I will pick a Spirit Animal!


It’s been a stressful month, so I stopped writing AND reading. I’m in a long, ugly job hunt, I’ve had some health issues, and I have learned definitively that our family stops at one child. It’s been hard to stay positive.

I’m catching up on my reading list a little bit at a time. You guys are all awesome.

Recently, I have been catching up on my ISBI, We’re All Mad Here, which I neglected for too long. It’s starting a new torch holder, picking a new mate, and about to choose a new world to move to. Feel free to check it out if you’re into ISBIs.

The Wonderlands are also a more gentle return to simblogging because everyone is Insane! Nothing actually has to make sense.

The Samples are back in focus now. My first post will be for a spirit animal!

4 thoughts on “I will pick a Spirit Animal!

      • I can imagine. Being without a job for a long time is really frustrating. Let’s hope the luck is on your side 🙂

        Sometimes I think what it would be like if life was as easy as in the Sims. You apply for a job and you get it! ALWAYS.

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