Simantics: University Life

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Oh hey, it’s Steve Dallas’s sim brother. Or something!

I am a passionate forever fan of Bloom County.

(It’s a comic strip from the 80s featuring, among other colorful characters, an obnoxious lawyer named Steve Dallas. Sims 2 had an obnoxious maid named Steve Dallas.)

A zombie in the bathroom at the University bowling alley. Who knew zombies still had bodily functions?

Sawyer really is a terrible driver.

This dude was actually mad at Abby’s friend because she dropped him during a keg stand.

Acro yoga?

A sneak peek at a horse Dylan was going to adopt while Sawyer and Abby were at school. Deleted in a game crash. I decided horsemanship wasn’t really Dylan’s calling.

And the Avalon Gossip Column, lazy version:

Well, this is oversharing. Now I know why Darrin and his first wife didn’t have any kids.

I guess it wasn’t very good woohoo.

Congrats, Forest — Again?

Sawer’s sister and Dylan’s ex-girlfriend FTW!


8 thoughts on “Simantics: University Life

  1. There is at least one zombie hiding in the bathroom in every Resident Evil game. Seriously, any time I see a bathroom in those games I am terrified to go in there.

  2. The zombie looked nervous to me. Maybe she had performance anxiety? You're right. I can't really see Dylan as an equestrian. Maybe Forrest has taken over more territory? He's the emperor of evil in Avalon, but there's a wider world out there.

  3. The current Sample house has a barn, and I really want to work with horses. But it shall have to be another generation. Dylan has other ambitions.

    It was a pretty horse though.

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