Simantics: Compulsive Air Guitar

Everyone’s favorite pastime at the moment. Why does the neighborhood go through these periods of compulsive air guitar?

Victoria tries a new way to get her broomstick to stop.

It’s no wonder that Andria was heckling the Simfest. It mostly consisted of the same magician being announced (Jody, Stanley Marmalade’s fiancé, with the fabulous stage name Tony Levitate Things). He’d then step up on an empty stage and route fail.

I think I finally reset something before Jody’s performance began. Well, I suppose it’s better than the traditional problem of completely empty Simfests. So many folks on the modding forum are looking for ways to get rid of all the Showtime performers in their towns. I *like* them.

I could list the problems with this picture all day.

What Dylan and Andria actually did in the Vault of Antiquity. Are you surprised?

Victoria gets abducted

By this really stylin’ alien.

Martial Arts for the toilet, a Sims classic.

I can never get over these great post-travel mashups.

I have never seen this snowman before, but it’s epic.

Avalon Gossip Column

I’ll start with Jasper Crumplebottom’s new love affair.

He has taken up with Dylan’s old friend, the former proprietress of the Nectary, Fawn Rockwell. She had to resign from the nectary when I decided she was awesome enough to move into town. Aging up to Elder seems to have deflated her great features somewhat.

There will be a child, as per Jasper’s visit to Sawyer. House Crumplebottom needs an heir.

New townies Jake Paradis, spare of the Paradis Legacy, and my lovechild with Tewl Langurd have both found jobs in town.


Java Weaver is a teacher. This is terrifying.


Newsflash! Justin Mai finally paid his child support! I guess being jailed twice taught him a lesson at last. That’s a lot of simoleons.


I’m not even sure which time this was, but I’m quite sure Sawyer earned it.


Inspired by her mother Shannon’s sudden career switch to Acrobatics, Joy takes up a new physical sport.


Which inspires her to write a new guidebook. It doesn’t appear to have sold very well.


Sean Flynn attempts coup number 4 or 5 against Forest. He fails.



2 thoughts on “Simantics: Compulsive Air Guitar

  1. I love the martial arts with the toilet, is that a glitch or an interaction?? And I notice the family dog slept through the abduction, he must not be a highly protective type 🙂 That picture of the abduction (and the stylin’ alien,) are great. Glad to see Joy’s getting published, maybe her next book will be more successful!

    • Heh. It’s an idle. Once the sim learns the Martial Arts skill, they’re prone to doing katas in bizarre places. It seems like just stepping out of the shower is a prime place for random idles. Another good one is the “scanning the horizon” idle from the Adventurous trait in World Adventures.

      I’m not opposed to doing an alien abduction storyline. I certainly will if one of my adult males turns up pregnant. But right now it has only happened to my teens so far.

      I think the idea of a book on winning being unsuccessful is pretty funny.

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