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Griffindork of the Dysfunkshinul Legacy and I both procrastinated ourselves out of nominating each other, so we’re fixing that now!

My nominations were heavy on serious narratives. The Langurds, OTOH, make me laugh so hard I’m in danger of peeing my pants on a regular basis.

Here are Griffindork’s questions:

1. Black pen or blue pen?

People use pens? With ink? The last time I used a pen was to write a check to the babysitter, and it was purple. So there.

2. Is a hamburger a sandwich? Discuss.

A hamburger is the transcendent ideal that a sandwich longs to be. Especially if it has swiss cheese and mushrooms on it.

3. If you went to Hogwarts, what house would you want to be in? And let’s be honest, what house would you actually be in?

In all fairness, I would totally be Slytherin. It’s all about being clever, dammit. Brainy is what I do.

Maybe I could make a club for Slytherin geeks who are clever, but who have social skills too poor to connive.

4. If you could manipulate one of the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air) which would you pick and why?

Earth, but only if I can be a Metalbender. Metalbending is the power of the modern world.

Would the modern world of the Avatar have Plastic Bending? What do you think? Would petroleum products fall under Earth?

5. What accomplishment, besides being nominated for this award, are you most proud of?

I actually had to skip this one and come back to it. Accomplishment? Duh? Does not killing my kid yesterday count?

I wrote a novel and tried to get it published. It didn’t sell. I learned a lot, and I’m going to try it again someday.

I also recorded music with my band (see below), and people paid money for it.

6. How long have you been simming for?

I played both Sims 1 and Sims 2 obsessively, but not for all that long. I really became a simmer in 2009 when I started THIS LEGACY FAMILY. Because I don’t give up anything.

7. What kind of rig are you running the game on?

(Takes a deep breath.)

I have a 2014 Macbook Pro running Windows 7 under Boot Camp. I used to play the Mac version until I installed Supernatural and Seasons (got both at the same time at a half-price sale), at which point the horrendous lag turned into chronic Error 12s starting at the first save attempt after loadup.

Lots of geek digging produced the revelation that Sims 3 for Mac runs inside an interpreter for, I kid you not, WINDOWS XP. Which is 32-bit and incapable for accessing more than 2G of memory.

XP? Really? WTF EA? That question is like a broken record, I know.

So I just gave up and bought a copy of Windows 7. I reboot my computer a lot.

But that’s also why I can’t play Sims 4. I gave the Windows partition on my harddrive 150GB, and that turns out to be EXACTLY enough to hold the operating system and Sims 3. Sims 3 takes up ONE HUNDRED GIG, and like 1.5 of that is mods. The rest is !@#$ game, expansions, and store content. Dang.

I’ve considered picking up the Mac version of Sims 4, since I have enough space on the OSX side. But I’m burned enough by Mac Sims 3 that I’ll only do that if a Sims license applies to either operating system (this is true for Sims 3, which is why I could switch without spending more money). I haven’t been motivated to find out yet because I want to finish my !@#$ legacy.

(Exhales. It was your fault for asking.)

8. Do you play any musical instruments?

I play the viola! It is a wonderful instrument! It is possibly the instrument with the least prestige in existence! And it can’t even do band!

I love my viola. I used to play in the medieval dance recording band Musica Subterranea for like 7 years. We published two albums during that time. Then I moved to Albuquerque, NM and spent 8 years playing in the Albuquerque Philharmonic, which is an amazingly high quality volunteer orchestra; it had so many semipros that I was proud to call myself mediocre by their standards.

Then I had a kid. Then I moved to the Boston area. I’m still trying to scrape something together here. The cool thing about playing a viola is that nobody plays them, so any pick-up group is exited to have one. The suck thing is that it plays the alto clef, and after all these years my sight transposing is still kind of lousy.

9. Who is your favourite sim you’ve ever made/played/written/micromanaged?

CHARLES. It is all about Charles. I don’t know why my heart sings for an eco-hippie ghost who wears John Lennon glasses, but there you go.

10. What is your opinion of TS4?


By all accounts, the performance and reliability are amazing compared to Sims 3 (which is a low bar anyway). I’m all squee about emotions. Every time the AI improves, I get happier. I really like the open world, but I’m willing to give this world style a try.

Sims 4 seems to really push for rotational play, and I don’t WANT to play rotationally. The most important part is that I want a Story Progression that pairs sims off and makes babies without my intervention. I am really all about the gene mixing. Sims 3 didn’t do this very well without NRaas either, granted. But nobody’s written a marriage-and-babies SP mod for Sims 4 yet. I’ve even considered trying to write one MYSELF once I get the game.

I’m also hung up on toddlers, and I don’t like color presets.

11. And finally, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I guess, evolutionarily speaking, it would have to be the egg, wouldn’t it? Some dinosaur-descendent laid an egg with a genetic mutation that contained the first thing we would call a chicken.

Problem solved. You’re welcome.

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  1. Freakin' hilarious. That's what the reaction I would have checked for this would be, if it were available. That would be awesome if you wrote a SP mod for marriage and babies for Sims 4.

  2. Glad to be entertaining!

    I've looked a bit at Sims 4 modding, and it SEEMS like the necessary pieces for a marriage/babies SP expansion would be straightforwardly accessible. Periodically check through the inactives and marry one single (Y)A sim to the sim (s)he has highest romance relationship with. EA's StoryProgression already creates romantic relationships. Ideally, both sims involved would not have any romance level with your active household or any households you've played. Don't know how easy it is to check that.

    Then, on some interval, impregnate an eligible sim in one of the existing marriages.

    Since it seems like each Sims 4 "world" is actually a neighborhood in a much larger world, I'm not sure how those work relative to the world your actives live in.

    At any rate, it would be fun to explore when I get the game. I don't have Twallan's dedication — I like my hobbies to be DIFFERENT from my job 😉 — but I'm very curious as to what it would take to write something simple to fill this hole.

  3. I have the 50% code for buying the Sims 4, good through May 25th, if you are interested. I know you aren't planning to install it until you get a new computer, but wanted to let you know. SimsWriters seems to be closing down, so if you could email me at I'll forward it to you.

  4. Hmmm. I'll have to think about it. I'm kind of afraid I'll like Sims 4 and not finish the Samples 🙂 But I'm actually kind of jazzed about trying to build that mod.

    Do you have any idea what happened to SimsWriters? I and another user I'm in touch with appear to have been banned for no reason, and my emails to the admin haven't been returned. I've been meaning to go to the admin's blog and ask there.

  5. When I got that banned email, I wrote back and asked them to let me know what was going on, that it sounded quite scary (all the stuff I could have done or someone could have done in my name). They wrote back a terse reply, that it is being closed due to lack of participation. I wrote back that the community is a great idea, and it just seems like it will take a little time to solidify itself… but no reply since then. I'm kind of waiting to see when others take down their banners for it just in case they give it a little more time.

  6. Huh. I thought participation was fine. I noticed that the forums were drying up and was meaning to see if I could look through the non-Sims3 threads to see if there was anything fun. But the blog posting and person-to-person communication seemed fairly active. I found a new story (Granite Legacy) and started talking to Anna there the week I got the banned message.

  7. Me too, I thought it was fine. Lots of people participated in the last two contests– and new people were joining. I was planning to post more in the forum in June, once I got through this hectic time at work, because I prioritize reading blogs, playing enough to write a draft, and writing. Everything else is only if I have enough time.

  8. Congratulations! If this were a test (which it is), you'd get 110%!

    Question 1 was a trick question. If I ask for a choice between two colours, the answer is ALWAYS "purple."

    Question 2 is a debate I've been having for a while, and I may steal the term "transcendental ideal" for my next argument.

    11 is also correct because the first legit chicken would've had to hatch from an egg, right? Otherwise it couldn't be classified as a chicken. It makes sense.

    I'm fangirling so hard over the fact that you were in a medieval band and an orchestra! The viola is a beautiful instrument. And I thought my road to Functional Computer Land was a bumpy one…

    You actually got me all excited about TS4 again, so thanks! And plastic bending is throwing me for a loop. Probably earth-based? But petroleum is linked to fire too… Maybe you just have to be a new-age Avatar to bend it.

  9. Oh my god, funniest thing… The image verification I had to do for this post was "select all pictures that contain sandwiches." And guess what I had to select? You got it… A HAMBURGER.

  10. I'm glad we agree on the superiority of purple.

    Hmm. Petroleum is flammable, but plastic usually just melts, so I'd have to say that the processing removed all the element of fire. Then again, petroleum is made by compressing dead organic matter for millions of years, and I seem to recall you couldn't bend living things. So maybe we're all SOL ;-).

    Were you asked to do a verification on my blog?? All that stuff should be turned off. The smarter comment bots get, the harder it becomes for real humans to actually post anything with verification. Then again, HAMBURGER.

    Another thing that looks good to me about Sims 4 are the babies. They look way more interesting than Sims 3 babies. I see them being unselectable and tethered to the bassinet as a plus.

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