5 thoughts on “Temporary burnout

  1. It’s good to see you, Echo! 🙂 I’m sorry about the burnout but I agree that it is something that happens every once in a while. Don’t feel badly but instead do whatever you need to do for you. 🙂 When you’re ready to write again, we will be here to eagerly read it. Take care.

  2. Sorry to hear about your burnout! I’ve been there and it’s not fun. I am glad to see that you’re still around. Take all the time you need to get back into the game and reading. 🙂 (I have a bunch of reading to catch up on, too!)

  3. I was so glad to see your post — I was wondering if you were coming back! It’s so true, motivation and interest just waxes and wanes. Lately I haven’t been reading many blogs and I’ve been less driven with my play, too, because I’ve been feeling a lot less motivated. Take care of yourself and like Rosemary said, when you’re posting again, we’ll be here and excited to read.

  4. You guys are so awesome. I can’t imagine leaving this community any time soon, and I’ve been around since 2010.

    Just talking to supportive folks about burnout often helps ;).

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