The obligatory “I’m not dead!” post

In the month of February, I:

  1. Got a respiratory virus that took me out for nearly a week. I could barely get out of bed for three days. I can’t remember when I was last that sick. Doc says it might’ve been the flu, despite my flu shot, though it wasn’t as bad as the 7-day flu that I got in my 20s. That stuff killed the soldiers in WWI, oh yeah. Anyways, I couldn’t play or post.
  2. Then we went on a week’s vacation. I was barely recovered and had a residual cough the whole time, but otherwise had a great vacation!
  3. Came home and got another respiratory virus. Not as bad as the first, but I’ve done a lot of sleeping.

I’m mostly healthy now and hoping to post Real Soon Now.

2 thoughts on “The obligatory “I’m not dead!” post

  1. So glad you aren’t dead although it sounds like that wasn’t as much of an exaggeration as I originally thought when seeing the title of the post. Glad you’re coming through the virus again, and looking forward to posts resuming, but no rush!

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