And the Winner Is…


Wow, color me astonished.

Somebody who reads this blog likes to play with me. I checked about an hour before the poll closed, and we had a three-way tie with a gratifying 16 votes cast, which is the same state it had been for over 24 hours. I come back at the end of the poll and, yep, one more vote, this time pushing Forest over the edge.

From my informal statistical survey of simblog heir polls, Forest was the least likely to win. Most likely to win are attractive females. After that, sims whose physical appearance is distinctive from the rest of the heirs. Traits and the personality written in the blog seem least relevant. Oh, and Evil sims in particular almost never win.

All of this shows me that not only did I get 16 votes (removing mine, since I did vote), but pretty much everyone actually reads this blog. That’s just so awesome.

The inconvenient thing is that Sky is my choice for heir.

I honestly don’t think I can write Forest as the legacy patron. I’ve spent ages griping about how we never see Evil sims heading up legacies, particularly Wishacies where I think they’d be really interesting and different. But now that I have one, he’s developing as a character in ways that will make this legacy a bit too much for me if he’s he primary focus.

Additionally, I have some plans for Sky’s Commitment Issues.

But hmmm. I guess I will think about this. At the very least, Forest will get extra focus as his story unfolds.

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  1. Congratulations, Forest! That really was close.
    I'd love for you to take Sky as heir, so I'm happy with either results. Hunter would probably have bored me a little, which is why I'm happy with the results the way they are.

  2. Wow! That really was a pretty even vote! I didn't see Forest winning coming at all…

    I love Sky, so I think that's a good way to go too. Maybe you could just keep Forest around but not follow his line?

  3. You know, I wonder if giving each character a statement, which I got from you, Amhranai, also helped the votes spread out away from the cutest girl. If you're just glancing at a blog occasionally, it can be hard to track a character's personality.

  4. Wow! What a shocker! I only voted for Forest once so don't blame me lol! I personally voted for him because of his personality, but I really didn't expect him to win. I can understand your predicament. At the end of the day, you're the one that has to write this blog, so if Sky is calling to you, then that's who you should choose. One other option that I hate to suggest … duel heirs?

  5. I definitely agree that you should go with the one that you feel like writing more! I'm sure whatever the next generation has in store for us will be a blast. 🙂

  6. Gonna try commenting….I have no idea who I would have voted for; I genuinely love all three of the trips. Where did you get their statements? Were they things they'd actually said that I'm too derp to remember?

  7. Yeah, I'm not sure if it's because I'm piggybacking onto other comments or something else I did, but I'll take it!

    The statements are a brilliant idea, and they fit with each character perfectly! Definitely stealing for if I ever make it to an heir poll…

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