Simantics: Invisible Pancakes

Rosie Winter’s house has a bit of a laundry problem.

(I edited the lot to force delete all the clothing piles and track down the laundry basket. The laundry system is just dangerous as heck for inactive households.)

This stuff pack bathtub shows off its magical anti-water effects.

Charles! He spent about an entire generation with a corrupted headstone, so I’m excited to have him haunting us again.

Susie bonds with Victoria over video games. “No! Don’t go there! Don’t you see the monsters??”

Here are a bunch of adorable shots of Andria arguing with Charles the Evil Chicken that I lost in my screenshot folder until it was too late to use them.


Beware the trampoline. It will cut you off at the knees.

One of the biggest townie hangouts is the science observatory lot, which is just marked Visitors Allowed. I periodically set the camera over there to see the antics. It’s good to know that Sawyer and Abby still keep in touch.

“Hey, whatcha cookin?” asks Lancelot.

“Invisible pancakes. Can’t you tell?”

Here I discover that the steep roof of this lot is going to cause me screenshot troubles….


Avalon Gossip Column:

It turns out Sawyer knows how to have more fun than I gave him credit for.


Sean Flynn has found a new plaything. We don’t want to look too deeply into his and Forest’s personal life. Sadly, StoryProgression seems to have forgotten that Timothy is happily married to Sherman Mentary with two kids. Perhaps Timothy wasn’t quite so happily married, or perhaps Sean’s really horribly with his vampire mojo. Which one shall we guess?

Judith’s father, who has always been single and adopted Judith from foster care (read: adopted her as a newspaper girl who grew to teenagerhood and became too important to the active family to allow to fall into homeless obscurity), has found a sweetheart!


Emily’s Sample-Doctor’s ex-husband Greggory continues to fail at romance.

Java Weaver is a crummy educator. Since he’s a Coward, I assume he’s afraid of the children.

Chaim Sample-Erikson, OTOH, is a model police officer.

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  1. Great to see a Simantics post! That steep roof or ceiling thing is one of my pet peeves with sims games… it makes it tricky to get good screenshots but I love houses with attic rooms. I’m glad you got Charles back. And so apparently Sawyer can throw a really rockin’ party!

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