7.8 Baby Brother

“There’s so much of your fae heritage you haven’t experienced,” Andria said, “And now you’re already an adult.”

“It’s all right, Mom,” Victoria said. “I’ve learned a lot.”

Andria grinned. “Well, since I’m such a lousy teacher, I whipped you up something to help you learn anyway.”

Victoria stared at the sparkly powder. “Wh– what is this?”

“Try it out!” Andria prodded. “Just keep in mind that it doesn’t last. You have to catch as much of the Wisdom of The Fae before the effect fades.”

“All right….”

“Wow…. this is amazing!”

The wisdom of a thousand years of magic rushed into Victoria’s mind.

Along with access to powers she’d never imagined.

“Edmund!” she cried. “I have to try this out. Cast your strongest spells on me!”

“Really?” Edmund said. “If you say so….”

They picked neutral territory for their magical duel.

“I don’t want to hurt you–” Edmund said.

“Hee! Missed!”

“Take that!”

“Haha!” Victoria squealed. “I’m more powerful than you are!”

“Not without help, you aren’t,” Edmund said.

“Well, sure, but let me relish this moment anyway.”

Sadly, supercharged fae powers didn’t make everything better, as she discovered when she accidentally touched the stereo.

That evening was a special evening for the Samples. Andria stood outside in the night, communing with her garden.

Dylan saw her alone and went out to find her. “Are you all right, my love?”

Andria sighed. “I’m fine. I just wanted to enjoy the silence for a moment.

Dylan chuckled. “It’s true that we don’t get much silence in this household.”

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

“Aunt Rosie!” Victoria said. “Sawyer will be so happy to see you.”

Still high on the Wisdom of the Fae, Victoria regaled their guest with stories of the origin of rain while the family assembled.

“I have to do this, don’t I?” Sawyer grumbled.

Gamora grinned. “Of course you do, Dad.”

“All right then, let’s get this over with.”

But he did stand a little taller when he saw everyone, especially his sister Rosie, assembled to cheer for him.

“Happy birthday to you…!” they sang.

“Don’t let your age get you down!” Gamora chided.

So Dylan’s baby brother became an Elder.

With characteristically bad timing, the doorbell rang just as Sawyer blew out the candles.

But for Sawyer, the interruption was worth it.

“Emily! I thought you had a late shift!”

“I got demoted again,” Emily said.

“Oh,” Sawyer said. “They have never appreciated you at the hospital!”

“I’ll deal with the hospital later,” Emily said ominously. “But it meant I could come to your birthday.”

“Good,” Sawyer said. “I had some ideas about how we might celebrate.”

“But for now,” come get some cake.

And Sawyer ages up!

This feels like such a momentous time for Generation 6, even though they all finished their point-generation functions a long time ago.


4 thoughts on “7.8 Baby Brother

  1. I was afraid maybe Andria was about to die when she you showed her communing with her garden after giving Victoria the potion, and I agree, it was quite a milestone, Sawyer becoming an elder. Will Victoria have lasting skill increases from that? There were some really cool animations when she was levitating, and when she was dueling Edmund. By the way, I love the Samples home, with all their various treasures from generations past, and Andria’s beautiful garden. Is she the one who mainly cares for the chickens?

    • Now that I look at the way that post came out, the scene of Andria in the garden really should be in the post I’m writing now. I think I am going to reuse those pictures. Not the best solution, but I can’t go back and replay that bit now. I basically just thought it was a lovely scene and wanted to use it someplace.

      I’m pretty sure that fairy dust just provides a moodlet that gives you powers for the duration of the moodlet. Anything additional I write about it is just storytelling :).

      I like displaying the bits from previous generations in the house, but at this point there have been SO many generations, it’s hard to find a place to display everything.

      Thank you for reading!

  2. Andria’s garden is so magically beautiful! I’d love to have a greenhouse in my game. The wizarding duel images were amazing! And Sawyer got a little wiser. I’m looking forward to his elderly social awkwardness 😉

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