Simantics: Painful and Pervy

So Abby and Nemo finish making out on the couch.

And I back up the camera to find THIS. YEAUGH!

We all know William is a perv, but this is a bit too pervy even for me.

I found this randomly entertaining. Here Andria does her homework at the bistro. With Meteor the unicorn.

And on the other side, she’s stalked by Flynn.

No wonder she looks a little bit nervous.

Here are a few lovely champaign shots I decided not to include.

That looks really painful.

Dragonwife with her son, just randomly. Looks like he got Jin’s skin and DW’s hair.

Ariel Hodgins has a bad hair day.

Here’s what that hairstyle was supposed to look like, as we see in poor William’s grief when she died the next day. Apparently they were a couple.

In retrospect, I probably should have forced a baby. That would have been a good genetic combo.

Under the full moon in China, even the zombies feel a bit zen.

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