Where has Echo been, anyway?

Heh. I recently came upon a lot of extra time. I COULD have used that for simming, but instead I fell into a very big pit — modding and custom content.

After a week of reading tutorials and learning two 3D modeling programs, I have a submission on ModTheSims!

Here it is! Big Kid Style: 5 EA Child Hairs Converted to Toddler.

It’s a small step for CC creators, but I’ve been lurking on MtS for six years. It’s really excited to see my name up there.

I’m also keeping a Simblr. It probably won’t see a whole lot of actions, but I’ll post completed stuff there. Here’s the creatively named Echoweaver’s Simlr.

As far as gameplay goes, I’m still playing Victora’s generation is underway, but not for all that long. I don’t really know where it’s going yet. I do have 2-3 posts of material to complete Dylan’s generation. I just need to sort my pictures. Hopefully that will be soon!

6 thoughts on “Where has Echo been, anyway?

  1. That’s really cool that you got to delve into custom content and modding, more. As I said before, I think the hairs are terrific as toddler hairs, and look great! And the huggle is great too. I look forward to the return of Victoria.

    • I’m a trending upload today! Squee!

      I got some more playing in yesterday, and I finally organized my pictures. I have more to write before the end of Gen 6 than I realized. Vickie’s only been the patroness for about 3 game-days, so it felt like I hadn’t played much. But there might be five posts left in Gen 6.

    • Thank you! It was really exciting to do my first CC and have it so well received.

      I have the Merit Legacy open on my computer. I’m so far behind, but I want to keep reading!

  2. I totally understand what you getting at! Something that is close your heart and then is appreciated by others! <3 Btw, I have been looking around at mts but don't seem to find where to upload content. Can you help me?

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