6.19 Harvest

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Spooky Day was coming.

Xia found Dylan sitting outside at dusk. “Do we really need three jack-o-lanterns?” asked.

Dylan grimaced. “I got carried away,” he admitted.
Xia chuckled. “Move over. Let me show you how it’s really done.”

The Sample house was the best-decorated house on the street.

They got so carried away with the candles that Dylan ended up cleaning up after a little… accident in the den. Nobody was hurt. They had to replace the sofa.

The morning brought the Spooky Day Festival at the park.

Abby asked the mirror to tell her fortune. It told her the future was murky.

“Um, Abby? Did you have to stand right in front of us?”
“It was a crowded picture! Where was I supposed to stand?”
“OK, let’s try it again.”

“OK, that’s better.”

When they got home in the afternoon, Andria immediately started baking.

Xia, ever the Party Animal, invited everyone she knew to a feast.

And afterward, they put a Ghostwriter vinyl on the turntable, and there was dancing.

As Dylan, Sky, and Xia said goodbye to the last guests, Andria went to take a bath. Then the pains came.

“Don’t worry,” Sawyer said. “This is my line of work.”

He escorted Andria an incoherently frantic Dylan to Ygraine Memorial Hospital.

Where they welcomed Edmund Sample into the world.


Welcome Generation 7!

Edmund was born with both his traits locked in. Neither was new, which disappointed me. One of them was Proper, which I felt like I’d done to death with Dylan. I have some ideas for it now that, combined with his later traits, should be a lot of fun. The question is Proper *what* :).

Those are the best pictures I could get of the usual clusterf*k of a large group of sims trying to eat together. Icarus_Allsorts has a mod for that now: Set the Table and Call to Meal. I’m going to give it a try. I LIKE my big parties, but this so annoying.

So, I’ve always enhanced the fireplaces to be fireproof for obvious reasons. I wanted to try out some of the OTHER enhancements you could add with Xia’s maxxed-out Handiness skill. I find it annoying that you can’t stack enhancements, even at level 10. If someone knows a mod for that, let me know.

I thought, “I know fireplaces can catch rooms on fire, but how often does that really happen?” It’d be nice to have the occasional dangerous event.

That was the third fire you see up in the picture in one week. I bought Fireproof Homestead.

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  1. Baby Sample! I don't know. It looks like junior takes after daddy. At least until his childhood. I must say that I'm intrigued about his other traits though.

    I love the Spooky day festival. So much fun stuff to do 🙂

  2. Starting to catch up with the many many chapters that you have published since I stopped reading! I really approve of the name Edmund. It's a bit old-fashioned, but also classy. Can't wait to see what kind of child he will be 🙂

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