Simantics: In the Depths

Paulette Callender protests with her vampire grandmother January in the kind of outfit that only a sim could love.

I fixed her. As a romantic prospect of Winston’s, it seemed like she deserved that much.

Xia dances the Smustle. She’s a party animal, even in death.

This chick got STYLE.

And Victoria, being the water lover that she is, goes swimming in the Art Gallery.

Yes, you heard me right.

That is the most awesome glitch I have seen in a while. It turns out that the art gallery, which I downloaded a long time ago and love, has a faux basement — the kind made by lowering the landscape, building the first floor, and then raising the land up around it. This was done to get a cool open air atrium in the basement lit by sun falling through the skylights.

Apparently, the post-Island Paradise game cannot handle this. Despite there being no actual water animated, anyone who walks down the stairs stars swimming.

I’ve screwed around with this quite a bit. I really like this lot, but I am starting to doubt that the bottom level can be preserved. Without the basement, though, it’s hard to figure out where one would put restrooms. So sad.

Avalon Gossip Column

Not a whole lot going on in town, or maybe I just am not recording much?

Sam Pistachio keeps the very best company.


I finally went digging in family trees to figure out who Gina Sample-Baerwyn’s baby daddy is. The father of Gina’s daughter appears to be none other than Ignacio Bookabet, who was the widower of Alice Bookabet. He apparently fathered Gina’s daughter at a quite advanced age. Now I’m sorry I didn’t look up who his parents were. I care about this crap way too much.

ETA: Ignacio the adopted son of February Callender’s brother Martin Luther and husband Tam.



2 thoughts on “Simantics: In the Depths

  1. Paulette’s grandmother’s new look is a big improvement. I had a glitch similar to that in some of my Sims 2 buildings that were built the same way, but instead of the sims acting like they were swimming, they filled with virtual water on the bottom floor and the buildings couldn’t be saved. I think that was post-Bon Voyage. That museum sounds really cool and the shot of the indoor grassy area at the bottom looked really cool. It does make sense for Victoria to swim there, but maybe not other sims 😉

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