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So, I have a character-building event involving Forest that I wanted to post, but I thought that I’d post the poll and go forward. Forest’s nature isn’t THAT mysterious.

Now, at this point, I think that this poll gets more and and more advisory as time goes on. I think I’ve probably decided who the heir is going to be. I really love all three of the triplets, and I’m going to keep both spares around as long as possible.

Still, I’d like to see what you guys think and see if you can change my mind.

So…. Our options are:

“If you’re going to simplify life down to its most important points, you get the game of chess. Someone is always out to destroy you. Your choice is to either be a king or to be a pawn. I intend to be a king.”

Traits: Evil, Absent-Minded, Ambitious, Genius, Brave
Lifetime Wish: Emperor of Evil

“All living things have a way of communicating. If you’re quiet and pay attention, you can learn how to talk to them. One thing that’s really nice about animals is that they can communicate clearly. Humans often don’t even know that they’re saying different things with words than they are with their body language.”

Traits: Clumsy, Heavy Sleeper, Shy, Animal Lover, Brave
Lifetime Wish: Not chosen, but may be Adopt a Unicorn. Will not be anything involving adopting strays.

“Music is the window into people’s souls. It reaches into your heart and binds you to everyone who is listening or making music with you. Once you’ve felt that kind of connection, it’s hard to go back to just talking to people. I think I want to make music as much as I can for the rest of my life.”

Traits: Virtuoso, Slob, Lucky, Brave, Commitment Issues
Lifetime Wish: Not chosen, but will probably be either 5-Star Celebrity or Master Romancer. I think it will not be One Sim Band.

I’m going to keep this poll up for the full week, I think, since the decision doesn’t affect me for a little while. I’m going to leave the poll on the sidebar for now, but I’m experimenting with embedding it in the post itself. If you don’t have access to the sidebar, feel free to drop me a comment. πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Gen 5 Advisory Heir Poll

  1. Oh boy.
    I love the way you introduced those three to us – their quotes really give us a piece of their soul. For me, the decision is not easy at all.
    Something I thought of: please DON'T give Sky the One-Sim-Band LTW, it's really all about playing instruments all day, to be perfect in those skills. I don't think that really suits her. So, as you suggested, the other LTWs would be better for her.

    Now back to the vote. All three have a quality that I really like,which is why I don't really know who to choose.
    Forest impresses me with his ambitious attitude. He intends not be beaten by anyone, but be the king (of evil) himself. Usually I don't like evil sims that much, but he is really interesting!
    Hunter seems to be the exact opposite of his brother. He doesn't want to communicate with humans, but animals instead.The thoughts that are going through his head fascinate a part of me and make it want to know more about him.
    And lastly Sky, who is completely into music. I love music myself and can't help myself but feel exactly what she feels.

    Technically I would probably end up voting for Sky, if only those other two weren't so interesting as well… darn.
    You are going to leave this up for a week? Great, then I'll come back within the next few days, and hopefully I will have made up my mind by then. πŸ™‚

  2. This was difficult as I love all three of the triplets. I love Hunter because he reminds me a bit of myself, and I love Sky and how she's come out of her shell since discovering music … but in the end, I voted for Forest.

  3. Forest. Woo, there's the dangerous choice!

    I do love all the triplets. I want to see if I can get both spares to their LTWs before leaving, but we'll have to see how quickly Gen 6 fills up the house.

  4. I really loved reading this comment!

    I looked to see if there was a LTW that involved having a really successful band. As you guessed when she was a toddler I think, she's going to start a band, and that will be her career. I think that's obvious now :). However, there doesn't seem to be a band LTW. It's just One Sim Band, which is kind of the opposite of what you need. Being good at all the instruments doesn't help your band be successful. So it looks like Sky's LTW will not be career-related. I'm toying with Master Romancer. Heartbreaker was a lot of fun with Shanni, though 10 relationships is a LOT. Master Romancer is only 5.

    Music is very special to me too. I'm glad it comes through with Sky.

    At an rate, I really shortened the mate poll because I realized that I couldn't play the game until it was done because I didn't know who Allison was going to be spending her time. But this poll doesn't affect anything until the triplets age up, so it can run for the whole week :).

  5. The boys are interesting, but I've liked Sky throughout the posts she show up in and so I had to vote for her. On another note, the Samples are in the game with my Marmalades. Charles looks the same, but I gave Veronica a purple skintone leaving the scale where it landed and did the same for her boys so their a shade lighter. I noticed that her hair had green&purple tones to it so I turned the black to a dark green for her and Sky.

  6. Awesome that the Samples made it into the Marmalade game!

    Yeah, Veronica's hair is actually pretty colorful, but her hairstyles have never shown it off. I recently discovered that if I just lightened up the black just a little bit to a charcoal grey, you can see the green in her hair too, and it still looks like the base is black. I did that with Sky's hair in the above shot, and you can see so much more green. The hair Sky currently has doesn't do much with the purple roots or maroon tips, but I hope to find some future hairstyles for her that will.

  7. Back from holiday and all caught up.

    Obviously I had to vote for Forrest. I love an evil sim, and he's clearly got good taste (Ali looks lovely in your game, I love her new skin tone).
    Hunter is very sweet, and I thought about voting for him, but Forrest has clearly got a strong drive to be the worst sim he can be, and that won out in the end.

    I've been a bit busy for the last few weeks, but I'm laid up at home with a sprained ankle this afternoon so I might have a read through and try to at least remember where I was going in the next few posts.

  8. Hey! I'm delighted to see you dropped by! I'm also glad you appreciate Forest's evilness, since he now has his sights on Ali :). If he's going to take an interest in a cross-pollination sim, I'd rather her creator enjoy some evil.

    It would be a lot of fun if you picked the Simmentary back up again. It was a lot of fun. You're a good writer.

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