7.6 Catch a Falling Star

Springtime is the season of growing things. Andria, as a plant fae, felt Avalon’s rebirth in a special way.

She knew exactly what to do with all her extra energy.

“I’ve barely seen you leave your books for days,” Victoria said. “Are you all right?”

“Hush,” Edmund said. “I think I’m finally getting someplace.”

Victoria went to bed late, but was up early with a lonely old dog.

“This is what I get for all the love I give you? All right, then, have some more. Maybe you’ll bark loud enough to wake up the rest of the family.”

Before she could work Connery into a frenzy, her phone rang.

“Aunt Abby? No! You can’t be! Well, I guess if I can’t talk you out of it. At least I can do something about the rain.”

Great-grandmother Veronica’s weather machine was the perfect solution to two weeks of rain.

“You want me to go to a party?” Gamora demanded. “For an aunt I never see? I have research to do!”

“You can’t live on science alone!” Sawyer shouted. Then he stopped. “What am I saying? Of course you can. You can stay home if you like.”

By the time Victoria arrived at Little Cottage Park, the sun had already dried the grass.

The guests began to arrive.

Emily was first, though she was mostly just interested in some time with Sawyer.

Rosie Winter, Sawyer’s half-sister, surprised everyone by accepting her invitation.

Cousins Ash and Gina Sample-Baerwyn.

Abby’s half-brother Stanley Marmalade.

Along with his husband Jody Ursine-Sample and two older sons Chancey

and another kid whose name nobody caught.

Everyone gathered near the picnic benches

Where the guest of honor arrived.

“I’m so glad all of you are here to help me celebrate my retirement!” Abby said.


“Excuse me, Ms. Sample,” The festival vendor interrupted. “Do you mind if I take your picture?”

Abby gave her an ironic smile. “You realize that I’m now an ex-actress?”

“You’ll always be a celebrity to me!”

After she’d given Aunt Abby the applause and congratulations she deserved, Victoria had a wonderful time hunting for Easter eggs.

And so did Cousin Ash.

But she couldn’t resist the lure of the kissing booth.

“Five simoleons? This better be an amazing kiss!”

“Trust me, miss. You’ve never had one like it.”

“You’re a great salesman. Now I have to know!”

Afterward, the kissing vendor looked as if he’d lost his breath. “I should have paid you!” he gasped.

Victoria laughed. “That’s all part of the service, isn’t it?”

“Kisses!” called the cute girl at the booth next door. “Everyone welcome! Come and get a Love Day kiss!”

Chaim Sample-Erickson stopped by the kissing stall to think about it. “You think Abby would mind?” he mused.

“Come on,” girl said. “The wife has to let you have a little fun!”

Chaim chuckled. “You’re right. I think I’ll have that kiss.”

“Wait!” said the girl. “That wasn’t how this was supposed to go.”

“Oooh! Two hot men together!” Abby said. “Can I join in?”

“Eww!” Victoria cried. “I really didn’t need to hear that, Aunt Abby!”

“I heard sims only use 10% of their brain,” Jody Ursine-Sample told Sawyer. “Do you have any idea what might happen if we unlocked the other 90%? I have so many ideas!”

Sawyer scowled at him. “Do I even have to answer that? This is why you leave neuroscience to the experts.”

“You tell him, Sawyer!” Emily cheered.

“Like minds should stick together,” Sawyer told her.

“You seem to have found right mate at last,” Abby said. “Come have a snowcone with me.”

Sawyer nodded. “Emily’s intellect is second only to mine, though she’s had a difficult time convincing her colleagues at the hospital of her brilliance. I don’t have that sort of problem.”

Abby chuckled. “If she’s so much like you, little brother, I can just imagine.”

“I’ve been wanting to offer you personal congratulations, but it seems we’re so busy these days,” Sawyer said. “We used to spend so much more time together when we were younger.”

“I expect to have a lot more time on my hands now,” Abby pointed out. “Have you considered retirement yourself?”

Sawyer was aghast. “Never!”

Abby grinned. “All right. Let’s do lunch at the hospital then.”

It was time for a good old-fashioned pie eating contest!

“Ready! Set! Go!”

And up for air!

“This always seems like a good idea until I do it!”

A photographer from the Avalon Times was there to catch everyone at their most embarrassing.

“I won!” Victoria exclaimed. “What’s my prize? Oh…. more pie. Thanks.”

“Please!” Andria wailed. “No more pie!”

“You’re looking at Avalon’s reigning pie-eating champ!” Victoria crowed to Danial. “I’m not even sick to my stomach!”

Danial laughed. “Congratulations. The best sim won. I didn’t know you had such an iron stomach.”

“I didn’t expect you here at Aunt Abby’s retirement party,” Victoria said.

“Abby’s practically an aunt to me too,” Danial said. “You know my mom, Aminali, and your aunt were best friends, don’t you?”

“I guess I did sort of forget,” Victoria said. “I could never forget Aminali Ibari. I just sort of forgot you were her son.”

“She was an amazing woman,” Daniel said. “I’m lucky to be her son. I guess I’m kind of here to represent her spirit.”

Elsewhere, Abby was still gracious to her fans, though it was clear celebrity had lost a lot of its luster over time.

“Perhaps Abby can settle down now for a dignified retirement,” Dylan mused.

Jody waylaid him on his way to the dance floor. “Your brother is a bit of an arrogant prig, you know?”

Dylan nodded sagely. “True. That’s not news.”

“Wait! Did you just eat dirt??”

“Ha!” Jody chortled. “It’s all part of my act! Have you seen my magic show?”

“I think I will avoid it now,” Dylan said.

“I think it’s time to dance!” Danial shooted. “Woo! Vickie, have you tried the Smustle?”

“I know it, but I’m not very good at it,” Victoria said dubiously.

Danial grinned at her. “Come on. Dance like there’s nobody watching.”

“There better be nobody watching,” Victoria said.

“Doesn’t this hurt your back?”

“Maybe your trying too hard,” Danial suggested.


Then Victoria’s eyes caught someone across the lawn. “I’ll be back, guys. I just want to say ‘hi’ to someone.”

“Hey, Rod! What are you doing here?”

“Vickie! Oh, I’m supposed to meet my sisters at Camelot to fill out some inheritance paperwork. They’re late, so I thought I’d kill some time here.”

Victoria looked at the Love Meter gave Roderick a teasing look. “So, what does the Meter think of your romantic prospects? Is there a hot girl right around the corner?”

Roderick smirked. “I have a better idea. Let’s see what it thinks of us.”

Victoria hesitated. “Oh, I don’t know.”

“Aw, Vickie. It’s just a game. I won’t hold you to it.”

“All right! Let’s see!”

Victoria felt him place his hand over hers, firm but not too tight. What do I feel? she wondered. What should I feel?

The Love Meter lit up.


“Ha!” Roderick exclaimed in triumph. “I’ve never seen a reading that high!”

“Clearly, we’re the two hottest people at this party,” Victoria said.

“I can’t argue with that,” Roderick agreed. “Our hotness must have overwhelmed the poor thing.”

“Well, I gotta go,” he said abruptly. “My sisters have to be waiting for me by now. Call me!”

Victoria found herself both disappointed and relieved to see him go. At least he’d gotten her out of the Smustle.

The sun began to sink, and the party was still going strong. Even Gamora decided to make an appearance near the end.

“These old muscles just don’t dance the way they used to,” Dylan complained.

“Here,” Andria said brightly. “Let me help you with that.”

“You two are so adorable!” Gina cooed. “I hope I’m that cute when I’m your age!”

“You’re not that much younger than I am,” Andria pointed out.

Abby bade everyone goodbye at dusk, and they headed home feeling tired and happy.

Though Victoria felt extra preoccupied. Flirting was guys was so much fun, but she was starting to want a whole lot more fun than that.

So. Much. Party. For a sim without the Party Animal trait, Victoria sure acts like it. OTOH, she does seem to have a real preference for the swinging single lifestyle, and her Irresistible trait feeds into it.

Finally remembered to turn on Dylan’s can in southern gentleman walk style. I can’t think of a character better suited to it.

Ha! I guess Chaim is bi. It was funny to see him go kiss the male kissing vendor just as Abby walked by. Guess they’re very secure in their relationship.

I was a bit disappointed that sims dancing the smustle on the same dance floor don’t synchronize. That would have been an awesome feature.

3 thoughts on “7.6 Catch a Falling Star

  1. Oh, it’s fun to see the Samples again, and springtime, and so much merry-making at the spring festival. I love that cane animation! (Well, I haven’t seen the whole animation, but i can imagine and your screenshot is great.) I think Roderick is really cute and very nice. He seems like a good match for Vicki and is that love indicator random or does it reflect actual chemistry??

    Andria’s greenhouse is really pretty. I love the light in that shot you got of her and Dylan kissing there. And it was fun seeing Abby and Sawyer catch up. I suppose it won’t be too long before their generation will be passing on? (Not that I want to rush that, just wondering how much longer they might have and what the settings for life span are in your game.)

    • Hi and thanks for commenting!

      I really liked that shot of Dylan and Andria in the greenhouse. It was after sunset, and they’re lit up by the glow of the flame fruit and life fruit :). They spend almost all their time on autonomy now, and they can’t keep their hands off each other. Charles and Veronica, Generation 4, were my favorite couple, but even they were not as into each other as Dylan and Andria. 🙂

      Everyone is still alive in my game, which is maybe 6 me-sized posts from now. Sawyer is only a few days younger than Emily. She just became an Elder, and he’s going to grow up very soon himself. As of current play, I believe Dylan has maxed out his life bar and could go at any moment. My lifespan is slightly longer than normal, 96 days. I added days to childhood, which is way too short IMHO, and added corresponding days to YA and Adult to balance things out.

      I am not entirely sure what the Love Meter measures. It may just be random, but it seems to be a bit smarter than that. I wouldn’t consider it to be terribly reliable, but it was a very cute result.

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