? Or something like that?

  2. Woah. Didn't realize that this was already the latest post…

    Hey Susan! Great job! I absolutely love all your Sims! They're just so cool with all their diverse personalities and all…

    I'll be among the ones waiting for the next chapter! :-bd

  3. Wow, LDG, you are awesome. You read through the whole archive and commented in one night. I spent a lot of time up last night with a sick baby, and it seemed like whenever I checked my email from my phone, there was a comment. That was totally a bright spot in a lousy night.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Thank so much!

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