Simantics: Sassy tirade

Here I discover that my NRaas Dresser mod resets the outfits of all the residents as soon as the actives arrive. My Dresser settings exclude clothes from the future expansion, so the first time I arrived, Emit looked like this.

Afterward, I tried changing the Dresser settings, and it STILL screwed up all the clothes on the future residents. I finally had to take the mod out. Hmmm… wonder if I put it back yet.

And here is why there was no exterior shot of the Bot Emporium. It’s never a bad time for the ice cream truck.

Sawyer got on a sassy autonomous tirade. I tried, but I just couldn’t come up with anything to use this for in the story. I think it was adorable.

When we returned, I reset Gamora’s flower walk style by removing her Plantsim occult and replacing it. This is how she turned out.

I really hate the female plantsim outfit. But apparently there are also 2-3 different plantsim hair colors, and she got a different one this time. I restored her old appearance in CAS.

Sawyer is shocked by the floating birthday party horn after he becomes an Elder.

When Greggory pulls Sawyer aside for a heart-to-heart about Emily, Sawyer got fresh insight into why they divorced in the first place.

Greggory is an incredible bore.

The kind who bores you to death.

Avalon Gossip Column

Jean Reacher, husband of Shannon Simsfan Reacher, is doing well in his new career in education.


Java Weaver, my simself’s bastard, may be a coward, but the school kids haven’t driven him away yet.


Sam Pistachio is nearing the end of her life, and she doesn’t seem to have done much with HER career.


Ah! Here’s someone who is doing well. Chaim is a lovely randomly generated police officer.


Looks like Greggory has a life after Emily after all!


Or maybe not. Greggory doesn’t seem to be much of a catch for anyone.


And then there’s this. Kari is the late-in-life daughter or Joanne Bookabet (Jo’s simself) and Ada Sample’s daughter Tomas. I believe she and Greggory may still be dating, but they hate each other.


This is just included for the awesome book title. I doubt anyone cares, but Dennis is descended from Charlotte Stemple, Charles’s immaculately conceived Chinese love child.


Here, Sean and Forest show that they have the same taste in many things, including other men…



The disturbing thing is that Timothy Weaver has been happily married with two kids to Sherman Mentary for a whole generation.

And there we have the state of the town.

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  1. That autonomous sassy tirade was priceless! I’m so glad you posted it here. And so funny that Jean’s been promoted to substitute teacher. Real life John, a science teacher, will be thrilled to hear it 🙂 Interesting about the dresser resets. I haven’t delved into that realm of MC Command Center yet. It’s kind of funny to show up in the future and the welcome guy wearing a 20th century suit!

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