7.9 Joint Ownership

The next evening, Sawyer got off work with a purpose.

He hopped into his experimental wish-powered automobile.

And headed straight to Emily’s house.

“I couldn’t wait to see you,” Sawyer said. “I have something to ask you.”

“Sure,” Emily said. “But come inside. It’s freezing out here.”

“Where is Greggory?”

“Don’t worry. He’s tending to the horses.”

Sawyer didn’t ask why Emily still lived with her ex-husband. It was one of those things he’d never felt comfortable expressing affection toward his girlfriend while Greggory was around.

As soon as they stepped inside, Sawyer pulled Emily to him.

“Wow!” Emily said. “Elderhood has brought out the passion in you!”

“That’s not the reason,” Sawyer said. “I wanted to ask–”

“Can’t you two get a room?” Greggory asked.

Sawyer cringed. “This is my room!” Emily shouted back.

“Now, what was it you wanted to say?”

“I, uh, have an experimental medical treatment. I wanted you to test it out for me.”

Emily looked stunned. “That’s not what I was expecting, but all right. I trust you that this won’t hurt me.”

“That’s a lot of trust….” Sawyer admitted.

Afterward, she grinned a huge grin. “That was amazing!”


“Fabulous,” Sawyer said. “I was hoping it would have a useful effect. Underground Pharmaceuticals is paying me a lot of money to test it on people.”


“Is that what you came here to ask me?” Emily said. “I should be annoyed at you, but this drug makes me feel too happy.”

“Actually no,” Sawyer admitted. “I just got nervous. Actually, I wanted to ask–”


“Would you like to move in with me?”

Sawyer didn’t think that Emily could look happier, but her face lit up. “Really? I thought you’d never ask!”

“You were always welcome to ask yourself.”

Emily shrugged. “I wanted to hear it from you.”

“When do you think you might move?”

“Let’s do it tonight! I just have to collect a few things….”

She sent Sawyer to her bedroom to gather her clothes. Greggory wandered in.

“So you and Emily are taking the big step?” Greggory said.

“Yes,” Sawyer agreed. “It was about time. I also think it’s disturbing that she’s been living with you since your divorce.”

“It made financial sense,” Greggory said. “Since she keeps getting demoted at work, we could maintain a better lifestyle this way.”

Sawyer nodded. “That’s reasonable.”

“I wanted to offer a bit of friendly advice,” Greggory said. “Emily is more than a bit… high maintenance. She expects you to deliver the world.”

“Stop there,” Sawyer said. “I don’t want advice from someone whose marriage failed.”

“There’s no space in your car,” Emily said. “We’ll have to pack mine. But I have to warn you. That car is out to get me.”


“The place looks so nice, now that I know it’s mine too! I can think of just a few dozen improvements I’d like to make.”

“I’ll draw up the mortgage papers,” Sawyer offered. “Until then, I think we should celebrate.”

“Wow,” Emily said. “The kiss of a joint mortgage holder has so much more passion!”

“Come upstairs,” Sawyer said, “and we’ll investigate this further.”

“I programmed the sleeping pod just for you.”

Emily drew back. “If I’m going to move in with you,” she said. “There’s something you should know first.”


Sawyer stood up, suddenly concerned. “What is it, Emily?”

“It’s this,” Emily said. In a whirl, she changed her appearance.

Sawyer blinked. “What is that? What are you doing with that cardboard?”

Emily too his hand. “I consider this my true form,” she said nervously. “I’m a robot trapped in a human body. I- I hope you can live with this.”

“Wow,” Sawyer said in astonishment. “I knew you were my perfect partner, but I never knew how much.”

“Let me show you how I can deal with your true self.”

“Now, come to bed.”

This was originally one post with Sawyer’s birthday, but enough happened that I thought it ought to get its own post.

This is Sawyer leaving the household. Mechanically, he asked Emily to move in with him, which brought the household up to eight sims. After this scene, I had the household sell its second house (Sawyer’s house), then had Sawyer and Emily move out and buy it. So they live in the same house, but it is no longer an active house.

Which is just as well, because having the active household live in two houses was a pain the butt. Not saying I wouldn’t do it again.

Emily was under my control just from the time she accepted Sawyer’s offer until the end of this scene, during which time I discovered she’s a Bot Fan! What an appropriate surprise for the love of Sawyer’s life.

I screwed up and failed to note Sawyer’s LTH when he left the household. Fortunately, inactives don’t gain happiness, so I should be able to look it up the next time I load the game.

6 thoughts on “7.9 Joint Ownership

  1. First off, the experimental wish mobile looks awesome! That is a cool car! Do wishes have any impact on it in game play?

    The moving in/out and drawing up mortgage papers made my head spin a bit. I was wondering while reading how many sims would be in the house and how there would be space for spouses for this generation… but I’m so happy for Sawyer and Dr. Emily. No wonder she had such a difficult time with her people skills, she’s a bot! I’ hadn’t seen that cardboard version before, very funny looking. And Sawyer was hilarious… what are you doing with that cardboard?! But I didn’t figure it would faze him for her to be a bot.

    That was so weird about Emily continuing to live with her ex, and funny awkward conversations and comments during the visit. I wonder if her being a robot actually had something to do with that… Greggory sort of owned her? From a gameplay point of view? Just wondering. At any rate, best wishes to the happy couple. Gamora still lives with the rest of the family, right?

    • There was really no way I could keep everyone in the house when I made Sawyer and Dylan dual heirs, especially if Sawyer wanted to move in with an SO. Since Sawyer’s child did not become heir, it seemed logical to move him out. If Gamora HAD become heir, I’m not entirely sure what I would have done, since Dylan’s family defines the active household so much more.

      Heheh. The bit about being wish-driven was just storytelling. The car is the Renault Twizy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renault_Twizy), a truly weird-looking electric car sold in Europe. Renault and Toyota both released versions of their flagship cars for The Sims 3 as a promotion.

      Emily is a Bot Fan, an odd trait that includes the subtext that the sim longs to be a bot, including the ability to switch into that bot costume. I assume it also gives a boost to the Bot Building skill, though that’s not relevant for the approximately 10 minutes that Emily was in my active household :). The rest of Emily’s story is storytelling. She was still living with her ex-husband because NRaas StoryProgression has a tendency to do that. When relationships end, it doesn’t automatically move the sims to separate households. That’s a different interaction that doesn’t always trigger.

      Gamora’s still in the active family. For story purposes, she shares time between the active house and Sawyer’s.

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